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It's time to say goodbye

The compilation of minds on one issue is what this presentation is about. I decided to quit writing for LinkedIn and the comments enriched my mind and widened my horizon of thinking. I felt like sharing the inoculation of ideas that lead to reverting my decision

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It's time to say goodbye

  1. 1. To LinkedIn, with Love IT'S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE Ali Anani, PhDAli Anani, PhD /Managing Partner Phenomena Communications
  2. 2. This publication on "Compilation of Minds" includes all comments I received when I disclosed my intention to quit writing for LinkedIn. The comments reversed my decision. I am grateful to every contributor whether approved my decision or flatly disapproved it. I have never ignored responding to a comment, except for this post. I didn't want to influence any author's opinion. I am still living because I am still writing. I quote from the comment of David Navarro this wisdom "And as the sun, you cannot stop shining only for the fact that there are not, apparently, flowers growing." If an author believes his/her posts are flowers then one day the sun will make the flowers grow. I document your comments because they are precious dear contributors. If you would read the comments in one time you shall scan a landscape of wealthy comments. They are intriguing comments and have never elapsed my mind or heart. This publication is my way to say thank you collectively and individually. Enjoy Ali To LinkedIn, with Love
  3. 3. The title of my post is related to the great movie To Sir, with Love that was released in 1967. The teacher, the magnificent actor Sidney Poitier, left the school having accomplished his mission of transforming the troublemaker students into good-behaving ones. I don’t write on LinkedIn to change minds, but to exchange views, to learn and adapt. I leave the “School of LinkedIn” for different reasons than those of Sydney Poitier. I leave because of a negative trend that I experience lately. On a weekly basis LinkedIn provides authors with statistics on the performance of their last few posts. It is the last one that got me to ponder on. I made a graph of the statistics and here it is below: It is not the number of views that got me thinking; it is much more the falling number of views with almost a steady decreasing trend. Comments show almost a similar trend. I need to have self-respect. A decreasing trend is a warning signal that people may find my writing getting less interesting, poorer in ideas and less filling to the mind. There are many other possibilities, but I need to know why. I need time to think, to find out what is going wrong. I shall stop writing for times to come. I leave posting to LinkedIn, but not the memories of the great times in which I exchanged comments with great minds. I assure all my friends that you shall be well-positioned in my mind and heart. I apologize for not being able to contribute much in commenting or other activities from now on. I leave with a passionate heart to all of you. To LinkedIn, with Love
  4. 4. Comments GramaKeshava Ananthram 2nd GramaKeshava Ananthram ""Be Your Own; On your Own " My Dear Borther Ali Ananai ! Your World is Your OWN !" Managing Partner/ Phenomena Communications "Dear GramaKeshava AnanthramIt is great to hear from ou dear friend. Apparently, the bug of writing has overwhelmed me. Thank you dear" I want to thank all of my friends who commented. I responded with explanation why I reversed my decision and how in a new post "Controlling the Uncontrollable" trollable-ali-anani-phd?trk=mp-reader-card Ali Anani, PhDAli Anani, PhD /Managing Partner Phenomena Communications Ali Anani, PhDAli Anani, PhD /Managing Partner Phenomena Communications
  5. 5. Comments Milos Djukic 2nd Milos Djukic "That's great news, Ali." Mike Fenton- PBP Building Companies For Social Change Mike Fenton- PBP Building Companies For Social Change "Ali Anani, PhD I would be very sad to see you go. I enjoy your writing very much." Sarah (Sally) McCabe 2nd Sarah (Sally) McCabe
  6. 6. Comments Yusuf Tokdemir Dear Ali Bey, I believe that your posts are excellent and gives a lot of innovative business management information that should be read, understood and implemented by readers. A lot of years, truly effective experiences in business as a leader, owner and founder of business, great know-how and excellence in soft skills. All of these are valuable for people. What I see that the number of articles in Linkedin are increasing each day. Therefore, the number of readers is decreasing. This may be a reason. I follow and read your innovative and practical inspirations and I enjoy. I think that there should be other reasons. I kindly want to see your lovely posts, metaphors and insights here. Otherwise, Linkedin readers will lose a grand master! Please kindly drink a Turkish coffee and revise your decision. All the best my friend. Kindest regards.
  7. 7. Comments Isabella Wesoly, BA Hons, Dip.IRIS, FRSA Ali, I have always found your posts interesting and thought provoking. Lately I've been busy elsewhere, so not here much. There is a bigger picture (in the northern hemisphere) it is Summer time (of sorts) and people go on vacation. Trending figures never tell the whole story, I hope that you will re-consider the next step you planned and continue offering finer perspectives! Dear David Navarro, I am sure all readers of your comment shall know what a great human and thinker you are. I urge all readers to your comment and I ask them what would you do if this comment was addressed to you? Ali Anani, PhDAli Anani, PhD /Managing Partner Phenomena Communications
  8. 8. Comments David Navarro 2nd David Navarro "Dear Ali Anani, PhD: Accordingly to your will, I am posting here the email I've sent you. Dear Ali. As you know, I have been terribly busy, with a big life change, and I had to concentrate on which I was doing. I have many ideas about new presentations, many of them inspired on your posts, comments and presentations. You have mentioned one of my favorite films ever. If you have it fresh enough in your mind, you will remember that, after terrible difficulties on getting the attention first, and then motivating the students after, they all loved the teacher. Some were more extroverted, some had more needs/took better profit of the teacher’s life lessons, while the effect in others was less evident. Above all, he gave them an opportunity to change their life in a better way, good human values. The sad thing of being a teacher is that, when your work is finished, the forthcoming successes and fails of the students are far beyond the teacher’s sight. Only in very seldom opportunities, teachers have the chance to verify how big was their influence on the students, and how much they improved the student’s lives But it does not mean at all that the students have forgotten what they learned, and the teacher himself. Far from it. One of the final scenes is what I would like you to focus. When the students left the school, new ones came, messing around, and messing with the present Sir got from his older students. So it gave the message that he had to start from brand new, with new students, and that it was more than evident that he had to keep saying the same things. You will remember he was not originally a teacher, and to become a teacher was temporary work, while he was waiting for a position related to his education. Unexpectedly, he found out that he had a gift to teach and motivate lost young students. The final scene is the one the Sir looks at a letter with a new job opportunity, far from teaching world, and he decides to break it into pieces. Dear Ali, you have this gift. You are like the sun, making life to grow, and you will never know how much your teaching will influence your audience. Your seeds are there, and it is sure many people can benefit of them. And as the sun, you cannot stop shining only for the fact that there are not, apparently, flowers growing. Even in winter, when nature seems not to react at the influence of the sun, its influence is making things to happen below the surface. The sun does not care about immediate reactions. Its purpose being a Sun, is to shine, whether there are evident results or not. One thing is for sure. You mind is something marvelous, and it would be a deception for me if you stop it, and for many others too. You might have sometimes the sensation of being a prophet yelling in the middle of a desert. What did you expect, in such a rotten world, my dear? Put it the other way round. What if someone in this world was terribly needing one of your thoughts to get out of hell? It could well happen that after reading your lines, his life changes into heaven, and that he never makes a like or a intelligent comment on it. Maybe because he has not enough level to even thank you in a simple way. So what? Are you going to deny a drop of water to a tormented soul, just because he is not saying thank you? You have told me many times at the sight of my writings, that you were surprised for such a weak response of the audience. But I did not care about the audience. I care about being consequent with my believes and thoughts, to give the best of me. Environment, opportunities, choices and results is what is all about in life. But you have only influence on the choices you do. The rest is far beyond your reach. To stop shining is a bad choice for the Sun, as it will become a dead planet, no life on it, not able to give other planets life, self burned with its own energy. You know we mostly agree in everything, even if we have such big differences in terms of cultural, age, environment, education and professional background. Does it not tell you something? Is it not enough to have helped me to make such a change in my life? (I want to give you more details in further messages, but I am living the best time in my life, and is your influence which has made it possible. Furthermore, it is such a wonderful time I am living, that I never dreamed it was possible for anyone, and this I need to share it with you, but not now.) How many lives did you expect to save/change? I would be more than proud of myself if I could help someone the way you did to me. Furthermore, it would be enough for me for two lives if I ever was able to do what you did with me. You might recall I only once asked you to erase a presentation. I am on my knees now asking you to erase this post, and this wrong thoughts of your soul. I know is hard to preach in a desert. But having the gift you have, it would be unfair to stop it, something that will hinder you from growing, as you had the opportunity to help others and you did not due to stupid statistics Believe me when I say that at this moment I would like to embrace and kiss your soul for the good you did to me, and because I understand how you feel. Please please please, wipe out this negative thoughts, take your time (not more than a week) and come back to the classroom. If you allow me to, I can give you some hints to regain the audience attention, to give freshen air in the way you do them. Maybe it helps, maybe not, but the perspicacity and the sharp mind you have should not be hidden. As always, my sword is yours, D."
  9. 9. Comments Again, I thank all of my friends who wrote comments, shared the post, liked and wrote directly for me. I am overwhelmed by your kindness. I say thank you to all and please consider this as a special thank you to every one of you. Ali Anani, PhDAli Anani, PhD /Managing Partner Phenomena Communications Again, I thank all of my friends who wrote comments, shared the post, liked and wrote directly for me. I am overwhelmed by your kindness. I say thank you to all and please consider this as a special thank you to every one of you. Prakashan B.V Hi Ali Anani, PhD my good friend - Only a brief note my friend. I RESPECT your decision my friend!!! YOU and only you , can make it!!! Secondly , it would have been nice to see as much regular interest in your posts ( comment wise ) as their seems to be in your retiring your LinkedIn pen!!!! God Bless you my friend!!!! Brad Fergusson - PBP Building Companies For Social Change
  10. 10. Ali Anani, PhDAli Anani, PhD /Managing Partner Phenomena Communications Comments "40 C - butterflies are more than enough for tornado, my friend:)" "Amazing you are as your comment just arrived having written a forward for Dr. Edward Lewellen. The small beliefs, actions, emotions that may lead to tornado. Whatever I decide, one thing I know that I shall do. Writing about the human scientist known as Milos Djukic" Ali Anani, PhDAli Anani, PhD /Managing Partner Phenomena Communications Dear Fay Marmalich-Vietmeier I have just received an e-mail message from David Navarro seconds before reading your comment. To say that both of you didn't stir every hair of my head is just lying. I shall reconsider. "Ali~ God never ceases to amaze me that I will begin something and lay it down & then return for a purpose. In this case it may be just to say these few words of encouragement. Weeks ago I read your post: “Why I write for LinkedIn” and started to respond because it got me thinking about why I write ( not just for LinkedIn) I never returned to complete what I began. This morning I was closing open docs & finished what I started. In looking for you to post my comment I saw: “To LinkedIn with LOVE" Regarding “negative trends” …they do reflect statistics & can be a guide but they should NOT be your compass for writing (in my humble opinion ;~) For many years I taught in Children’s Church & if I reached one heart then my purpose for being there was life affecting for that one & of great value to me. My compass & heart desire is to please my Father in heaven…I have absolutely NO control over people: who comes or who hears or who listens or responds. Writing into any open forum is like that. People are so “BUSY” …as though the world has ADHD…attention span is seconds and responsiveness less. (I have a 17 year old…I know ;~) My testimonial to you: Thank you for your thoughts & writing on LinkedIn. Indeed, what is life without purpose? Words artfully written can be powerful. Feedback can be both encouraging & corrective. The LinkedIn platform connects the planet in a purposeful way & allows us to express thoughts, share ideas & communicate with others in the world ;~) I love it~~~ Words wisely& artfully written can be powerful: “A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” I say: “Write-on” Ali…where ever your words land…do it for yourself. You will reach those select people. You reached me ;~) ~Fay" Milos Djukic 2nd Milos Djukic Fay Marmalich-Vietmeier
  11. 11. Comments Kerry de Voogd Ali! Your posts do comfort, educate, console, emphasize, contribute, and make me think! I appreciate your contribution and will miss your artickes. But I wish you well and hope you find what is is you are missing! Good luck LI friend :) I am most respectful of anyone's decision Ali nevertheless, those in your graph are not the real figuers of visits.! believe you me, if you want to know the real figures ask kindly to Unfluencer's @Gary Sharpe the fellow is a magician disquilizing / untanglying LI alogarithmics then decide accordingly.. I am grateful to all commenters who approved, disapproved or approved with conditions my decision to take a long spell of breathing away from LinkedIn. I shall collect all comments and analyze them. For now, I want to assure you that in no way I was displeased with readers; I was displeased with myself. This is a special thank you and I shall later share the analysis of comments with all of you. .Aly B. Moreno H Ali Anani, PhDAli Anani, PhD /Managing Partner Phenomena Communications
  12. 12. Comments Milos Djukic 2nd Milos Djukic Have a fine weekend my friend. Cheers, Milos dear # Ali Anani, PhD so far i have read your last 30 20 articals... in detail. Like 9 months ago it was a Pleasure to Brainstorm or Topic flood the Comment section under your Articals. I personally only Use Linkedin in to get inspired. And Sir you were one of the Few Capable on inspiring Echos of Ideas in me. I never Used linkedin as a Networking Plattform. "You can Link 20000 users to your friendlist in a 10hours click storm. "But like always 20000 people which you dont know wont be inspired by anything you do" if they dont find their personal need at a present time in one of your artikals". So far our days this year have become more and more political disputes in issues of warfare and refugees. The Business issue is no more a Deep topic arround all my social medias. "A Cooperation outflank on how to do Businesses those months is not the top of topics waves to surf on. I at those days more and more discuss the social engeneering issues in a refugeed and warfared today. when we started to discuss online dear ali i was brainstorming on TED about how to Build Prosthesis with "Smartphone" technology skins or how to cure Phantompains of amutee patients in mental care treatment and therapie. Arround 3 Years ago i saw millions of refugees of war and pains rising to a tzunamie of traumatas for the weakest.... my fears of the past 5 years are now the reality of our present days. I know very well that arround many places of the World one is not allowed to adress this in the compfort zones and be honest about what will rise if.... as well i gonne soon have a chemotherapie :-) but thats just my burden of today. I seen the rise and the fall of past 25 years foreign policy. People forget fast. But burdens and nightmares in orphans and survivers will go on a whole life time. As a 6 year old i learned that on the scares of my Grandfather and Grand Grand Father. Imagine i once was a 8 year old thinking about how to passive disarm foreign soldiers and as well our own soldiers in europe... even in 1993 i saw Rushian tanks in my part of berlin. The painfull thing is all those rifles and weapons passed a long way to warfare regions world wide the following years. Even my Teachers were not understanding what i was pointing at when i said "one could disarm evil people by giving them the right weapons which wont work anymore when needed" as a 24 year old i rememberd my childish mindset. But arround that time i was imagining all those wounded millions of people arround our side of the world. And i broke in the burden to know than million of anti person mines will even 50 years later still kill humans long long after the wars were lost or won by who so ever. And i Lost my consciousness over that. Roman Hannusch
  13. 13. Milos Djukic 2nd Milos Djukic Comments Hi Ali Anani, PhD, I just now read a couple of your articles and scanned all your articles. Your articles' engagement rate (Likes/Comments as % of views) is excellent in my opinion. People get 30 likes for 2000 views. You get the same number for about 200 to 300 views - which shows that you have a loyal group of followers who perhaps eagerly wait for your article and read them with keen interest. Now, I do not know why Pulse has not picked up your articles to be featured in one of their categories which would have definitely given you a lot of views. I know that not getting enough views doesn't feel good and can dampen the motivation. But you get excellent comments which sometimes does not happen despite an article getting 1000 views. It's my humble opinion that you should continue writing. Roman Hannusch "He can be called a remarkable man who stands out from those around him by the resourcefulness of his mind, and who knows how to be restrained in the manifestations which proceed from his nature, at the same time conducting himself justly and tolerantly towards the weaknesses of others" -G Gurdjieff. We shall see you again dear Ali, have a rest :) Ali: To be truthful this sounds like the same thing that I have noticed a lot of people going through. Life on LinkedIn is way more about the peaks and troughs together than it is about the steady climb. You certainly are entitled to make assumptions about your own work. But I just hope they are guided by your own sense of personal satisfaction as opposed to what the general LinkedIn public thinks. Because it's been my experience that they don't really think very much at all. LinkedIn Member"Recently (less than a month ago) in the situation you know I had time and the opportunity to ponder and to realize that "numbers" do not make it but the "real quality" does and if still not fully "up hill" I am well again on the way to it, thanks to some people. To "count" them, the fingers of one hand are to much..." Once again my comment regarding one of the best LI articles by Ali Anani entitled:"How Opportunities Emerged from Difficulties?", published on Jul 2015 ,.30. "Dear Ali Anani, there are a few writers here on LI who have never "disappointed" me. These are very important observations of a shining scientific mind. Your way of thinking and the act of creation reminded me of one of my all time favorites: Werner Heisenberg. What you write is just like a continuation of his key book: "Physics and Beyond: Encounters and Conversations". I just hope that your multidisciplinary approach to scientific thought and philosophy will be recognized as an extremely advanced, innovative and valid. I think it's important since the real contribution of this article is not possible to comprehend without some great attention and very careful observing of complexity of your way of thinking. This is a characteristic of all great scientists. I think it is time for you to start writing a book. A great persons deserve no less my friend." I hope all my wishes will come true. sou abbas Jim Murray
  14. 14. Jacqui Genow Comments I wonder if many people are overloaded with not enough time in the day, not enough hours to do what they need to accomplish and too many words on a screen brings that to their attention. I think images,videos or short posts that are contained and concise may be more palatable, more easy to fit into a day. When people seek out information they will tend to except a longer text but it appears when something comes across the screen as in LinkedIn it has to jump through more hoops,tick more boxes before it is given valuable time. ( Maybe ? ) All the best Christine O'Halloran The only way to have self-respect is to earn it—by continuing to do the next right thing. Self-respect is perhaps the most important thing we either have or don’t have, because it forms the keystone of how we treat ourselves and how we allow others to treat us. I believe that every decision we make in life—without exception—stems from our level of self-respect, and nothing is more important than that. I am sure dear Ali that you know better than many of us that you alone are in control of yourself and of your life choices. And to paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt’s wonderful comment, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.", no one can make you feel badly about yourself without your permission. So, have you permitted, dear Ali, to "naked" statistics of LinkedIn to make you leave us? When we fully understand that we teach other people how to treat us—either by how we treat them or how they see us treating ourselves—we can learn to change our own behaviors and obtain different, healthier results. Ali, I hope you will continue. The summer is a horrible time to publish on LI as many people are away. I too have had posts go nowhere in the past few weeks so I urge you to post again in the early fall. Cory, I have been wondering the same thing myself. While there are those whose posts continue to do well - and go viral through Pulse - I have been hearing more and more grumblings of late. I myself published something recently that didn't do as well as I would have thought. However, the ratio of comments and people personally reaching out to thank me for the post were high. Magdalena-Maria GROSU Cory Galbraith would not make any decisions based on summer statistics, they may be too influenced by people being anywhere but on their computer - at least I hope people will do other things. But I feel your frustration, dear Dr. Ali. But I will miss your posts (and the crowd that usually comments on them.) I hope that, before you drop totally out of sight, you will try to see what happens if you post only once a week.Charlotte Wittenkamp
  15. 15. Comments Certainly all of us respect your decision, Ali. Then again, you don't know how much your posts have influenced or who reads them. Don't count on the view counter to be a true representation of the stats. Andrew Books This is the first post of yours that I have read. You mentioned the movie "To Sir, With Love." You overlooked something very important: Thackeray, Poitier's character, did not leave. He wanted to -- he was fed up with the school and the students. Then he ran into next year's students -- what a rowdy bunch! -- and realized just how much he was needed. So he stayed. LinkedIn isn't a movie with a happy ending. But I sincerely hope you will reconsider. We need your voice. "Ali, sorry for the typing error. The link is My best to you." "Waco is keeping you bananas PHIL FRIEDMAN is not it.?" Marsha Nathanson PHIL FRIEDMAN PHIL FRIEDMAN Ali, you mistake the falling number of views for an indication of a lack of interest in your postings, when the probability is that it is due to LinkedIn's increasing manipulation of author exposure in the service of bolstering the apparent popularity of its Influencer's, at the expense of all others who publish on LI. For example, evidence has been adduced which indicates that LI is now failing to consistently distribute your posts to your followers, people who have actually asked to receive them. The end game appears to be further monetization of Pulse, by means of, among other things, an app that will "app-olutely" control what a subscriber sees to read. Do not give up sharing your thoughts with others worldwide. Consider joining, where your work will be appreciated and distributed free of charge and other restrictions. .Aly B. Moreno H Milos Djukic 2nd Milos Djukic "Very true PHIL FRIEDMAN."
  16. 16. Comments "Dr. Ali, your blogs and comments have always been enjoyable. There is no reason why you should not continue along the same lines. Numbers are irrelevant here since there are more than a million bloggers at LI. Whenever I read your writing, the bridge metaphor comes to mind. You should continue to be one. May be, you can space them out if needed." Martin Jay 2nd Martin Jay "Hope your time out to ponder will eventually bring you back...all the best Dr. Ali!" "Part I Dear Ali, I respect your decision. I understand it too, as I often find myself in a similar situation, especially on twitter. There I have the feeling that most of my “best statements” -- if I may so myself! -- are completely ignored. What does receive some attention is videos that I share with friends. They are very kind and retweet them. But in general my “influence” adds up to zilch. In fact, now that I think of it, a similar thing happens with my research articles, which is much worse of course. Most of them are simply ignored. So I must say I asked myself the very same questions you ask yourself here dear Ali: does it make sense? Shouldn’t I quit as a form of self-respect? This is a key question that was addressed also by Albert Camus in his very famous essay “The Myth of Sisyphus”: in the face of an absurd “world”, should we stay or should we go? Should we keep on pushing our boulders up the mountain only to see that they don’t seem to have any visible “big effect?”" Hamsa Al Aqqad Vincenzo De Florio 2nd Vincenzo De Florio Vincenzo De Florio 2nd Vincenzo De Florio "Part III Nevertheless, there is a very good aspect in all this. In fact, people that think a little more, and a little different... probably find each other more easily in this “world”. One should not forget that despite the grim scenario I portrayed, here and elsewhere I have been able to meet wonderful people, some of which I am calling my dear friends. Thus the “struggle” is not just changing me. It also helps changing things -- maybe just a little -- by moving from the individual to the social dimension; by creating “communities”. Within such communities you have like-minded people; there is a much stronger exchange of ideas and experiences. In the long run, you may initiate collaborations, even write things together. One of your wonderful posts this very month suggested precisely this -- co-authoring posts. As I mentioned to you already, I think this is a wonderful idea. “Transcending” from the individual to the social dimension in this context is an unexpected return, sort of like discovering an Island of Utopia amidst the Seas of the Absurd. Such an idea came from you, dear friend, and I think it’s a very rewarding one for me. This great exchange is invaluable to me. And I use the present tense, dear Ali, in the hope there will be still chances for me to discuss with and learn from you here.""
  17. 17. Comments Dear Ali, it looks like my comment was not properly published -- possibly because it was too big? -- and you can't access it. I wonder if the same happened to other comments I wrote. Anyway I'll now split my comment into smaller parts and post it again. I hope you'll be able to see it "You were and you will remain different Ali, an artist ..." "Absolutely brilliant comment Laurent. Thank you very much. Our friend Ali is a passionate man. A genius usually does not know how to forgive himself, albeit nobly forgive others. Such is our friend Ali (prominent C- butterfly)." Vincenzo De Florio 2nd Vincenzo De Florio Laurent Boscherini "Thank you Milos for sharing your insightful friendly care, as always ! I think most of writers can understand Ali's feeling and also maybe in other way, the context... He is a talented writer as a model of integrity for many of us. Following your path, his heavy and multi-topics commintment is equal to his Soul's consistency. Let me share you one of my reflection about what I have learned from both of you, not to encourage it, but more to pinpoint and express intrinsically a certain way of living, so positively infectious : " Since birth you learned, You know how to survive, Because you are still alive. A new world can reborn, On your devastated ground, It is up to you to spin the wheel. " " Vic Ricasio "if the author's purpose is to exchange ideas, then leaving LI if he doesn't want to get the kinds of responses he expects sounds like he has preset (one way) ideas about 'exchange'. I post at LI without regard for whether I will get positive feedback, just feedback that makes me assess the validity of my views. Actually LI's real value is benefiting/interacting with such a disparate audience first, with validation coming only second. It is the medium, not the message, as Marshall MacLuhan said that counts" Milos Djukic 2nd Milos Djukic Milos Djukic 2nd Milos Djukic
  18. 18. Comments "Sorry to read this Ali Anani, PhD. Have you reach out to LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner regarding this?" "I don't think Jeff really cares much...." Mark Hawker Edward Lewellen "I echo the sentiments of the other comments, my dear friend, Ali Anani, PhD. I know you already know that. If I were your Executive Coach, I would remind you of who you are at your core and you know this from my book. I know you as an intelligent, caring, empathetic, and giving LEADER. With that said, write because of your love for sharing and giving, not for the number of views and comments. My posts don't receive near the activity yours do, yet, I post because, once in a while, I receive a personal message of how something I posted helped just one person. I believe if all I do is help one person become better in life, then I have accomplished more than many in the world. Imagine that. If we ALL had the goal of helping just one person become better how that would change the world. You think you have reached a milestone and, I assure you, you have just started to become who you will be to so many people." Jean Pierre II Bessette Jean Pierre II Bessette "Hello Ali, Following your posts for few months, I feel sad that you stop. Being a marketing guy, i don't thing you did anything wrong! But, people / clients are thinking they know you after a while, so they think they know what you will be talking about just by the title of your post. So they don't stop to read it. Keep teaching us, don't read the number and think of those one you touch. Thank you, Jean Pierre" "Mr Ali Anani, I don’t deserve to suggest you anything but I can request you, please think one more time about this decision. Your posts are always thought provocative and insightful and show your power of observation. Number matters in one’s life but always." Andrew Books
  19. 19. Comments "It's difficult to see you go... LinkedIn will be stripped bare..... In your absence this Link dude Is going to be subdued.... CHANGE YOUR MIND... " Shanthi ... Vishwanath Krishnamoorthy "You care about feedback and comments to provide catalyst to your mind to generate more thoughts. Keep doing it. Sooner or later better people will gravitate towards your writings and perhaps create better mutually enriching experience. It will be shame not to witness your thought provoking writing any more. If you do change your mind, it will be lovely. If today' situation is reflected in your stats above, it may change once you attract more genuine readers and friends to make writing interesting. It could happen just tomorrow as well. Why leave?" .Gerald Hecht, Ph.D Venkateshmurthy (Venkatesh) Ayachit Following your posts for few months, I feel sad that you stop. "Follow your bliss Ali Anani, PhD, don't listen to anyone else there is nothin wrong with leaving; in fact an inability to so could be an indication of the very addiction that the executive officers of this publicly traded "entity" require --to keep their shareholders happy --I hope to see you on the dark side of the moon my brother;"Thank you, Jean Pierre" "If you leave due to others, you then give others the power to rule your mind space. Do NOT quit and never say die." Mohammad Rasmi "I'm sorry to hear this Dr. and i wish that you will change your mind, However and unfortunately a lot of Linkedin users perceive this website as a place to only find a new job and/or to hunting HR persons and job posts in addition the way that Linkedin works encourage people to the same. If you allow me to give you a small advice,, please try to publish a fewer number of posts per week,, lets say 2 to 3 posts only per week. All the respect Dr."
  20. 20. Comments "It would be a shame to lose you for the sake of ratings. Who is your greatest competitor? You yourself. There was a time when I got excited about ratings, But then it occurred to me that ratings don't tell the whole story." Jeff Porterfield Laurent Boscherini "Thank you Dear Ali for sharing your revelant article as usual...Keep going ! “A failure is not always a mistake. It may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying.” B. F. Skinner" .Debesh Choudhury, Ph.D Neville Gaunt "I appreciate your effort in giving a graphical report of the posts (by which software have you done this?). Even you have almost decided to stop writing, you still give knowledge to the readers. The social media has become a machine. The number of views (less or more) has no meaning. Only the comments have some human effect. Until today, I haven't heard about software written comments. So, please consider to write short posts at least once in a month. It is my earnest request to you Ali Anani, PhD." "Ali Ali Anani, PhD isn't exchanging views raising ones own and others awareness and hence improving ones mind? " "Why quit writing.... Ali Anani, PhD" Dave Moore Angelina Kukkamalla "LinkedIn has a lot of problems. In some ways, the outcomes that are encouraged are counter to common sense. Things like the pop-ups that encourage users to endorse random skills from random contacts...well, it is like a game of simulated "Whack-a-Mole". It distracts you from your initial purpose and floods the skills listings with almost meaningless endorsements. The publishing side of LinkedIn is equally as dumb. The trend has gone from writing good articles on relevant topics, to simply publishing articles as ads for live links. In more and more articles, the useful content can be expressed in 15 words or less. I have seen countless articles that were not even articles...simply links on a page that was made to look like a headline. LinkedIn encourages you to treat the network like a game. "See how you rank in your network for the most views. " You went UP by %2 this week. All is geared to publishing often to keep your page views high. In reality though, it is more about making LinkedIn a major source of freely generated content on the web. (A very nice perk for advertisers). Long way of saying that LinkedIn is becoming less and less useful as a business tool or as a networking tool for professional and academics. It will soon be time for LinkedIn to try to recover much of that lost functionality. ( I hope!)"

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The compilation of minds on one issue is what this presentation is about. I decided to quit writing for LinkedIn and the comments enriched my mind and widened my horizon of thinking. I felt like sharing the inoculation of ideas that lead to reverting my decision


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