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Content Marketing = Brand New Marketing?


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2008 is all about a range of different ideas coming together and forming a new kind of marketing, changing the way brands connect to their consumers.

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Content Marketing = Brand New Marketing?

  1. experience marketing content marketing = brand new marketing? welcome to beta 2007 was all about rich media and customer participations. but 2008 is not about richer content it's all about a range of different ideas coming together and forming a new kind of marketing changing the way brands connect to their consumers idea #1 culture ""three trends in """"culture"""": 1 immersion of technology into our daily lives. 2 enforcing existing social structures through syncronus and ominous digital tools 3 participation 3"" content isn't king. conversation is king. content is just something to talk about. youtube broadcast yourself versus google video beta """"""constant checking [news] is linked to boredom"""""" we can't sit around not doing nothing. technology idea #2 vers une evolution raisonnable do you believe in technological evolution? did you really believe that todays technology was an end state? ""the technology of today is going to find it's role in the lives of it's customers. just as radio went from the only source of live media to something you listen to in the car, kitchen or bathroom.."" web applications that have the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications adobe air there is a reason for the immense interest in services/software/applications adobe air google prism microsoft silverlight ""nokia nokia is actually in the process of becoming """"more"""" of a software company, rightly suggesting that nokia already sees itself as a software company, but with intentions of becoming more so"" mobility idea #3 ""interface desirability and adaptability """"iphones initiate 50 times more searches than handsets, says google"" activity idea #4 businesses have a tendency of thinking to much on what is inside the box... turn it on it's head """"""the application itself is not a goal at all - it's an obstacle between the user and their goal."""" -robert hoekman jr. designing the obvious"" first fase of technology: we have all this technology.. what can we make it do? ""second fase of technology: then we started talking to someone we called """"users""""?"" ""third fase of technology: activity """"an old advertising maxim says you've got to spell out the benefit of the benefit. in other words, people don't buy quarter-inch drill bits. they buy quarter-inch holes so they can hang their children's pictures. chip heath & dan heath, made to stick"" click order eat fast easy and ready when you are pizza hut shortcut idea #5 ineffective i carry a 700 c fire in my hand with people walking all around me. police department interruption advertising is loosing itå«s monopoly grip on digital marketing ""the report researches what it claims to be the faulty assumption that interactive marketing should be based upon the direct marketing models. the reason for this is that while marketers have done almost nothing with the new possibilities the custom-ers have used the tools extensively to create more sophisticated tools to avoid unwanted marketing. from the report """"digital interactivity: unanticipated consequences for markets, marketing, and consumers"""""" ""the number one bestseller sue cowley why do students misbehave? getting the buggers to behave what can i do about it? and what should i not do about it? behavioral advertising -smart, but very expensive and very complicated"" #NAME? emotional research idea #6 """"""the first principle of the culture code [book] is that the only effective way to understand what people truly mean is to ignore what they say. this is not to suggest that people intentionally lie or misrepresent themselves... they simply reflect what people say, rather than what they mean."""" - clotaire rapaille, the culture code"" """"""the key to understanding thetrue meaning behind our actions is to understand the structure"""" the culture code clotaire rapaille"" market research = articulated answer games show emotional research = inspiration ""is the knowledge that todays solutions rest upon misleading? if the research is methodology haven't evolved in concert with the technological evolution, are we out of sync with the consumers?"" we tend to throw out the most meaningful and most revolutionary if we ask people about their preferences. sophisticated forcing you to explain something when you don't necessarily have the vocabulary and the tools to explain your preference automatically shifts you towards the most conservative and the least sophisticated choice. ""then studies started coming out claiming to find cross-linguistic differences in color memory. for example, it was shown that if your language makes a distinction between blue and green (as in english), then you're less likely to confuse a blue color chip for a green one in memory."" emotional research the greatest challenge for market research nowadays is to deliver value by linking findings to the strategic business decisions that confront corporate decision makers. ethnography responds to this challenge by observing consumers in their natural environments and then turning these consumer encounters into ideas that transform brands and product categories. hy marlam polski ethnography for marketers image by eric in sf on content marketing = brand new marketing? so what is it all about? ""nike+coach nike+sportband """"we are not in the business of supporting a media industry, we are in the business of connecting with our customers""""trever edwards, nike's vice president for global brand management"" to the consumer: content marketing = participating in activities facilitated by the brand. stop thinking about information! - 1:1 personalized information delivery or personalized service subscription? - big screen advertising - interruption advertising or socially engaging activity? - mobile: wap - push and sms or value adding applications? image by |allessu|on flickr slideshare ""identifying desirable experience, then delivering them. marketers concern themselves with acquiring and retaining customers, who are the lifeblood of an organization. they attract customers by learning about potential needs, helping to develop products that customers want, creating awareness, and communicating benefits; they retain them by ensuring that they get good value, appropriate service, and a stream of future products. the marketing function not only communicates to the customer, but also communicates the needs of the customer to the company. in addition, it arranges and monitors the distribution of products and/or services from company to customer. -diego rodriguez, - harvard business school,"" this requires a new kind of agency agency 2.0 slideshare 66/68 experience marketing immersive marketing content marketing = brand new marketing thank you very much :o) read more on helge tenno strategisk leder/ dogotal planner