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Discover the best innovations and trends from VIVA TECHNOLOGY 2016 Conference in Paris (

This trendreport has been created by the experts of the HUB Institute (, one of the leading think tank in digital transformation.


  2. 2. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT2 HUB  Report  Viva  Technology  2016 A  few  rules   IMPORTANT   You  cannot  share,  copy,  distribute  and/or  transmit  this  document  outside   of  your  company  or  to  external  partners.   THIS  DOCUMENT  IS  THE  PROPERTY  OF  THE  HUB  INSTITUTE You  cannot  reuse  this  document  or  any  portion  (slides)  thereof  for  any   form  of  commercial  activity.
  3. 3. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT3 This  is  a  multimedia  report   WHEN  YOU  SEE  THIS  ICON YOU  CAN  CLICK  FOR  ADDED  CONTENT     (VIDEO,  ARTICLE…)
  4. 4. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT4 Viva  Technology,  why  ? Paris  dreams  of  being  the  capital  of  innovation A  GLOBAL  EVENT  THAT  BRINGS  TOGETHER   ALL  THE  LEADING  PLAYERS  DRIVING  THE   DIGITAL  TRANSFORMATION  OF  THE   SOCIETY   Bringing  together  5,000  startups.   aiming  at  developing  partnerships  with   major  corporations,  investors  and  partners.   Being  at  the  heart  of  an  international  event   dedicated  to  innovation  in  Paris,  France.   For  three  days  starting  30  June,  an  expected   30,000  entrepreneurs,  corporate  executives,   venture  capitalists  and  other  investors  will   join  us  in  a  purpose-­‐built  environment  in   Paris.     The  goal:  to  provide  a  real-­‐time  platform  for   collaboration  and  a  high-­‐level  stage  for   discussions  around  the  impact  technology   has  on  both  businesses  and  society.
  5. 5. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT5 Viva  Technology   Presentation  in  Video  
  6. 6. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT6 Viva  Technology  in  key  figures 5000   startups 300   conferences 100   International   companies   exhibiting  their   latest   innovations   17     thematics  labs  to   promote  the   digital   transformation 100     TOP  VCS 30  000   attendees
  7. 7. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT7 4  pillars  of  Viva  Technology Meet  over  5,000   startups  spread  out  across  the   world’s  largest  collaborative   workspace  and  15  industry-­‐ focused  labs  to  connect  startups   with  businesses,  thought  leaders   and  executives  via  designated   pitch  areas  and  demo  stages. Through  interactive  sessions,   keynotes,  startup  pitches  and   more,  you’ll  be  able  to  find  out   what’s  happening  on  the  cutting   edge  of  business  and  technology.   Gear  up  for  an  inspiring  trip  into   the  minds  of  the  greatest   innovators,  thinkers  and  doers  of   our  time. Viva  Technology  isn’t  just  a  place   to  hear  about  the  latest   innovations  that  are  transforming   the  way  we  work  and  play.  It’s  a   place  to  experience  them.  Enter   Viva  Technology’s  hall  of   wonders,  where  each  visitor  will   get  to  experience  new   technologies  up  close  and   personal  across  a  series  of   dedicated  zones  which   demonstrate  just  how  far  top   startups  and  larger  companies   have  come  and  where  they’re   going  next. Meet,  network  and  interact  with   startup  founders,  major   international  VCs,  representatives   of  some  of  the  world’s  biggest   companies  and  more.  At  Viva   Technology,  the  name  of  the   game  isn’t  simply  to  see  and  be   seen,  but  to  create  partnerships,   find  funding,  invite  collaboration,   build  friendships  and  why  not   even  discover  a  new  job?
  8. 8. A  selection  of  announcements   &  Insights  Viva  Tech  DAY  11
  9. 9. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved9 These  Big  brands  that  invests  in  startups Amazon  announced    Amazon  Launchpad  in  France   AMAZON The  US  giant  launched  this  30th  of  June  in  France  its  marketing   platform  for  start-­‐ups  .  Launchpad  is  a  marketplace  that  includes  a   set  of  services  to  start-­‐ups  ,  including  a  space  dedicated  sales  and   logistical  assistance  .
  10. 10. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved10 These  Big  brands  that  invests  in  startups Klépierre  in  partnership  with  Microsoft  launched  KlépierreID KLEPIERRE Klépierre  launched  KlépierreID,  its  digital  innovation  platform  to  detect  the   start-­‐ups  that  will  revolutionize  trading  tomorrow  commerce.  The  first   challenge  KlépierreID  "Let's  Play  with  mobile  shoppers  "  is  launched  as  part  of   the  event  Viva  Technology  Paris  to  select  multiple  chips,  among  the  3,000   participating  startups  .
  11. 11. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved11 A  new  player  in  IoT  launched  today Flipr  introduced  the  revolution  of  pool  maintenance     FLIPR Flipr  launched  a  connected  object  that  enables  to:                                                                                               -­‐swim  in  a  clean  water  economise  by  reducing  the  consumption  of  cleaning   products,  water  and  electricity.                                                                                                                                                                               -­‐enjoy  the  pool:  Flipr  predicts  events  before  they  come.                                                                   Price:  230  €
  12. 12. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved12 The  latest  success  of  Devialet Devialet  launched  the  best  sound  in  the  world BUSINESS  CASE DEVIALET The  new  Gold  Phantom  is  a  wireless  speaker  that  revolutionized   the  world  of  sound:  it  is  more  powerful  (4,500  W  of  power),  more   exhilarating  and  more  refined  (22  carat  Rose  Gold-­‐plated  finish)   than  the  two  previous  Phantom.  Price:  2.590€  TTC.   Pierre-­‐Emmanuel  CalmelEmmanuel  Nardin
  13. 13. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT13 The  Hacker  way  :  building  a  culture  of  innovation     Nicola  Mendelsohn,  VP  Emea,  Facebook Innovation  will  change  the  world.  Nicola  Medelsohn  shared   4  key  success  to  build  a  culture  of  innovation       FOCUS  ON  IMPACT  :  Focus  on  solving  important  problems,   don’t  waste  time.     BE  OPEN  :    A  more  open  world  is  a  better  world.  Give  people   the  power  to  share  and  make  the  world  more  open  and   connected.     BE  BOLD  :  The  world  is  changing  fast,  you  have  to  take  risk  to   face  it.  The  risky  thing  would  be  not  taking  risk!  Ask  yourself   when  is  the  last  time  you  failed.  If  you  can’t  answer,   something  is  going  wrong.     BUILD  SOCIAL  VALUE  :  Everyone  at  Facebook  has  access  to   the  best  information.  It  is  a  transparent  company  :  once  a   week  employees  can  ask  anything  to  Mark  Zuckerberg.  When   faced  with  a  choice  between  execution  and  strategy,  choose   execution.  
  14. 14. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT14 Think  big,  grow  fast Olivier  Duha,  Co-­‐funder  &  CEO,  Webhelp Building  a  business  is  unpredictable.   Olivier  Duha,  CEO  at  Webhelp,  a  company   specialized  in  business  process  &   customer  experience  outsourcing   today  valued  more  than  1  billion  €  shared   with  us  4  key  success     • THINK  BIG  AND  HAVE  THE  RIGHT   AMBITION:  if  people  don’t  laugh  when   you  tell  them  your  projects,  it  means   that  your  ambitions  are  too  small     • GREAT  CEOs  ALWAYS  FOCUS  ON   PEOPLE     • TAKE  RISK  AND  FACE  THE  TRUTH       • BE  OPTIMISTIC    
  15. 15. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT15 Shared  Travel  :  What’s  next? Olivier  Gremillon,  Managing  Director  EMEA,  Airbnb 10%  of  Airbnb  employees  are  engineers.   It  started  as  a  tech  company  and  is  now  a   Design  &  Hospitality  company.  AirBnB’s   strategy  is  to  be  in  many  more  cities.  The   company  also  wants  to  grow  on  the   Travel  Market,  not  only  the  Housing.  
  16. 16. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved16 How  to  scale  your  business  when  you  are  a  start-­‐up  ? Philippe  De  Chanville  (Mano  Mano)  &  Manoel  Roy  (Ector)   Mano  Mano   Ector Thanks  to  its  Scale-­‐up  program,  Google  helps  successful  start  ups  to   accelerate  their  international  growth  and  teach  them  how  to  adapt  their   management  approach.                                                                                                                                                                                 Mano  Mano,  a  market  place,  is  developped  in  5  countries  in  Europe.                                         Ector,  a  parking  valet,is  available  in  many  French  cities.  
  17. 17. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved17 Fashion  forwards  technology  and  textiles  take  on  the  future How  has  fashion  changed  since  the  digital  revolution?   There  is  a  collaboration  between  technology  and  fashion  :   one  can  not  leave  without  the  other.       But,  is  fashion  transformed  by  technology  or  is  it  the   opposite  ?     How  is  it  possible  to  wear  connected  clothes?     How  to  find  the  balance  bewteen  giving  choices  and  not   overwhelming  the  client  on  internet  ?    
  18. 18. First  visits  of  the  Viva   Technology’s  labs2
  19. 19. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT19 Collaboration  between  Big  companies  and  Startups
  20. 20. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT20 17  labs  of  major  groups     They  each  include  a  pitch  area  ,  a  co-­‐ working  space  and  islands  for  up  to  50   startups.  Each  Big  Brand  invites  its  Lab   researchers  ,  talents  ,  CEOs  ,  VCs  and   startups  visitors.
  21. 21. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT21 Our  5  labs  visits  of  the  day // RETAIL // CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE // TELCO & CONNECTIVITY // LUXURY // OPEN TRANSPORTATION
  22. 22. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved22 Our  5  labs  visits  of  the  day The  lab  of  RETAIL BUSINESS  CASE CARREFOUR A  look  at  the  ways  which  digital  transformation  can  lead  to  a  new   concept  and  means  of  delivery  of  the  retail  experience  for   customers.  Carrefour  Labs  gathered  starups  that  aim  to  ease   customers  daily  life  such  as  Fitie  (virtual  fitting  room  )  ,  Think  &  Go   NFC  (connected  trolley),  Critizr  (customer  reviews)  or  Optimiam.
  23. 23. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved23 Our  5  labs  visits  of  the  day The  lab  of  CUSTOMER  EXPERIENCE   BUSINESS  CASE WEBHELP Webhelp  Labs  helps  to  understand  how  to  reimagine  the  delivery   of  customer  service  through  artificial  intelligence,  messaging  bots   and  other  digital  innovations  to  ensure  enhanced  customer   experience.  
  24. 24. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved24 Our  5  labs  visits  of  the  day The  lab  of  LUXURY BUSINESS  CASE LVMH LVMH  labs  show  how  startups  and  digital  innovation  can  drive  the   luxury  sector  forward  through  enhancing  and  transforming  key   areas  such  as  product  conception  and  customer  experience.  
  25. 25. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved25 Our  5  labs  visits  of  the  day The  lab  of  OPEN  TRANSPORTATION BUSINESS  CASE SNCF   SNCF  labs  shows  various  ways  in  which  digital  transformation  wil   help  to  reshape  and  reimagine  the  transportation  services  of   tomorrow.  
  26. 26. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved26 Our  5  labs  visits  of  the  day The  lab  of  SPORT  GAMING BUSINESS  CASE PMU How  elements  such  as  big  data  and  IoT  can  transform  the  sports   and  gaming  sector  while  also  helping  to  engage  new  audiences   through  technologyand  digital  innovation  
  27. 27. Our  favorite  startups  of  the  day3
  28. 28. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved28 #BIGDATA  #SNCF Anticipate  and  prevent  risks  of  breakdown QUANTMETRY To  anticipate  and  prevent  risks  of  breakdown,  SNCF  launches  into   predictive  analysis  of  large  data  streams  automatic  processing,  in   partnership  with  the  Quantmetry’s  Data  Scientists.  

  29. 29. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved29 #IOT  #MEDIA  #PMU How  to  connect  print  and  digital  ? BEAR   Bear  solution  is  connecting  paper  as  a  natural  way  to  add  on   visuals  any  digital  content.
 Bear  is  a  leader  in  Augmented  Reality  and  Interactive  Print,  helping   to  bridge  the  gap  between  the  print  and  digital  worlds.  
  30. 30. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved30 #IOT  #PMU LUCIE   LABS Lucie  Labs  is  a  French  start-­‐up  that  offers  events  a  bracelet   connected  to  increase  the  user  experience  organizers  in  stadiums,   concert  halls  and  show. Lucie  Labs  recreated  the  relationship  between  stage  and  audience
  31. 31. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved31 #IOT  #SNCF The  startup  that  transforms  umbrellas  into  relay  weather   WEZOO With  wezzoo  ,  share  your  live  local  weather  observations  with  the   community  ,  add  your  best  photos  and  discover  the  real-­‐time  weather  maps   around  the  world  .   

  32. 32. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved32 #SPORTGAMING  #PMU Reinventing  the  game  experience  in  sport  arenas VOGO Experiment  the  smart  stadium  on  your  mobile  device.  Select  the   camera  you  want  to  view.  Replay  any  sequence  at  any  time.
  33. 33. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved33 #RETAIL  #CARREFOUR Take  control  of  your  digital  content  on  all  channels ALKEMICS Alkemics  ,  French  start-­‐up  created  in  2011,  provides  the  first  network  of  digital   collaboration  of  the  consumer  .  Its  online  service  "Product  Stream  "  is  the   collaborative  brick  that  enables  brands  to  centralize  and  share  their  product   data  (composition  ,  labels,  benefits  ,  photos  ,  etc.)  with  their  distributors  to   inform  and  engage  consumers  on  all  channels.
  34. 34. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved34 #RETAIL  #PMU The  first  screen  connected  multi-­‐  payment  NFC THINK  &   GO The  screen  becomes  a  point  of  multi-­‐  vendor  sales  ,  opening  new  sales   opportunities  and  distribution  channels  .  Think  &  Go  is  a  French  startup  that   allows  to  buy  or  reserve  a  product  directly  on  the  screen  with  a  simple  gesture   with  their  smartphones  or  their  credit  card.  Specially  designed  for  impulse   purchases  !
  35. 35. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved35 #AI  #WEBHELP The  easiest  way  to  manage  your  day GWAPIT Gwapit  is  a  cloud-­‐based  application  that  uses  artificial  intelligence  to  group   and  sort  the  information  coming  from  all  your  apps,  emails  &  phones.   This  B2B  app  notification  center  prioritize  notification  to  help  employees  to   be  more  effective.
  36. 36. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved36 #ROBOT  #AI  #SNCF   SNCF  innovates  with  Robot  Pepper  as  a  traveller  assistant   PEPPER Pepper  Detects  the  presence  of  station  and  people  can  interact  with  Them.  He   accompanies  clients  in  their  search  for  information  about  train  traffic.  t  collects   customer  satisfaction  before  and  after  their  trip  and  during  their  stay  in  station.   Pepper  is  finally  an  host  of  the  space  station,  and  offers  to  play  with  him   

  37. 37. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved37 #VIDEO  #CREATIVITY  #LVMH The  world’s  first  touchable  video  platform,  changing  the  way  the  world  experiences  video CINEMATIC Cinematique  is  a  platform  that  overlays  interactive  areas  on  top  of   video  content,  which  can  either  be  used  for  e-­‐commerce  or   creative  purposes.  Users  can  then  watch  the  video  and  interact   with  these  dots  to  generate  various  types  of  responses.
  38. 38. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved38 #PAYMENT  #WEBHELP Would  you  like  a  new  partner  for  recurring  payments  ?   SLIMPAY Slimpay  makes  payments  smarter,  safer  and  simpler.                                                                                                                                       It  is  able  to  process  and  acquire  transactions,  and  is  licensed  to  operate  in  numerous   European  countries.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   This  is  the  best  user  flow  to  onboard  safe  and  valuable  customers  via  Direct  Debit.                                 It  allows  automated  retry  logic  to  reduce  customer  churn  and  payment  incidents.
  39. 39. HUB  REPORTHUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved39 #NETWORKING  #APP  #VIVATECH Improving  networking  and  connecting  proffesionals  together SWAPCARD Swapcard  created  a  networking  experience  for  attendees,   exhibitors  and  speakers  @VivaTech  through  speed  networking   sessions  with  an  in-­‐app  chat  and  a  enriched  business  card  scanner   with  public  data  from  the  web    
  40. 40. DAY  ONE  –  on  social  media4
  41. 41. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT41 Day  one  on  social  media   30K  publications
 15,4  M  reach  #IOT(419)    #ORANGESTARTUP(903)    #STARTUPS(831)     #STARTUP(2124)    #FDTOUR(797)    #DIGITAL(571)     #AXA(972)    @LAFRENCHTECH(501)    @SNCF_DIGITAL(432)     #FRENCHTECH(639)    @SRICHARD(454)    @LESECHOS(778)     #TECH(389)    @ORANGE(779)    #INNOVATION(1378)     @AXELLELEMAIRE(460)    #PERISCOPE(488)    PMU  (127)   @FHOLLANDE(610)    #PARIS(626)    #WEBHELP(832)     REACH  &  Word  Cloud–  Day  ONE  
  42. 42. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT42 Day  one  on  social  media   Emoji  Cloud  –  Day  ONE  
  43. 43. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT43 Day  one  on  social  media   What  languages  were  the  most  used  ?  
  44. 44. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT44 Day  one  on  social  media   The  best  Retweets   1 2 3
  45. 45. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   HUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved Day  one  on  social  media   45
  46. 46.
  47. 47. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT47 Book  a  Viva  Tech  Tour  with  HUB  Insitute
  48. 48. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT48 Book  a  Viva  Tech  Tour  with  HUB  Institute IDENTIFY     Identify  &  tech  innovations  that  disrupt   your  industry   
 CONNECT   Connect  and  network  with  the  most   innovative  startups  to  identify  strategic   collaborations   UNDERSTAND   Understand  new  business  challenges  of   your  industry   
 MASTER   Benchmark  innovations  with  trend   report   

  49. 49. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   HUBREPORT ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reserved49 To  leave  the  innovation  experience  abroad   Executive  Trip  du  HUB  Institute   Le  NRF  EXECUTIVE  TOUR  by    HUB  INSTITUTE   Exclusive  &  personalized  tours   • Guided  tours  by  our  analysts  and  specialists  in  innovation   • Daily  debrief     • Live  reports  &  HUB  reports     • Networking The  CES  EXECUTIVE  TOUR  by  HUB  INSTITUTE   Exclusive  &  personalized  tours   • Guided  tours  by  our  analysts  and  specialists  in  innovation   • Daily  debrief     • Live  reports  &  HUB  reports     • Networking­‐ces-­‐executive-­‐tour-­‐2017­‐nrf-­‐executive-­‐trip-­‐2017  
  50. 50. HUB  REPORT Bonjour  je  m’appelle  Charlotte   ©  HUB  Institute  All  rights  reservedHUBREPORT50 Discover  our  Trends  Reports READ MORE
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