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School for wayward girls

It has been seventeen years since Marie's husband died in a tragic accident. Her daughter had just t...

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School for wayward girls

  1. 1. School for wayward girls It has been seventeen years since Marie's husband died in a tragic accident. Her daughter had just turned one before the event. Mary never remarried and was committed to ensuring Becky with the best education possible. Due to the amount of indemnity, Mary was provided with a good home and educated at private schools while growing up. It was not until his senior year in high school that Becky started to behave in a wayward manner. Mary could not put his finger on the cause of the behavior patterns Becky. Becky started to become rebellious and distant with her mother. She would stay out late and hang out with people that Mary thought they were a bad influence on her daughter. After graduating from a private high school and turning eighteen, Becky events took a turn for the worse. It became normal for Becky to come home late, clothes disheveled, and smelling pot or alcohol. On several occasions, Mary tried to talk to Becky about it, but to no avail. One Friday afternoon, Mary did some searching on intuition specializing in wayward girls. Mary found one located in the region around an hour's drive from her house. Mary wrote a number and then turn off the computer. She walked into the kitchen, lit a cigarette and poured a cup of fresh coffee. She sat at the kitchen table looking at the numbers and the phone on the kitchen wall. Mary got up from the table and picked up a fork. She returned to the table and sat down. Her fingers nervously pressed on the keyboard. Her heartbeat raced as the phone began to ring. After what seems an eternity ring, a call has been answered. A female voice answered the call. "Worthington School for Girls, how can I help you?" "This is Mrs. Thomas and I have a daughter who I lost control. I found my school and I need help." "One moment, please.'m Going to connect to Mrs. Madison, who is one of our advisers." Said Mrs.. "Thank you." Said Mary. Mary listened to the call transfer. "This is Mrs. Madison. How can I help you?" "Mrs. Madison, to Mrs. Thomas and I am concerned about her daughter's behavior lately." "Mrs. Thomas, can you provide me some of the activities your daughter that concern you?" "Yes. During the last year, has become distant and has no respect for me any more. She comes and goes as he pleases, and recently came home late, feeling the pot and booze." "Is your daughter sexually active Mrs. Thomas?" Mary, however, about how to answer: "I'm really not sure. Could be, but I hope it is not. As you might know about it?" "Mrs. Thomas, some mothers in the laundry, make his daughter's panties evidence. Crunchy Some mothers find spots where the semen is leaked from the vagina and found some brown spots mixed with semen stains indicating the girl had anal sex. Can get her panties out of the basket clothes and
  2. 2. then tell me how they look? "Yes. Give me a minute, please." Mary went into the laundry basket and picked Becky's dirty panties and brought them to the kitchen table. "Mrs. Madison, got her panties from last week." "Very good Ms. Thomas, now in his groin and describe them to me." Mary began to open dirty panties. "One couple has crusty patches, but smells very strong." "You daughter will most likely let the boy finger her genitals while she wore them. Privates Her secreted fluid into his pants." Mary looked at another pair of crotch and noticed the crusty stains in it. She then said Mrs. Madison finding and then picked up another pair. Another pair showed signs of anal sex. Again Mrs. Madison findings. Another couple was very grumpy and Mary seemed confused by it. She told them that Mrs. Madison then said. "This is evidence that some of the guys pulled a train on your daughter." "As the train pulls in mind Mrs. Madison?" "I'm afraid Mrs. Thomas, it means that your daughter leave some boys have sex with her. After the first man makes his ugly thing else is doing the same thing with her, and it will continue until either the boys are worn, or daughter's vagina. This means that your daughter is a hussy, tramp or a whore. " Mary looked at another pair and exclaimed: "Oh!" "What is Mrs. Thomas?" "I have pants that are crisp and stained with blood." "Your daughter has sex during her period. This is the most disturbing and perverse to say anything else." "Mrs. Thomas, on the basis of these findings, it is necessary that you bring your daughter in as soon as possible.'m Afraid that if we do not act soon, your daughter will be whores herself to all kinds of dirt and perverts. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All you have to do is call before driving so that we can be ready to accept it. " "Mrs. Madison, I believe you're right. Soon I'll call Becky comes home. Thank you so much for your help and I look forward to your institution to help my daughter." "Mrs. Thomas, thank you for your kind words and I look forward to helping my daughter." Mary hung up the phone, he poured himself another cup of coffee and lit another smoke. She was sitting at the table looking at his daughter's dirty panties and everything you could thing is, how
  3. 3. many boys where putting their cocks into her daughter's holes. "I think she did a vaginal and anal intercourse, I'm sure that sucking cock too." She thought. It was still early afternoon and Mary got up from the kitchen and went to her bathroom. She turned on the shower and let the water heat up. Mary took off her shirt and shorts and stood before the mirror in her bra and panties. She took off her bra and looked at her 34B breasts before pulling down her panties. When off her panties, she noticed that they are wet. Mary got into the shower and then pour the liquid soap on her breasts. She closed her eyes as she rubbed her breasts. All he could think about was her daughter get fucked and her getting any. Her right hand and then slipped between her legs and began to rub my pussy. She started to rub slowly and then go faster when the picture of her daughter on her back, legs wide open, pussy oozing cum as one boy after another fucked her daughter. He even had thoughts of Becky on all fours as the cock in her ass and mouth stuffed more. Marie came hard as she thought about her daughter a whore and the fact that he was about to give her a lesson. Mary herself. "Maybe if I was a rat as my daughter, I would not care so much. Wait until the little slut gets home. This will be a rude awakening for her ass." Soon it was six o'clock and no word from Becky. Mary thought it was going to be another late night again. Her previous discussion with Mrs. Madison had some how awaken their dormant or sexual feelings. Feeling a bit playful, picked up the phone and called the local pizzeria. Mary put her usual Friday night order and was told pizza would be there in about 45 minutes. Mary opened the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of twenty-year-old scotch. She fixed herself a drink and sat at the kitchen table with her scotch and smoking. By the time the bell rang, she put away four drinks and was feeling good. She went to the door and looked through the peephole and saw a messenger on the porch. Mary opened the door and a young man said to her, a total of $ 14.85. Mary asked the boy to the inside, while she got the money. Mary returned to the living room with her purse. "Busy night?" She asked. "It's really slow right now.'m Not sure when I get my next delivery." Mary had a good looking over and then he said. "Are you in a hurry to get back to the pizza shop?" "Not really." Said the driver. "That's good. Now a good boy, gave the pizza on the table and sit down on the couch." The guy could not believe what he hears, and eagerly met. "I'll be upfront with you. I have not had sex for a very long time and today I found out my daughter is the biggest whore in town." "Yeah, I know." Replied the boy. "What do you mean?" Asked Mary. "Your daughter Becky, right?" "Yes. How do you know that?"
  4. 4. "Because I fucked your daughter., Your right about her a whore. Last week, I was able to fuck her tight ass and then sucked off my penis as well." Mary was dazed by the comment. "Well, what the fuck it then?" Mary said as she took off her shirt and pulled her shorts down. Mary stood before him naked and then sat down on the chair. She looked at him and said, "Show me what you fuck my daughter." He got up from the couch and pulled down his pants. He wore no underwear, his penis hung low and Maria's eyes widened when she saw the hanging. Mary opened the legs wide, showing him her cunt. "Ok boys, show me how well you eat pussy." "Yes, ma'am." He replied as he knelt between her legs and gave him a kiss on her cunt. Slowly he began to lick her pussy. Mary felt goose bumps because it was so long for her. Slowly he raised his speed and soon his tongue was pushing deep into her. Mary opened legs wider and started rubbing her nipples as she felt his tongue explored her cunt. Mary felt the dampness of her cunt, he continued. After about ten minutes, he asked Mary. "How do you sleep with me?" "I like it when a woman is on all fours. This allows me to get my cock deep and play with her tits and pussy." Mary pushed him away and then I was on all fours. "Ok big boy. Stick that cock in me and show me how to fuck my daughter." He got behind her and slid the tip of his penis up and down her slit and then fingers her wet pussy to wet fingers. The juice smeared on his penis and then pushed the tip against the opening of her cunt. "This is a whore!" He said and put his fat cock eight inches into her tight pussy on a hard grip. "Shit!" He yelled Mary as the air left his lungs. She had never felt so full and on the verge ripped in two. The boy began to pump her hard. Mary tried to adapt his penis circumference, but was out of practice. The feeling was more like rape than sex. Either way, she did not mind. It was a very long time since he had last felt a cock in her. "Damn you are one tight bitch." He yelled at her. "And your one hung stud." She said. "Fuck me like your bitch," she said. He put his head down on the floor and reached out and began to grab her breasts hard. He played very rough with them, pulling, pinching and slapping. Mary felt her pussy starts leaking juices and felt that long-lost feeling of orgasm coming on. "You like that bitch? Like my fat cock in her tight cunt abusing their breasts? "Fuck yes!" Please cum in my pussy. I want to feel your slimy cum my pussy.
  5. 5. He pushed more every time, and she could feel his big balls slapping against here. She took her right hand and reached between her legs and started rubbing his big balls. "Good girl. Rub my balls feel when I blow my load." "Get ready for my load bitch? Want to be full of semen? Want to feel what your whore daughter feels when I blow his load into her? "Fuck yes. Show me how you cum in my horny daughter." She cried. "Here it's a bitch." Just before he shot his load, he pulled a fast one pushed shoved a fat cock in her ass. Before Mary could react, he pumped his load into her virgin ass. Mary gasped as she felt her ass was filled with his semen. Cum was forced out of her tight hole and within a few minutes, he pulled his penis out of her ass. Mary was still dazed by it all. The boy grabbed her hair and pulled her to his penis. "Now is a good whore like your daughter and cleaned my penis." Before Mary could react, he stuck his dirty cum covered cock into her mouth. "Lick and suck my cock clean as well as your daughter's a whore. Loves sucking cock ass fucked with him." Mary tried to suck his penis. Mary never sucked cock before, let alone one that just fucked her pussy and ass. When she was done, Mary sat on the floor dazed and looked at the boy. "Good bitch. Whenever you want more, just call the pizza shop and ask for Jay." Mary could not utter a response like Jay got dressed, opened her purse, pulled out a twenty pizza and then left. Nearly ten minutes passed before Mary had the strength to get up. Once she did, she walked to her bathroom. She stood before the mirror and looked at the red mark on her breast. She felt Jay cum dripping from her ass. Mary walked over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of white cotton panties. She then slipped them to capture the load as it escaped. Mary returned to the front room, picked up a pizza and took her to the kitchen. She got a Diet Coke from the fridge and started eating pizza. While she ate it, all I could think of a feeling of having a penis inside the body after all these years. There has never been a girl acting like a bitch, and do what she feared her daughter was doing. After eating a few slices, closed the window and put it in the fridge. She went into the bedroom and put on her robe and then walked back into the living room to sit on the couch, watch TV and wait for Becky to arrive. Mary fell asleep on the couch watching television. She wakes up early in the morning Becky back from God knows where. Becky was pretty drunk when she arrived home, Mary woke up from the couch and watched Becky tries to lock the front door. Mary got up from the sofa, her robe open and went to Becky. Mary Beck grabbed as she asked: "Where the hell have you been? Becky was surprised by the question and replied: "That's none of your fucking business mom."
  6. 6. "It's my fucking business as long as you live under my roof. Look at yourself, how many boys put their cocks nasty to you tonight? Called Mary. "Your mom just jealous because I get all the cock I need, and your kitty seen a penis so long she forgot how she looks." Susan said with a laugh. Mary daughter pushed against the wall and right hand slid it into Becky skirt and inside her panties. Her fingers were different load of cum inside her. She took his hand and then turned around and Becky did the same to the rear. She felt the cum oozing from her ass as well. "Ok bitch. You had your chance with me and I will not take any more." Mary and then grabbed her hand and led her into his bedroom and pushed her into a chair. She looked at Becky says: "Shut your slutty ass on a chair and do not even think about getting up. Marie with her robe and Becky started to laugh." You say boobs mom? Mary came and Becky slapped across the face. "Watch your mouth bitch.'re Only going to make it worse." Marie then got dressed and grabbed Becky's hand and took her to the garage. She opened the rear passenger side door and shoved Becky Becky could not do anything because she drank and smoked a lot. Mary got the driver's seat, pressed the garage door opener and started the car. When back on the driveway, she opened her cell phone and called Mrs. Madison. "Mrs. Madison talk." "Mrs. Madison, to Mrs. Thomas. Daughter, and I'm on my way here. Should be there in 45 minutes." "Well, Mrs. Thomas.'ll Meet you at the door when you arrive." Beck passed out in the backseat as Mary went to school. All Mary could think about was the amount of semen felt and get a taste of cock after so many years. She found the way to school and made a right turn down the two lane road tree cover. After a short drive saw for instance school and then pulled into the driveway was a semi-circle of brick pavers and Mary saw the school. I was an old building of stone, rising three stories tall and looks like an old mansion. Mary pulled the car to the front door, where she waited Mrs. Madison. She put the car in park and turn off the ignition. Putting your keys in her purse, looked at Beck, who was trying to wake up. Mary left the car and headed for the door. Mrs. Madison opened the door and greeted Mary. "Mrs. Madison. Thank you very much for being here. I am at a loss to Becky." "Mrs. Thomas, I'm glad that we are here for you and your rebellious daughters to help. Lets get her out of the car and bring it inside." Mary opened the back door and took Becky out. Mrs. Madison helped Mary to Becky inside. They walked a long entrance hall and entered the last room on the right. Becky was placed in a chair along the back wall, and Mrs. Mary Madison offered a chair at the head table. Beck was still unconscious or in a coma. "Mrs. Madison, your daughter looks like it was life to a party." "Please call me Mary. Yeah, I think your right. When she arrived home, I looked at her panties and found it soaked with boys cum. Only God knows how many guys do nasty things with my daughter."
  7. 7. "Mary, you can call me Martha.'ll Tell you more about this school. Our main goal is to show girls that sex is only for married people and not to be given out like candy on Halloween. Educational video we'll show them the proper way to have sex, but only when married. In one of the tapes, the girl is shown on the bed on her back with her legs up and bent at the knees. She is here to please her husband and she is to take no pleasure in the act. corrective measures are also used, when girls break the rules. tolerate girls playing with each other or themselves. " "It sounds like a wonderful curriculum. Which are the remedial measures?" "Let me show you one of them." She said and picked up the phone and asked the person on the other side. "Please send Julie to my office immediately." A few minutes later, Julie knocked on the door. "Come in," said Martha. Julie came in Martha stood before the table. "Do you want to see me, ma'am." "Yes, Julie. This is Mrs. Thomas, and it is her daughter passed out in the back.'ve Just explained Mrs. Thomas about our corrective measures the naughty girls. Please explain what you did, and then show her what punishment. < br "/> "Yes, ma'am. Mrs. Thomas, I was found in his room late at night using my hairbrush to masturbate p I'm out of bed and forced to his knees on the ground and leaned over my bed. Matrona on the floor pulled out his night shirt and gave me a good twenty-five licks with him., I was then taken to the office of matron is on the floor and was put in this area. "Julie pulled her nightgown and showed her wide leather belt around his belly with another leather strap between the legs. Martha got up from his chair, took a key from a chain around his neck. She unlocked the little lock and pulled the strap between the legs. She then removes the big plug from Julie's pussy. Julie's pussy stretches and Marie was impressed by the devise. "What is the purpose of the plug?" Martha asked as he looked at Julie stretched pussy. "The goal is to prevent masturbation, and it will also stretch your vagina. Whenever they are punished in this way, larger plug is used. How can Julie's vagina is somewhat stretched, and if you use it for the sex, would not be able to feel anything. We also use the same for girls caught anal masturbation. " "I think it's a wonderful thing, Mrs. Madison." Mary replied.