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Call sheet 2

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Call sheet 2

  1. 1. CALL SHEET THPRODUCTION COMPANY Alpha Entertainment DATE Sunday, 26 February 2012SHOOT Wrecked DIRECTOR Hannah ButtersSERIES EPISODE N/a PRODUCER Hannah ButtersPROD # - Advanced Portfolio Short Film DAY # 2 OUT OF 4 LOCATION WallingtonIS TODAY A DESIGNATED DAY OFF? YES NO SUNRISE 7:17 BST SUNSET 17:11 BSTCREW CALL 12 am ANTICIPATED WEATHER Max: 7° Min:1°LEAVING CALL - Weather Permitting See Attached MapSHOOTING CALL 12 am Report to Location Bus to Location SET DESCRIPTION SCENE # CAST D/N PAGES LOCATION INT. LIVING ROOM 4 1, 2, 3 D 5/6 pg. Wallington (A Social Worker pays a visit to Mary) CAST PART OF LEAVE MAKEUP SET CALL REMARKS Becky Brown Mother(1) - - 12:00am Lucy Butters Daughter (2) - - 12:00am Social Emma Butters Worker (3) ATMOSPHERE & STAND-INS NOTE: No forced calls without previous approval of unit production manager or assistant director. All calls subject to change.Assistant Director Becky Brown Production Manager Hannah Butters