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Test your Beer Knowledge: The Best Cruise Ships for Beer Fanatics


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Love beer? Love cruising? Find out the best cruise ships for beer fanatics and the best places to get a cold brew at popular ports of call. Top it all off with some beer trivia- how much beer is wasted per keg? How much beer is drank on a cruise?


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Test your Beer Knowledge: The Best Cruise Ships for Beer Fanatics

  1. 1. BEER DAY ENJOYRESPONSIBLY ONYOURNEXTCRUISE SOURCES: COLD, CRISP, BEER GET YOUR BEER FACTS RIGHT! BREWSONBOARD BestCruisesfor BeerLovers BESTPORTS FORBEER LOVERS BEER FACTS WASTED BEER Gone are the days when cruisers had only two choices of beer on board. With ever expanding options, cruise lines now offer long lists of craft and premium beers. Dark bottles, colored amber, preserve beer and protect it from UV light. Plus, glass preserves the flavor without adding metallic after-tastes Consumption of Beer Beers consumed per day, per passenger Beers consumed on average per cruise/week Cans are best at blocking UV light, which breaks down flavor, but may taste metallic if drank from the can. A pilsner glass captures the sparkling effervescence and helps beer maintain its head. It’s best for lager and pilsners. Many cruise lines offer large beer lists and top craft brews.Easy for toasting and holds a lot of volume. Steins- the German version- typically have a lid and are perfect for German beers and darker ales. Get to know your favorite ports of call by exploring local breweries available in ports like Juneau, Miami, Key West, London, Amsterdam & more! Here’s some of the best places to get a brew while in port On average 30% of draft beer is wasted down the drain. That’s over 31 glasses of beer! Or $155 per keg! BEER FANS UNITE!! LET US DRINKIT STOP THE WASTE FROM LOCAL BREWERS TO BEER EXPERTS BEST PLACES TO GET A BEER IN... “RED FROG PUB” “MICHAEL’S CLUB” “ENGLISH-STYLE PUBS” “O’SHEEHANS” 0.7 10,100 20Award WinningBeers There’s onboard • Abbey Brewing • Wynwood Brewery • The Bar • The Room • Titanic Restaurant and Brewery MIAMI • Alaska Brewing Company • The Island Pub • The Hangar on the Wharf • The Red Dog Salon JUNEAU • Arendsnest Proeflokaal • In De Wildeman • BeerTemple • De Bierkoning AMSTERDAM • Meantime Brewing • Five Points Brewing Co • Red Church Brewery • Crate Brewery LONDON • Old Harbor Brewing • La Taberna Lupulo • La PLayita • The Office Traditional Irish Pub SAN JUAN $155 30%