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Marketing an optometric practice


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Marketing an optometric practice

  1. 1. Hossein Mirzaei MarketingMarketing an optometric practicean optometric practice Msc optom
  2. 2. Too little attention and resources to marketing sub-optimal financial performance.
  3. 3. Marketing vs advertisingMarketing vs advertising
  5. 5. marketing encompasses all forms of patient communication that impact perceptions of the practice and produce a brand identity, including: Practice positioning, name and logo The totality of the service process
  6. 6. Product mix presentation and product merchandising Visual imagery of the facilities, decor, doctor and staff appearance, practice website, marketing communications vehicles Pricing and fees Promotional offers Advertising messages Social media presence © South-Western Publishing
  7. 7. Marketing activities:Marketing activities: Marketing during patient visits Patient recall Between-visit marketing communications New patient marketing
  8. 8.   Marketing During Patient Visits
  9. 9. Key message:Key message: “Here’s why you should continue to come here for eyecare.”
  10. 10. Key message:Key message: We provide therapeutic medical treatment for infections, dry eye, allergy and other ocular conditions
  11. 11. Key message:Key message: “A yearly eye exam is an important preventative measure to protect sight.”
  12. 12. KEY MESSAGE:KEY MESSAGE: Your insurance allowance covers basics only.” Insurance coverage should never dictate the sales process.
  13. 13. Product Mix Management: The product mix a business offers determines the average transaction size.  Exceeding industry norms primarily happens through more effective product presentation, not higher prices and fees.
  14. 14. Product dispensing ratios vary widely among optometric offices Disparities in usage of individual product types, such as daily replacement contact lenses or anti- reflective lenses, always trace mainly to ECP preferences and habits and not to patient choice or demographics.
  15. 15. Price Promotion: new patients of independent ODs are seldom attracted by price incentives. New patients choose indepenent ODs because they anticipate a higher level of personalized service
  16. 16. consultants recommend the following exceptions to build revenue: Spectacle Lens bundling Multiple Eyewear Purchase Discounts Contact Lens Annual Supply Discounts Special Event Discounts
  17. 17. Practice brochure:Guidlines Brochures should be professionally designed. Language and photos should convey that the practice is a caring, friendly place Provide a comprehensive listing of services offered. Provide a brief biography of the doctor If advanced instrumentation? Then feature it.
  18. 18. Signage and Displays Avoid display clutter. Feature products offering high performance and premium profit margins Only use signage that is tasteful, professional and has high production value. Regularly refresh displays as new materials become available.
  19. 19. Patient Recall: Every OD practice needs a consistently executed recall system to reduce the interval between patient eye exams
  20. 20.   Between-Visit Marketing Communications Electronic communication is a very cost-effective method of communicating with patients between their office visits
  21. 21. Some of the many uses of email to communicate with patients between office visits include: Birthday greetings Compliance reminders Recall notices and eye exam reminders Opinion surveys
  22. 22. Announcements of new services, significant new products, special events Staffing change announcements Articles about eye health topics Product promotions Thank-you for referral
  23. 23. Special Events Announce the event two months in advance Do not conduct eye exams during the event Offer discounts to encourage sales during the event.
  24. 24. New Patient Marketing Practice Web Sites Attract prospective patients Communicate efficiently with existing patients  Contact information and office hours should be found easily on the home page.
  25. 25. Patient Referrals Referrals occur only when patients are extremely satisfied with the care they receive A good indicator of the quality of patient service of an optometric practice is the percentage of new patients generated by patient referrals
  26. 26. Referrals can be encouraged in the following ways: At the conclusion of each eye exam, ask patients for referrals. Ask each married patient to refer their spouse and each parent to refer their children. Ask caregivers to refer aging parents. Offer incentives for patient referrals. Send a personal thank-you for each patient referral.
  27. 27. Developing an Annual Marketing Plan Every practice needs a simple marketing plan, The chief reason to develop a plan is that it forces you to prioritize your marketing objectives, targets and messages.
  28. 28. Increasing PracticeIncreasing Practice Net Income:Net Income: See more patients per day "Sell" more to each patient. Raise fees (or reduce discounts) Avoid costly errors. Reduce expenses
  29. 29. Some usefull sites:Some usefull sites:   