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Hernan Cuevas - Visual Profile V.2.0


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Hernan Cuevas - Visual Resume

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Hernan Cuevas - Visual Profile V.2.0

  1. meet hernan cuevas whoå«s hernan? a successful senior multilingual international executive with over 18 years of experience not that senior! this is hernan ""mba bs business, economics and marketing mmc e-marketing marketing expert international buseness professional executive management specialist sales skilled business development connoisseur start-up guru multicultural savvy customer oriented"" 18 years of experience = knowledge = wisdom great network connections broad industry expertise b2b b2c cpg retail industrial consulting environmental services paper packaging pharma emotional products market research consultancy franchising licensing building industrial suppliers equity and investment food and beverage wine and spirits cpg and retail strategic consultancy ""ceo new york commercial office /nyco) new york -ny, loas angeles, ca ceo tres montes lucchetti (usa) los angeles, ca ceo indura usa (boc subsidiary) north bergen, nj vo - business development (latam) village - hallmark internacional santiago -- chile vp - sales & marketing papelera carrascal santiago - chile"" multiple industries excelling performance achiever hernan cuevas great industry experience outstanding retail experience huge marketing experience strong b2b and b2c experience relevant cpg experience international & multicultural experience experience = knowledge = wisdom hernan believes in... ""hernan may offer you a creative, unique y fresh approach to your business, market and consumers dare to be different"" ""in our complex age, models and theories are breaking down"" each individual: acts and thinks different fusion curiosity pattern profit-obsession variance culture bravery some look up some look down others live in their own world ""exploring many, perspectives= answer"" ""may you offer the difference ? ... then, the difference may give you a competitive edge"" brand value = consumer value product = innovation identity experience consumer value the image projected cost energy user experience design - brand equity consumer value = product + identity + experience cost + energy the focus of the business model innovator & designer is to create user-centered outcomes z-shaped thinkers... challenge assumptions reframe the problem explore many perspectives synthesize information in order to... envision unseen opportunities design creative direction writing passion ( creative solving ) visual storytelling user experience marketing brand strategy social media sun=shaped expertise (founded on core passion) hernan understands what truly drives your customers & how to create long-term value ""the moment of truth your brand communicates every time it touches a customer. as a marketer you need to manage this communication. this makes you responsible for each """"moment of truth"""" respect trust believe experience value"" together you may achieve greater success and generate more value you need me in tour team... 661-267-0225