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iDARE 2021 - 04 - GoBike!

  1. 1. GoBike! The Grab for Cyclists.
  2. 2. Let me tell you a story... I got into a Crash I had a pretty big wound So I was sitting on the side resting
  3. 3. I decided that I could not cycle anymore and wanted to go home So I decided to book a ride home due to the long distance (24km) And then I realised at that moment....
  4. 4. They don't allow bicycles! These other costs a bomb! There is NO on-demand dedicated bicycle recovery or delivery! Grab Go-Jek Easyvan GoGoVan
  5. 5. I'm not the only one facing these issues
  6. 6. Meet Gobike, a one-stop app for on-demand bicycle transport, recovery & repair (R&R) and community Transport The Solution Community Recovery & Repair
  7. 7. What is GoBike? Gobike has multiple services available - Transport (Ride-Hailing, but for Bicycles) - Recovery & Repair (R&R) Operating 24/7 - Insurance - Community - Marketplace, (Selling/Buying, Locating Bike Stores) - Forums, (Discussion, Groups, Competitions) - Feed, (Sharing Bike Rides, Messaging) - Rental
  8. 8. How does GoBike Work? (Transport) Book a ride Vehicle Comes Happy Rider/s with his Bicycle GoBike (Car) 1 - 2 Bikes GoBike (Van) 3 - 6 Bikes
  9. 9. How does GoBike Work? (R&R) Book a ride Vehicle Comes Bicycle sent to nearest Bike Shop for Repairs Repair charges depends on prevailing bike store charges*
  10. 10. What is GoBike's Revenue Model? As for our Community, We will use the Freemium Model and Advertising 10% goes to GoBike 90% goes to Driver $1 Per Kilometer, roughly 10 -25% higher then Grab/Gojek
  11. 11. - 68,900+ Active Cyclists - 5,200+ Active Forum Users - 168,520 Vistors Per Month Data from 2015* Market Validation - 200+ Active Listings for Bike Transport - 30 - 99+ Likes on each Bike Transport Listings
  12. 12. Ease-Of-Use Competitors On Demand Community GoBike
  13. 13. Projected Timeline 1st Month 3rd Month 6th Month 9th Month - Work begins on App Development - Building of Core Team - On-Boarding of Drivers Begins - Working with Local Bike Shops for Repair Locations - Marketing of App Begins - Alpha test run begins - Soft Launch - Begins with Transport and R&R - Works for Insurance and Community App Continue - Expansion to ASEAN Region
  14. 14. Why Now?
  15. 15. The Team Laurent Misso, 20 Worked at Go-Jek Singapore for 8 months, under the Special Operations Department. Also ran the startup AR.T, creating Augmented Reality experiences for Education, from 2017 to 2019.
  16. 16. Join me in creating a better environment for cyclists all around! Thank you!

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There is NO on-demand dedicated bicycle recovery or delivery!


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