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Using the PicCollage App for Reading Comprehension

Creation apps are the hottest thing in the classroom right now. Most teachers have PicCollage on their phone for saving memories with pictures from the camera roll. But, how many teachers are using PicCollage for learning? Or, better yet, turning the app usage over to students? I created this presentation for my session at the Margaret Blount Harvey Literacy Institute in Greenville, North Carolina. Teachers will learn why Pic Collage is the perfect app for digital creations, see several examples of PicCollage for reading comprehension and create a PicCollage f their own.

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Using the PicCollage App for Reading Comprehension

  1. for reading comprehension By: Jen Jones
  2. Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 Why apps for reading comprehension? creativity collaboration publication
  3. Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 & not to mention . . . problem-solving paperless hands-on experiential engaging open-ended
  4. Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 Apps & Common Core “use a variety of digital tools” “produce and publish writing” “including collaboration with peers” “with multimedia components (graphics, sound, video) in presentation
  5. Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 Apps as Learning Solutions Photography Audio Video Drawing Text Internet Research Retelling Reading Explaining Content Knowledge Explaining Center Work Citing Evidence
  6. App: PicCollage Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16
  7. PicCollage for Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 vocabularyDevelopment
  8. PicCollage for Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 visualbookreports
  9. PicCollage for Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 nonfictionretelling
  10. PicCollage for Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 FictionPlot
  11. PicCollage for Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 B–M-E
  12. PicCollage for Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 nonlinguistic representations
  13. PicCollage for Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 phonemic awareness
  14. PicCollage for Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 partsofSpeech
  15. PicCollage for Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 poetry
  16. PicCollage for Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 characterization
  17. Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 PicCollage Prerequisites
  18. Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 Text Source: EPIC
  19. Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 Text: News-o-matic
  20. Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 Text Source: NewsELA
  21. Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 Text Source: ReadingA-Z
  22. Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 Text Source: Books
  23. Social Media: @hellojenjones #mbhli16 Your Turn! Make & Save Make & Take
  24. Digital Reading Response 1. Take a picture of an organizer. 2. Open Pic Collage. 3. Select Create at the bottom. 4. Select Photos. 5. Select the organizer from your Camera Roll. 6. Select the checkmark. 7. Double tap the image. 8. Select “Set as Background.”
  25. Turn ownership of the creativity over to the students!
  26. iTunes All About the MittenGlobal Audience
  27. Image Sources: Kami Butterfield, Katie Shaffer, Crystal Albo & Me