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  1. 1. HARSHA.S.NAIR MOBILE: +91-7025577853 +91-9656925860 Email :  I want a rewarding career where I can use my skills and knowledge to help the company and my coworkers is successful.  Pursuing MBA(Finance, Business Analytics) from Amrita schoolof Business and secured 6.35 in 1st semester  Passed Bachelor of Management Studies from Mumbai university in 2015 and secured 63 %  Passed 12th from Ramanand Arya Dayanand Anglo Vedic College in 2012 and secured 65%.  Passed 10th from Mahila Samiti English High Schoolin 2010 and secured 80% with distinction.  OS - Windows 2000, Windows 2007, Windows 2010  Package - MS-offices, Tableau  Projects onFinance - o Conducted ratio analysis reasons/ effects there of o Analyzed the financial statement of Palakkad coconutcompany o Conducted macro- economic analysis with respect to Samsung industry. CAREER OBJECTIVE ACADEMIC IT CREDENTIALS ACADEMICS PROJECT
  2. 2.  Projects onMarketing o Conducted new productdevelopment of Oreo Biscuits  Participated in Cancer Donation Campaign.  Secured 60% in Mathematics Vidyapeetham.  Participated in TIME Institute Competition.  Organized English Literary Forum club. P  Strong leadership qualities and motivational skills.  Ability to handle pressure.  Excellent in communication and verbal.  Ability to handle team.  English (WRS)  Hindi (WRS)  Malayalam (S)  Marathi (WRS)  Interested in dancing, singing.  Interested in playing Badminton.  Reading newspaper, novels  Playing games in internet ACHIEVEMENTS PERSONAL QUALITIES HOBBIES LANGUAGES KNOWN
  3. 3.  Cotton industry, Hyderabad  Parle industry , Gujarat  Coke industry , Hyderabad  Ramuji film city, Hyderabad I do hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. Place: Date: (Signature) INDUSTRIAL VISIT DECLARATION