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SAIVIAN New Life Style 2017


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Bisnis Shopping dengan Diskon 20%
info : 081332446468

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SAIVIAN New Life Style 2017

  1. 1. “A vast, a cyber security firm has accused Google, WhatsApp and Facebook of spying on their users to effectively target advertisements based on user interests.” “Google is an advertising company. Google revenue is basically from AdWords. Spying on users interests and bombard them with advertisement. That's what their business model is.” Targeted Advertising Via Spying
  2. 2. Dominant Trend Have you ever SEARCHED for something on Google or LIKED something on Facebook, then saw ads for those things on your Facebook wall? That’s “targeted advertising”! When you click ads in Facebook or Google do you get a Share on that Revenue?
  3. 3. In case you need further proof that Google search is the best advertising product in the history of the world…
  4. 4. Saivian Has An Even BETTER Way! Your generic consumer information and buying habits are even MORE VALUABLE when verified by “POINTS OF SALE DATA” (POS) – on a RECEIPT You Receipt shows: 1. Where you shop 2. What you bought 3. How much you spent
  5. 5. GLOBAL SAVINGS PLAN Introducing....
  6. 6. Shop and travel in confidence! GLOBAL SAVINGS PLAN Save thousands of dollars throughout the year: • Discounts • Coupons • Cash back on everyday purchases What makes this membership unique is the ability to shop at the same stores without any change to your normal buying habits.
  7. 7. - Global Savings Plan Manual - GLOBAL SAVINGS PLAN What is included in the Global Savings Plan (GSP)? The GSP includes: •Cash Back Enhanced program  Pick your own stores  Receive up to 20% cash back on your everyday shopping  Member access to our free mobile app to scan your receipt purchases •The Travel Portal •The Instant Savings Benefit (ISB)
  8. 8. With it’s easy to turn receipts into cash!
  9. 9. - Global Savings Plan Manual - GLOBAL SAVINGS PLAN - Cash Back Enhanced We are known worldwide for our point-of-sale data collecting and offer the very best in cash back benefits to our members. GSP members automatically receive Cash Back Enhanced.
  10. 10. RECEIVE UP TO 20% CASH BACK FROM YOUR SHOPPING RECEIPT Choose your 10 favorite stores Groceries Local stores Gasoline Bakery Mini Market Beauty Clinic Auto Repair Book Store Electronic Restaurant Cafe Dept. Store You may also remove a store once it has been entered, unless you have submitted a receipt record. Once a receipt record has been entered, it will stay locked in until the redemption for that record has been submitted.
  11. 11. And add up 10 stores from our MAP Stores list.
  12. 12. - Global Savings Plan Manual - GLOBAL SAVINGS PLAN - Store Selection Defined Store not valid : Online auctions, wholesalers, or stores with no physical location (like Amazon or eBay) ONLINE SHOPPING is approved for cash back redemption as long as that online business also has a brick-and-mortar store.
  13. 13. - Global Savings Plan Manual - GLOBAL SAVINGS PLAN - Definitions Retail Items: Our definition of a retail item is any physical item that is purchased from a retail store and the sale from that item creates a profit for the business. Examples include, but are not limited to: grocery items, gasoline, dining out (not including gratuity or tips), prescription medication, clothing, automotive parts, school supplies, etc. Note: the purchase of prepaid gift cards, prepaid debit/credit cards, gas cards, or any other form of money exchange is not considered a retail purchase. These purchases will not be approved for cash back redemption. Purchases made by cash, check, or gift card are not valid as the payment method is not trackable. Wholesale items, service-based businesses, or retail items in which a receipt is handwritten will not qualify.
  14. 14. What about travel?
  15. 15. RECEIVE UP TO 20% CASH BACK FROM YOUR TRAVEL EXPENSES We now accept receipts from hotels and airlines purchased direct. Travel agent, third party online & Rental cars are not accepted.
  16. 16. - Global Savings Plan Manual - GLOBAL SAVINGS PLAN - Receipt Range Saivian International is interested in the buying habits of our everyday shoppers. To capitalize on the most valuable data to our marketing partners around the world, we have implemented an acceptable range of receipt subtotals. Each retail receipt must be within: $5 to $300 (USD) subtotal per receipt $50 to $3000 (USD) subtotal on hotel receipts and/or airline tickets
  17. 17. - Global Savings Plan Manual - GLOBAL SAVINGS PLAN - Cash Back Amounts You may turn in an unlimited amount of receipts (both retail and travel) during this promotional rollout period (through March 11, 2017). All receipts submitted will qualify for rollover. The total amount of the cash back redemption will be a minimum of $125 and will not exceed the maximum of $250 per 30-day redemption cycle. Minimum $ 125 cash back $ 625 total receipts submitted Maximum $ 250 cash back $ 1,250 total receipts submitted
  18. 18. Enjoy discounts at over 300,000 stores worldwide with our Instant Savings Benefit (ISB) program.
  19. 19. - Global Savings Plan Manual - GLOBAL SAVINGS PLAN - Instant Savings Benefit Simply click on the “GSP” tab in your back office, and register your account by clicking on the “Instant Savings Benefit (ISB)” link. You will have a world of discounts at your fingertips.
  20. 20. There is no limit to the number of discounts, and you may use this benefit as many times as desired!
  21. 21. Businesses and merchants are being added to our network daily, which means even more discounts to places you already shop.
  22. 22. AFFILIATE Program
  23. 23. TOTAL # Members TEAM 1 TEAM 2 TEAM 3 USD IDR (Rp. 13,300) USD IDR (Rp. 13,300) FOUNDER 3 5$ 66.500Rp 150$ 1.995.000Rp 23.940.000Rp VIP FOUNDER 12 6 6 20$ 266.000Rp 600$ 7.980.000Rp 95.760.000Rp ELITE FOUNDER 39 20 19 30$ 399.000Rp 900$ 11.970.000Rp 143.640.000Rp 1 STAR 80 40 40 50$ 665.000Rp 1.500$ 19.950.000Rp 239.400.000Rp 2 STAR 150 75 75 100$ 1.330.000Rp 3.000$ 39.900.000Rp 478.800.000Rp 3 STAR 300 150 150 150$ 1.995.000Rp 4.500$ 59.850.000Rp 718.200.000Rp 4 STAR 500 250 250 200$ 2.660.000Rp 6.000$ 79.800.000Rp 957.600.000Rp 5 STAR 750 375 375 300$ 3.990.000Rp 9.000$ 119.700.000Rp 1.436.400.000Rp AMBASSADOR 1000 350 350 300 500$ 6.650.000Rp 15.000$ 199.500.000Rp 2.394.000.000Rp GOLD AMBASSADOR 2000 750 750 500 750$ 9.975.000Rp 22.500$ 299.250.000Rp 3.591.000.000Rp PLATINUM AMBASSADOR 4000 1500 1500 1000 1.000$ 13.300.000Rp 30.000$ 399.000.000Rp 4.788.000.000Rp DIAMOND AMBASSADOR 6000 2000 2000 2000 2.000$ 26.600.000Rp 60.000$ 798.000.000Rp 9.576.000.000Rp PRESIDENT AMBASSADOR 8000 3000 3000 2000 3.000$ 39.900.000Rp 90.000$ 14.364.000.000Rp RANK # Members DAILY PAY MONTHLY ANNUAL FIGURE IDR Ranking dan income per hari dan per bulan
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  26. 26. Corporate Team EJ Dalius President
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  29. 29. Corporate Team Ryan Evans Operations Director
  30. 30. US Corporate office – US Bank tower
  31. 31. International Corporate office – Hong Kong
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