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Be happy at work


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7 essential strategies that will take the grind out of graft

Published in: Education, Career, Technology
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Be happy at work

  1. 1. B HAPI @ WORK 7 essential strategies that will take the grind out of graft
  2. 2. In office blocks and concrete jungles around the world there are countless people who are toiling in unhappy and unfulfilling jobs. Given the hours we spend at work, this is a sorry state of affairs which breeds stress, depression and discontent. It doesn’t have to be this way. Give your attitude a make-over by applying these simple steps and watch as the situation changes for the better for you and for those around you: • FIND THE JOB THAT IS IN LINE WITH YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE. This should be anoccupation that gives meaning to your life. It must allow you to express your talents and, ideally, you should experience a‘state of flow’ when engaged with your work. • DO WHAT YOU’VE BEEN HIRED TO DO. Most people spend their time at work doing less of what they are required to do and more things that have nothing to do with their jobs. Private calls, reading long useless e-mails, entertaining gossip and spending hours on social media sites steals productive time from companies and employers; so being called out about these behaviours is neither unreasonable nor harsh. In simple terms, ensure that each and every day you deliver on the promises you made when you were hired. • BE A PLEASANT TEAM PLAYER. Do not wait for perfect conditions at work, create the conditions you want. Be the change you want.Be the person you expect your colleagues to be. Be helpful and cordial. Be the person everyone wants to interact with at work. Happiness starts with you. • PROMISE LESS, DO MORE. Don’ttalk too much, just do much. Go theextramile. Deliver what is expected of you and more in order to line yourself up for promotion and recognition. Under promise and over deliver. • CHOOSE TO FIND SOLUTIONS, NOT FAULTS. Faults are present in every workplace, but it doesn’t help to constantly highlight them without proposing legitimate solutions. Management likes solution-driven people. Be a problem solver. • BE PUNCTUAL. Punctuality isan attitude and a habit which signals that you are reliable,responsible and respectful of other people’s time.Work hard to establish a reputation for punctuality; arrive early to work and from lunch. Remember too that meeting times are nonnegotiable. • CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT THAT WILL MOTIVATE YOU TO GIVE 100%. Do you prefer working alone? Do you prefer working in silence without music in the background? Do you want music playing in the background? Do you likeinspirational quotations pasted all over yourworkspace? Whatever works for you, do it. Negotiate with your employer and explain how a particular work environment will help you to be more productive.Then: Be productive.
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