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What drives employee engagement across the globe? What can you do to meaningfully improve employee experience in your organization? Join Qualtrics Employee Experience Consultant Yesenia Cancel for a deep-dive into the 2020 Global Employee Experience Trends, a comprehensive study of 13K+ workers across 13 geographies. Through a mix of data insights and case studies, Yesenia will highlight insights to drive your people strategy in 2020 and beyond.

Learning objectives:

Deep dive into 3 key trends that can impact your people strategy in 2020
Hear how other HR leaders are gathering and acting on employee feedback
Learn proven strategies for empowering managers to act on employee feedback

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  1. 1. Deep Dive: 2020 Employee Experience Trends
  3. 3. Every experience matters. Every voice has value.
  4. 4. A global study of employee experience 84% Full-time employees 13,500+ Responses 12 Geographies 16% Part-time employees
  5. 5. 3 top trends Your action plans 1 2 3 Feedback matters Change is constant Managers and L&D matter 1 2 3 How to take action on feedback How to listen during times of change How to invest in L&D
  6. 6. The 2020 state of engagement
  8. 8. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 8 Current engagement by region 55% of employees in the US are engaged in their work
  9. 9. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 9 Key drivers of engagement 1 2 3 4 5 Confidence in senior leadership to make the right decisions for the company (53%) Opportunities for learning and development (60%) A clear link between your work and your company’s strategic objectives (57%) Recognition for good work (55%) Managers who help employees with career development (50%)
  10. 10. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 10 An employee’s tenure with a company does not significantly impact their engagement
  11. 11. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 11 But, their tenure impacts what they most care about Opportunities for learning and development for employees with <2 years tenure Confidence in senior leadership to make the right decisions for the company for employees with 4+ years tenure #1 #1
  12. 12. 3 key trends for 2020
  13. 13. Ask, listen, and take action
  14. 14. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 14 Asking for feedback boosts engagement 59% 42% Engagement score of employees who said their company provides a feedback program. Engagement score of employees who said their company does not provides a feedback program.
  15. 15. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 15 Which industries currently have a feedback program? IT/Tech Telecom Finance Media and Advertising Travel and leisure Healthcare Manufacturing Retail Utilities Public sector Other 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%
  16. 16. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 16 Don’t just ask, listen
  17. 17. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 17 Acting on feedback has a major impact on engagement
  18. 18. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 18 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%5% 15% 25% 35% 45% Which industries respond “very or extremely well” to feedback? IT/Tech Telecom Finance Travel and leisure Manufacturing Utilities Other Retail Media and Advertising Public sector Healthcare
  19. 19. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 19 18+ offices 1,700 employees Remote culture
  20. 20. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 20 From insights to action: Ask Jonah Anything #AJA
  21. 21. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 21 From insights to action: Better Docs
  22. 22. Actively listen Have a formal feedback program Communicate with employees how you made changes Your action plan: Turn feedback into action + Solicit feedback and listen in a non-judgmental way + Search for deep drivers of engagement: If you have a hunch, test it + Your employees need to feel like their voices are heard. + Communicating change is just as important as making the changes + Start with annual surveys, then regular pulses + Encourage participation in the surveys with executive sponsorship
  23. 23. Listen more in times of change
  24. 24. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 24 Change is a constant
  25. 25. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 25 The good thing: Most companies request feedback during times of change *for employees who say they are experiencing large-scale change
  26. 26. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 26 Want more engagement during times of change? Ask for feedback
  27. 27. 12K+ Employees 1M+ Outpatient visits Parkland by the numbers • 12M+ Pathology Procedures • 10.5M Prescriptions • 200K Discharges • 500K Radiology • 12K Deliveries
  28. 28. A time of drastic change • Under review by CIA & SIA • Executive staff turned over 3x • 400+ Behavioral health rooms closed in the area • 80% YoY increase in workplace violence
  29. 29. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 29 The solution: Listen and act even more Listen Act Communicate
  30. 30. ﹢ The innovation: Cruzin’ for a Snooze ﹢ The result: Improved patient satisfaction ﹢ The cultural impact: Empowered the nurses who developed the program to share with other units Empowering the frontline to innovate
  31. 31. ﹢ Increase in survey response rates: 59% to 88% ﹢ Employee satisfaction increased 5% total ﹢ Reduced turnover from 19% to 14% ﹢ 9M in revenue saved due to turnover reduction Remarkable results in 3 years
  32. 32. Empower your people Recognize that change is constant & disorienting Your action plan: Embrace times of change + Listening makes people feel valued and more stable + Empower the frontlines to be the change they want to see + Your employees feel like change is constantly happening Share innovations + Use feedback as an opportunity to spur more innovation + Close the feedback loop: Show people the results based on changes you’ve made
  33. 33. Invest in your managers and L&D
  34. 34. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 34 The state of staying
  35. 35. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 35 Key drivers of intent to stay My company provides me with opportunities for L&D (60%) I have confidence in the senior leadership team to make the right decisions for this company. (53%) My manager helps me in my career development. (50%) I can see a clear link between my work and this company’s strategic objectives. (57%) My manager is effective in helping me resolve work-related issues. (59%)
  36. 36. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 36 Millennials and Baby boomers stay for same three reasons 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5
  37. 37. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 37 Your individual contributors are the least engaged 20% Managers Regardless of years managing people 70% 57% 54% 60% 47% 60% Managers Less than 3 years of experience managing people Managers More than 3 years of experience managing people Individual Contributors Leaders + C Suite
  38. 38. FORD CONFIDENTIAL 38 Industries with highest attrition
  39. 39. 32,000 1,000+ EMPLOYEES WORLDWIDE CENTERS AND CLIENTS CULTURE IS THEIR FOUNDATION + One of Fortune’s “100 Best” 18 times + Best Workplaces for Diversity: #52
  40. 40. 32,000 1,000+ EMPLOYEES WORLDWIDE CENTERS AND CLIENTS CULTURE IS THEIR FOUNDATION + One of Fortune’s “100 Best” 18 times + Best Workplaces for Diversity: #52
  41. 41. Problem ● Only 20% employees participated in the 401(k) ● Only 33% confident creating a household budget ● Only 23% confidence in their ability to create household budget
  42. 42. Results + Participants scored 70 on Financial Well-Being scale vs. 66 for non-participants. + Increased confidence in ability to create a budget from 33% to 50% + Increased confidence to create a financial plan from 23% to 44% + Increased participation in 401(k)
  43. 43. Problem Difficulty attracting and retaining teachers Few teachers using tuition reimbursement program Solution Horizons free ed program Results + 1,000+ employees participated in first year + 82% of teachers in the Horizons program see a career path at Bright Horizons vs. 60% + Core driver of talent acquisition
  44. 44. Share learning and development opportunities with employees Invest in manager development Your action plan: managers and L&D + Understand what development areas your people need help with + Build a learning and development curriculum that addresses these areas + Work on guided action plans to ensure managers know how to act on employee feedback + Set up both formal and informal opportunities for managers to receive training. This is especially important for new managers. Think outside the box for L&D opportunities + Are there ways your organization can help your employees holistically beyond the walls of your office?
  45. 45. Q&A