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Roadshow tips

Tips on how to conduct an effective roadshow for startups in foreign markets

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Roadshow tips

  1. 1. Business Development Networking Checklist for Roadshows
  2. 2. No. 1. Your roadshow is a project
  3. 3. GOALS 1. do business with the target contact (sell or fundraise) 2. Get a recommendation from target to ideal 3. Learn about your domain context
  4. 4. Roadshows consist of - planned events - planned visits - unplanned events - unplanned visits
  5. 5. Activities to focus on Before / During / After
  6. 6. Preparation beforehand Make yourself attractive and available: Full Linkedin profile with relevant content (phone No. and e-mail address) Populate socially relevant channels Let everyone in your social circles know that you are travelling to T.A. Ask the connectors/network hubs of the ecosystem for help
  7. 7. VISITS - research the visited company and its founders, management. Use LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Chubbybrain, Youtube, Slideshare to research upon the people you WILL meet for sure Know their recent work, interviews, presentations, statements etc. If visiting an investor - besides reviewing the board and management, review their investment thesis and their invested portfolio. Any chance of cooperation? If visiting an accelerator or a startup - Do you have any linkage to them - Search for linkages on major contact networks for common friends, accelerator history, previous company. Very important: contact search should apply to all founders in your startup
  8. 8. EVENTS Pick events you already see now from here Check attendance on FB, LI, Meetup, Eventbrite Meetup, FB - you can see attendees, write to them Write to the moderator / organizer Talk about going to the event on social networks
  9. 9. During the roadshow Be mindful, take notes Use a CRM or simple Excel They buy you, not your company Be memorable Say something about their company If no fit, ask them for opinion, help, intro - NOT money
  10. 10. Rule of thumb Investment or puchase decisions are made at the 5th meeting
  11. 11. After the contact - follow up as soon as you can - ask a question they need to answer - share / send what you promised - if meaningful, write about the meeting/contact, event, visit +1 - give first…
  12. 12. Tactics to retain interest Have a personal website Blog on LinkedIn or Medium Breadcrumbs: post your presentation as well as other public work of yours on Slideshare
  13. 13. you can find this on