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Vocabulary Instruction in the 21st Century

Low tech and high tech ways to teach explicitly teach vocabulary words to students.

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Vocabulary Instruction in the 21st Century

  1. Vocabulary Instruction in the 21st Century: Visual Tools for Teachers and Students Jennifer Jones Lake Myra Elementary School Wake County Public Schools North Carolina Reading Conference . March 20, 2012
  2. Words are not just words. They are the nexus – the interface – between communication andthought. When we read, it is through words that we build, refine, and modify our knowledge. What makes vocabulary valuable and important is not the words themselves so much as…. the understandings they afford. Marilyn Jager Adams (2009, p.180)
  3. Three Tiers of Words(Beck, McKeown, Kucan, 2002, 2008, Common Core State Standards, 2011)
  4. Peoples knowledge ofany topic is encapsulatedin the terms they knowthat are relevant to thetopic.
  5. Impact of Direct Vocabulary InstructionMarzano & Pickering (2005). Building Academic Vocabulary.
  6. Marzano 6-Step Process Tier 2 Words
  7. Tier 3 Words – Schoolwide Process
  8. Vocabulary Notebooks
  9. Marzano 6-Step Process
  10. Graphic Organizers
  11. Vocabulary Games Anchor Charts
  12. Beck’s Text Talk Lessons
  13. High Tech ToolsWeb 2.0 Tools
  14. Web Tool #1 – Word CloudsWordle, Tagxedo, Image Chef, ABCya Word Clouds
  15. Web Tool #2 –Online Thesauruses & Dictionaries Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus, WordSift, Visuwords, Wordnik
  16. Visual representations and connections
  17. Web Tool #3 – Search Engines, Destiny
  18. Destiny School Library System
  19. Web Tool #4 – Static Creations & PresentationsBig Huge Labs, Glogster, Smilebox
  20. Instead of a motivational poster, Create a vocabulary poster.
  21. Web Tool #5 –Dynamic Creations & PresentationsAnimoto, Tubes (You, School, Teacher), Prezi
  22. • YouTube Video %20Links
  23. Web Tool #6 – Google Tools
  24. Thank You!Jennifer Jones –