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Say Cheese! Using Pictures to Teach Reading

These are my slides for my presentation, "Say Cheese! Using Pictures to Teach Reading." I am presenting this session in February 2015 at the Southern California Kindergarten Conference. It also coordinates with my product, Describing and Inferring Key Details with Picture of the Day: Reading Photos "Closely" available at

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Say Cheese! Using Pictures to Teach Reading

  1. Using Pictures To Teach Reading by Jen Jones, Hello Literacy^
  2. Pictures *are* Informational text RIT.7 “Integrate and evaluate content presented in diverse media and formats, including visually and quantitatively, as well as in words.”
  3. Describing & Inferring Pictures is most like Reading ReaL Life…
  4. *and* research-based
  5. .65
  6. .34 .2000.10 .123 .003 .9 .765.7054 .888 .5566012 .04
  7. Pictures = Brain-based cat
  8. Making Inferences with… Picture of the Day
  9. What I infer (facts) (opinions) What I observe
  10. observing details describing details AnaLyzing details Making inferences about the details
  11. …assemble for meaning.
  12. …interpret for meaning.
  13. appropriate for middle and high school. NASA Picture of the Day National Geographic Picture of the Day Kodak Picture of the Day FWA Photo of the Day Zuma Picture of the Day Earth Science Picture of the Day Optics Picture of the Day Radiology Picture of the Day Historical Picture of the Day
  14. After reading the text & illustration on page 1. . .
  15. After reading the text and illustration on page 1 of The Lotus Seed, students were better able to answer the following questions using evidence from the illustration. Q:Who is telling the story? (RL.6-Point of View) A: The little girl because the text says “my grandmother” and the picture it shows a little girl watching him under the tree. Q:Where does the story take place? (RL.2-Setting) A: We infer it takes place in Asia because the text uses words like “emperor, dragon & throne” and the picture shows an Asian style gown and helmet and the building is like the type they have in Asia.” Q:What is the mood of the story so far? And how do you know? (RL.4-Tone & Symbolism) A: We infer the mood so far is sad and unhappy because the text uses the words “cry and lost” and the picture shows dark gray clouds and the emperor is holding his head in his hands. Q:When the author says “ he lost his golden dragon throne.” What does lost really mean? (RL.4- Figurative Language) A: We infer that lost means his throne is gone…somebody stole it. [Then we had a vocabulary lesson about the figurative kind of lost.]
  17. Thank You! Got ELA Professional Development Needs? Email me.