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Case Study: Azienda Kellogs e la linea NUTRI-GRAIN


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In questo power point viene analizzata l'azienda Kellogs: storia, aspetti, scelte strategiche sul prodotto NUTRI-GRAIN

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Case Study: Azienda Kellogs e la linea NUTRI-GRAIN

  1. 1. Kellogg’s Company was founded in 1906 by two brothers It is the world’s leading producer of breakfast cereals
  2. 2. In 2006, the Company had total worldwide sales of almost $ 11 billion This case study is about
  3. 3. This product had its life-cycle In the stage of decline company had to make a key- business decision LAUNCH GROWTH MATURITY SATURATION DECLINE
  4. 4. After identifyng the problem Kellogg decided to relaunch the product RenewalTo fulfil Improved pricing structure New Packaging Refocusing STRATEGY
  5. 5. increased sales by 50%
  6. 6. Thank you for your attention