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Fight Against Corruption


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Fight Against Corruption

  1. 1. ABC of alleged scams and scandals in since independence
  2. 2. Mumbai’s high rise Adarsh Housing Society wasmeant for Kargil war widows and veterans.However top Army brass, politicians andbureaucrats who had nothing to do with Kargilwere allotted flats. Construction clearances werealso suspect. A Maharashtra Chief Minister’shead rolled.
  3. 3. In the 1980s, Rajiv Gandhi’s government wasalleged to have received kickbacks in the BoforsHowitzer guns scandal. While there were no high-level convictions, Bofors became a scam brandname and Rajiv was booted out of power with agreatly reduced Lok Sabha share.B is also for Barak Missile scandal and BelikerePort scam.
  4. 4. The Commonwealth Games 2011 at New Delhiwere marred by charges of corruption andfavoritism through and through. Indian OlympicAssociation president Suresh Kalmadi wassacked, jailed and even Delhi CM Sheila Dixit waspulled up. CWG is still a wide open case.C is also for the Cycle Import scam of 1951, ARAntulay’s Cement scandal in the 1980s andKargil’s Coffin scam.
  5. 5. An ISRO S Band deal with Devas Multimedia led toa newspaper report saying that the governmentwould lose Rs 2 lakh crore to the exchequer. Whilethis figure was scoffed at by the CAG, the dealcaused a furore and the PM finally scrapped it.
  6. 6. The Andhra Pradesh Industrial InfrastructureCorporation and EMAAR-MGF acquired land inBoulder Hills Hyderabad that led to charges ofundervaluation. Multiple claimants to the landand other irregularities also came to light.EMAAR-MGF was also involved with C for CWG, asabove and scams in Punjab with CM of Punjabbeing involved.
  7. 7. Former Bihar CM Laloo Prasad Yadav‘s 1990sfodder scam may have been to the tune of Rs1000 crore. Reports said that the scam had beenon for decades. Laloo was jailed and Indians sawthat just about any department could bleedhundreds of crores easily.
  8. 8. The former CM of Arunachal Pradesh GegongApang was arrested in 2010 for a PublicDistribution System scam valued at Rs 1000crore. Fake transport subsidy bills were at thecentre of the scam.
  9. 9. Before Western Union money transfer, India hadhawala. Hawala money is moved illegally andseamlessly across the world. In the 1990s it wasalleged that certain politicians had receivedhawala money. While all were cleared, LK Advanimissed his prime ministerial bus thanks to this.H is also for the HDW submarine scam.
  10. 10. There is no doubt that the Indian Premier Leaguewas a big success, but Lalit Modi was the biggestcontroversy. He had secret stakes in threefranchisees and indulged in nepotism. Biddingirregularities jostled with match-fixing claims.Sources confirm that Sharad Parwar is alsoinvolved in such irregularities.
  11. 11. It was alleged that in 1993, during a confidencemotion, the then PM PV Narasimha Rao indirectlypaid bribes to members of the Jharkhand MuktiMorcha. Rao was cleared of the charges, but hewas also involved in the St Kitt’s forgery case.J is also for the 1948 Jeep scam.
  12. 12. Right after J for JMM comes K for (Madhu) Koda. In2009, the ED found a whopping Rs 4000 crorein illegal assets owned by the former JharkhandCM of the JMM. Need we say more?
  13. 13. Independent India’s first major scam:Businessman Haridas Mundhra got the LifeInsurance Corporation of India to invest in six ofhis troubled companies. Feroze Gandhi fumedwhile his father-in-law Jawaharlal Nehru fretted.Finance Minister TT Krishnamachari had to resign.
  14. 14. Harshad Mehta rigged the stock exchange in1992. He had an illegal wealth comparable tothe combined income-tax of middle class India.Mehta was charged with 72 criminal offencesand died with a lot of unresolved issues in 2002.Many politicians were also involved with harshadmetha.
  15. 15. Where would we be without it? It’s the root ofmany scams. Like the Mafia Family of Italy, theCorruption Family of India rules. A recent exampleis DMK head honcho M Karunanidhi, who findsboth his daughter Kanimozhi and relativeDayanidhi Maran in grave trouble.
  16. 16. Foreign Minister K Natwar Singh was sacked in2005 when an enquiry revealed that he and hisson were beneficiaries in the Iraqi UN Oil for Foodprogramme.
  17. 17. Sharad Pawar has seen many allegations againsthim in his long career: A land scam in the 1980s;Accusations by BMC Dy Commissioner GRKhairnar in the 1990s; IPL in the new millennium.Even Abdul Karim Telgi named him in the revenuescam, but Pawar continues to roll on. He isindeed the richest politician too, of course weknow why?P is also for (Ketan) Parikh, the second Big Bulland Palmolein Oil Import Scam.
  18. 18. There’s nothing wrong with the Constitution orlaws of India. But where the qualifications arerequired, the certificates can be forged. Fakecertificates, question papers for sale and forgeddocuments all form a flourishing multi-croreblack industry. Our Politicians have many.
  19. 19. With so much growth in the IT sector, could it befar behind? Falsified Satyam accounts came tolight in 2009. Had it not been for Mahindra, thisIT giant could have sunk without a trace.R is also for the Reddy Brothers’ mining scam ofKarnataka.
  20. 20. In 1996, the CBI seized Rs 3.6 crores from theofficial residence of central minister Sukh Ram.Seems like small change today. S is also forSwiss Banks and the Scorpene submarine dealscam.Image: Former Chairman of Satyam ComputerServices B. Ramalinga Raju addresses a pressconference in Hyderabad on January 21, 2008.
  21. 21. Rs 1.76 lakh crore-Two central ministers in jailand another being investigated-Hundreds ofsensational Radia tapes-CEOs arrested-Bigwigssquirming-The government running for cover-Itdoesn’t get bigger than this!T is also for (Abdul Karim) Telgi, the Taj Corridorscandal and the Teja Loans scam of the 1960s.
  22. 22. It is estimated that in the last decade in UttarPradesh, about Rs 35,000 crore worth of foodgrain meant for the poor was diverted to the openmarket. U is also for the Urea scam of the1990s.
  23. 23. It’s very common for allegations of parliamentaryvotes being bought. But in 2008, the PrimeMinister became the central focus of aconfidence motion which was embroiled withbribery charges. We all know who is involved.
  24. 24. Betting is banned in India. Therefore we have aflourishing illegal betting industry replete withunderworld links. Cricket’s match-fixing scandalof the 1990s has been the most high-profile todate. Here again high profile politicians areinvolved.
  25. 25. About a decade back, Xerox announced that itsIndian subsidiary had made ‘improper payments’vis-a-vis sales of equipment to governmentbodies. Around the same time in a Mumbaihospital, 17,000 kg of used X-ray films weresold to scrap dealers on the side.
  26. 26. Y is dedicated to the Yearly Multiple UnknownScamsImagine if only a small fraction of scams hasbeen unearthed so far! What about the thousandsof mini-scams going on in every locality of India.
  27. 27. Z is for the zillions and zillions of Rupees thathave been siphoned off after Independence. Zilchis the amount of money recovered and thedesired action taken against the offenders. Noneof the politician has ever been convicted orpunished since independence.
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