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RCTs - serendipitous conversation for knowledge sharing, a how-to guide

This is a practical how-to guide.
How you can introduce serendipity and conversation into your Knowledge Management Strategy in a simple cost-effective way.

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RCTs - serendipitous conversation for knowledge sharing, a how-to guide

  1. 1. Hélène Russell ©TheKnowledgeBusiness RCTs coffee & conversation (and knowledge sharing and networking)
  2. 2. What is the RCT? RCTs are serendipitous conversations Began at Nesta People opt in They are randomly matched They spend 30mins together talking about anything (over lunch, coffee or skype)
  3. 3. The benefits Improves networks – more connections & greater trust Breaks silos Shares knowledge Adds serendipity & conversation into a KM strategy
  4. 4. Practicalities To randomly connect people, you can draw names from a hat, or use a spreadsheet, or specialist software.
  5. 5. Making it work Keep it voluntary/opt-in Do not try to control the conversations Take qualitative measurements (i.e. surveys & interviews) but don’t track the conversations
  6. 6. Who is doing this? Nesta Linklaters Bank of England BAE Systems Red Cross Red Crescent Cabinet Office & Scottish Government SABMillar The British Library and more...
  7. 7. Who am I? Hélène Russell The Knowledge Business Author Knowledge Network West Exec-MBA Solicitor non- practising
  8. 8. Stay in touch Hélène Russell Tel: 07548 912 779 E: Twitter: @heleneadby Blogs: FB: The Knowledge Business L-In: W: News: