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Evaluation - Question 3


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Evaluation - Question 3

Published in: Business
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Evaluation - Question 3

  1. 1. What kind of media institution might distribute your product and why?
  2. 2. • Distribution is the process in which a film distributor which is either a company or individual takes control of the marketing and releasing of a final media product. • Large companies are more likely to distribute a film produced by ‘The Big Six’ in comparison to a independent film company. Examples of thriller film distributors; Se7en – New Line Cinema Shutter Island – Paramount Pictures The Prestige – Warner Bro’s/ Touchstone Pictures Orphan – 20th Century Fox/Warner Bro’s Taken – 20th Century Fox Sinister – Momentum Pictures Walled In – Blue Sky Media
  3. 3. • Due to the genre of our product being a thriller I have researched into a selection of different production companies which distribute thriller films themselves and which I feel our media product would benefit best from using to distribute our film. • When researching I came across a selection of larger and smaller production companies such as Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Momentum Pictures and various others which produced the genre, thriller productions. • I came across a much smaller production company called ‘Blue Sky Media’ which distribute a variety of different genre but do base mainly around thriller. They have distributed thrillers such as Walled In, In The Blood, Don’t Let Him In and After.Life as well as many other more famous films such as Burn After Reading, Penelope and Ball of Fury. These are a wide selection of reasonably well known movies and I feel using a company like this who promote on a smaller scale will be more beneficial and realistic when producing our film in comparison to vastly larger company who are more than unlikely to give the funding and distribute our small media product.
  4. 4. • Due to our final media product Don’t Look Back being based and filmed in the UK I think it would appeal mostly to a UK audience and would be most successful here due to a better understanding and relation to the story as our company is based near by in comparison to more global company. Although certain aspects could appeal to a wider global audience we also have to factor the cost of getting our product changed and translated to fit with certain countries therefore using a smaller, local company such as Blue Sky Media we would not need to include this factor in our funding and production. • There are many ways in which we could personally distribute our movie ourselves or help to distribute. • This could be done in ways such as creating our own website for the final media product which could advertise giving an overview and allowing audience feedback, giving information to the viewers to make our movie more professional and conventional. • Another useful and beneficial way we could promote our movie could be through the popular use of social networking. As in our generation social networking is more than popular by creating articles to promote through these websites it will allow our product to be distributed at a sufficiently quicker and higher scale due to the current high use in social media.