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Customer satisfaction at vodafone

custamer stastisfaction vodafone

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Customer satisfaction at vodafone

  1. 1. Customer Satisfaction at VodafoneNote:We the students of The S.P.B. College of BusinessAdministration are conductinga survey and hereby requestyou to fill up the questionnaire. The information providedbyyou will be kept strictly confidential and will be usedfor academic purpose only.Q1) Do you have a mobile phone?oYeso NoQ2) Are you aware about telecommunicationsservice?oYeso NoIf yes, then which operator’s Service do you use?oVodafone(Multi-choice)oAirteloIdeaoRelianceo
  2. 2. BSNLoTata Indicom ( If not Vodafone then go to Q12 )Q3) Areyou aware about Vodafone?oYeso No (If No, then go to Q11 )Q4) From which source youcame to know about Vodafone?oAdvertisement(Multi-choice)oHoardingso NewspapersoMouth PublicityQ5) Since how long you are usingVodafone services?oLess than 1 montho2-6 monthso6-12 monthsoMore than 1 year Q6) Which of the following services doyou use of Vodafone?
  3. 3. oPre-paidoPost-paidQ7) Which services are more helpful to you while usingVodafone services?oCall rates(Multi-choice)oSMS serviceo NetworkoValue Added ServicesQ8) Dou you call at customer care?oYeso NoIf yes, how often you call at customer care?oDailyoOnce a week
  4. 4. oOnce a monthoOccasionallyQ9) For what reason you call at customercare?oValue added services(Multi-choice)oInformation regarding new schemesoOther queriesoComplainingQ10) Rate the following services on thebasis of your satisfaction.S e r v i c e s E x c e l l e n t V e r yG o o d F a i r l y g o o d A v e r a g eP o o r Network SMS rates New schemes and offersCustomerCareRecharge outletsCall RatesValue Added ServicesQ11) What makes you unaware about Vodafone?
  5. 5. oLess AdvertisementsoLess PublicityoOthers(If others then mention________________________)Q12) Why you are notusing Vodafone services?oLack of awareness(Multi-choice)oHigh PricesoPoor ServicesoPoor network Q13) Would you like to recommendVodafone to others?oYeso NoQ14) Give your suggestions to help in serve youbetter. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ ___
  6. 6. Name: ________________ Age: ___ yearsSex:Male/FemaleContact no.: ___________ Signature:__________Customer Satisfaction at vodafone(Questionnaire)Download this Document for FreePrintMobileCollectionsReport DocumentInfo and Ratingquestionnairecustomer satisfactionvodafone questionnairecustomer satisfaction at vodafone (questionnaire)(more tags)Followcoolbuddy_rush
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