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Product/Service Analysis and Strategies of Google Inc.



Google & the Information Industry

Brief introduction on Google & the information industry.Four elements that separate Google from its competition: speed, accuracy, objectivity and ease of use. The clean design of the site makes it abundantly clear how to proceed and offers little to distract the user in search of information.
Examines more than 8 billion web pages to find the most relevant pages for any query and typically returns those results in less than half a second.

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Google & the Information Industry

  1. 2. the world’s number one Internet search engine
  2. 3. Quotations “ A profitable is a rare thing. For one founded only in late 1998, and -worse- A that includes advertising as one half of its business plan, Google’s Progress is a feat. But then it could be argued that Google has been flying in the face Of conventional wisdom since its launch.” Niel McIntosh, ‘Seeking search engine protection’ The guardian, January, 2002 “ Google had not had a single print or television advertisement so far and most people felt that when it was launched there was not a market for another search engine. But with all other search engines developing into portals, Google stuck to the basics and now it is better than every other search engines” Matthew Ragas, consultant, ‘The cult runs deep’, Economic Times, March 2003 ©2005 Google - Home - About Google
  3. 4. The Most Preferred Search Engine The Most Preferred Search Engine Awards PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award Best Browser Toolbar: Google Toolbar 3.0 (JULY 2005) Best Browser Toolbar: Google Toolbar (MAY 2005) BtoB Magazine's Media Power 50 No. 2 business-to-business media property (MAY 2005) 9th Annual Webby Awards Webby Award:Best Practices (MAY 2005) People's Voice Award: Best Practices (MAY 2005) People's Voice Award: Best Navigation/Structure (MAY 2005) World Technology Awards Best Marketing Communications (DECEMBER 2004) Best of DigitalLife 2004 Award Best PC Utility: Google Desktop (OCTOBER 2004) Others mores ….. ©2005 Google - Home - About Google
  4. 5. Background Larry Page Co-Founder & President, Products Sergey Brin Co-Founder & President, Technology Google’s technology: the success secret Larry and Sergey focused on building a search engine that Would Fetch precise results Other companies, like Yahoo, shift their business model from the originals idea to information portal. But Google did not. Instead, they keep focusing on the delivery the best search experiences on the web. Back before Google? Aye, there's the Rub. Wanted to develop a technology that retrieve set of data from massive database of information By January of 1996, Larry and Sergey had begun collaboration on a search engine called “BackRub” , named for its unique ability to analyze the "back links" pointing to a given website. 1998, “BackRub” was renamed to Google , As venture capitalist and technologies invest in. It was a tough time Getting investor ©2005 Google - Home - About Google
  5. 6. The Technology Concept ©2005 Google - Home - About Google
  6. 7. For Advertisers: Google AdWords Google allows customers’ business reach people when they are actively looking for information about their products and services online, sending targeted visitors directly to what the business are offering. With AdWords cost-per-click pricing, it's easy to control costs—and customer only pay when people click on their ad. Moreover, Google used text based advertisement. Each keywords are match to different creative executions. - Keywords targeting based advertising Google do not accept any pop up advertisements, or advertising that used rice media, such as graphic images, flashing logos and animations Advertisement Programmes ©2005 Google - Home - About Google
  7. 8. For Web Publishers: Google AdSense Customer can earn more revenue from their website, while providing visitors with a more rewarding online experience. Google AdSense™ automatically delivers text and image ads that are precisely targeted to the site and site content — ads so well-matched. In fact, that readers will actually find them useful. When the customer add Google WebSearch to their site, AdSense delivers targeted ads to their search results pages too. With AdSense you earn more ad revenue with minimal effort — and no additional cost. Advertisement Programmes ©2005 Google - Home - About Google
  8. 9. User able to conduct search in a couple of languages, like French, Finnish, German, Spanish and etc. Launch a toolbar, an innovative browser plug-in enable, where services like Google Search, Search site Page Rank, Page Info, Highlight and Word Find. Google also join service project with others institutes, like University of Chicago, Duke university, Mill Collage, Rice University, Stanford University, UCLA and Irvine They make Google as their default search. Join partnership with mobile providers and information provider, to enhance information retrieval technologies. Company like AT&T, Cingular,’s Usenet Discussion, Outride Inc, Universo Online. Apart from that Google do collaborate with other organisation in business solution. Makes searching easier ©2005 Google - Home - About Google
  9. 10. Other more service, related to information retrieval. Surfing into the future ©2005 Google - Home - About Google Alerts Receive news and search results via email Answers Ask a question, set a price, get an answer Catalogs Search and browse mail-order catalogs Directory Browse the web by topic Froogle Shop smarter with Google Mobile Use Google on your mobile phone News Search thousands of news stories Google Services Google Tools Google also starting to create some tools for her users to use, like Blogger, Code, Desktop, Mail, Earth, Translate, Picasa, Talk and toolbar
  10. 11. Yahoo Shows Off New Search Engine Internet giant begins phasing out Google's services. Scarlet Pruitt, IDG News Service Wednesday, February 18, 2004 Yahoo unveiled a new search engine technology Wednesday, and began phasing out services from Google, in a move likely to increase competition between the Internet giants. The new algorithmic technology now being used on Yahoo Search will soon be rolled out among Yahoo's worldwide properties, with plans to introduce new customization and personalization features, the Sunnyvale, California, company says. As it incorporates the technology, Yahoo is casting aside search services from Google…….. Google balances privacy, reach Published: July 14, 2005, 4:00 AM PDT By Elinor Mills Staff Writer, CNET What Google knows about you •  Gmail -- The e-mail service offers two gigabytes of free storage and scans the content of messages to serve up context-related ads. •  Cookies -- Google uses cookies, which are commonly used to link individual users with activities. •  Desktop Search -- Google's Desktop Search lets users easily search files stored on their computer. •  Web Accelerator -- The application speeds Web surfing by storing cached copies of Web pages you've visited; those page requests can include personal information. Problems at the search engine “ whatever is to come in the way of search technology, you can be assured that Google is working to make it faster, more accurate and even easier to use” ©2005 Google - Home - About Google
  11. 12. Like Bart Simpson says …. References: Tawifik, J. the world number one Internet search engines, Strategic for eBusiness, Publish 2005, Prentice Hal Elinor Mills, (2005), Google balances privacy, reach, CNET Scarlet Pruitt , (2004)Yahoo Shows Off New Search Engine,IDG News Service, The website, I am using. Nelson/NetRatings, Settler Post Intelligence ©2005 Google - Home - About Google
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Brief introduction on Google & the information industry.Four elements that separate Google from its competition: speed, accuracy, objectivity and ease of use. The clean design of the site makes it abundantly clear how to proceed and offers little to distract the user in search of information. Examines more than 8 billion web pages to find the most relevant pages for any query and typically returns those results in less than half a second.


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