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Big data; small print.

Overview from #apistrat conference about responsible data consumption and distribution, and a proposal for a new form of DRM: robots.json

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Big data; small print.

  1. 1. Big Data* *small print *small print Tyler Singletary Director of Platform, Klout @harmophone 1
  2. 2. My Perspective • Klout uses GNIP,Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn and about a dozen other APIs. Consume terabytes/day. • Distribute own data to partners (Salesforce, CrimsonHexagon) & channels (Gnip, Datasift) • Over 1,700 monthly active developers 2
  3. 3. Finding a great API is only the first step is only the first step • The data is what you want! • You get to it easily, it’s well organized! • This is awesome! I’m going to do X,Y and Z! • Did you read the TOS? 3
  4. 4. Constraints breed Creativity • Knowing what you can’t do opens doors • Legalese is a programming language • Bend rules, but build a rollback • Respect the data of others as if it were your own 4
  5. 5. Did you know? • Facebook forbids you from distributing FBIDs • Also from giving their data, or a derivative, to ad networks, etc. • Twitter restricts you from separating location data from a tweet • Nearly all require attribution, have cache and storage restrictions
  6. 6. A Rant About Scraping • If a service has data you want, but doesn’t offer it in an API, do you have a right to it? • Does this serve a long term business relationship? • Whenever possible: have a relationship • Robots.txt
  7. 7. Ubiquity • If APIs are going to be the defacto way businesses communicate, then: • The rules are important. • They need to apply to innovators as well as established business • Terms must scale and be programmatically delivered and executed • When you judge an API you discover, think beyond your own need: • If I’m taking this data, and 50 other companies are, what benefit do I have? They have? The provider has? • You serve at the provider’s pleasure. • How can APIs be industry-wide if industry is afraid of abuse?
  8. 8. Distributing Your Data • What do you want to encourage? • What do you want discourage? • Contingencies! • Be upfront and clear: cucumber stories. • legalese: thar be dragons! Test coverage. • What do you give exceptions for? 8
  9. 9. DRM • No, not that DRM. • Okay, you probably still think it’s that DRM. • Data Rights Management
  10. 10. Robots.json • A standard way to describe data rights • Permissible use • Data storage, caching • Rate limits • Copyrights, data stewardship • License term, financial details
  11. 11. Alternatives • Hypermedia? • Requiring everyone to read and understand TOS and implement • Trust? ignorance? • Headers
  12. 12. Thank you! {can: republish, must: attribute, retention: unlimited} Tyler Singletary Director of Platform, Klout @harmophone 12