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Shooting schedule

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Shooting schedule

  1. 1. Alpha Entertainment “Wrecked” SHOOTING SCHEDULEPRODUCER: HANNAH BUTTERS FILM SHOOTS – 4 DAYSDIRECTOR: HANNAH BUTTERS SATURDAY, 4 FEBRUARY, 2012PRODUCTION MANAGER: HANNAH BUTTERS SUNDAY, 26 FEBRUARY 2012 ST1 ASST. DIRECTOR: BECKY BROWN SATURDAY, 3 MARCH, 2012 FRIDAY, 9 MARCH 2012DATE SET/SCENES CAST LOCATION ST1 DAY EXT. WINCHELSEA BEACH 1. MARY WINCHELSEA BEACHSATURDAY - EARLY EVENING 2. RUTH Day 1 – 6/6 pg04/02/12 Sc. 5 Mary and Ruth walk down to the PROPS beach to send off a message in a Bouquet of flowers bottle. Handmade card Glass bottle NOTES: Weather may be a problem END OF DAY 1 TOTAL PAGES: 1/6 pgs. ND2 DAY INT. LIVING ROOM. 1. MARY WALLINGTONSUNDAY – LUNCHTIME 2. RUTH Day 2 – 5/6 pg. 3. SOCIAL WORKER26/02/12 Sc. 4 Social worker pays a visit to Mary PROPS to see how she’s coping with the Mugs death of her husband. Cake Notepad Pen Handkerchief END OF DAY 2 TOTAL PAGES: 2/6 pgs. rd3 DAY INT. LIVING ROOM 1. MARY WALLINGTONSATURDAY . – LUNCHTIME 2. RUTH Day 3 – 4/6 pg.03/03/12 Sc. 2 Mary comes into kitchen to see Ruth PROPS has made a mess. In distress she sends Pots and pans her away and begins to clean, but Ruth Mixing Bowl returns with some crafts and creates more Crafts of a mess, causing Mary to yell at her Pens Coloured paper
  2. 2. NOTES: MAKE UP It turns dark outside early Ruth needs flour on Lucy isn’t going to want to film her face for very long, gets tired and bored Mary needs lipstick END OF DAY 3 TOTAL PAGES: 3/6 pgs.4th DAY INT. BEDROOM. 1. MARY WALLINGTONFRIDAY - EARLY MORNING Day 4 – 2/6 pg.09/03/12 Sc. 1 Mary prepares herself for the day ahead PROPS Brush Lipstick Necklace Shoes MAKE UP Mary applies lipstick EXT. FRONT DOOR – LUNCHTIME 3. SOCIAL WORKER WALLINGTON Day 4 – 1/6 pg. Sc.3 A social worker arrives at the house END OF DAY 4 TOTAL PAGES: 6/6 pgs.