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Personal brand launch


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Personal brand launch

  1. 1. OriginatorHiyasmin “Hiyas” Neri,BagelliaPersonal Brand
  2. 2. A rare Orb was found in a faraway land…
  3. 3. The orb was known to have aprecious jewel inside …
  4. 4. The Orb was shattered and the jewelinside it was brought to the Philippinesand was named by the natives“Hiyas.”
  5. 5. A treasure seeker was anticipating “Hiyas” toarrive at his showroom. The precious findwas near and
  6. 6. When it arrived, he quickly put itinside his mysterious
  7. 7. 5 Required elements1. Orb=Originator(1-word descriptor)2. Jewel= Hiyas( Filipino nickname)5. Recent Photo4. Bag=Bagellia(work)3. Near + Ready=Neri(family name)
  8. 8. OrbHiyas NearReadyBagOriginator Hiyas Neri
  9. 9. OriginatorHiyasmin “Hiyas” Neri,BagelliaPersonal Brand Launchwww.hiyasmincherubaineri.blogspot.comAll Photos courtesy of Google images