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In today’s dynamic business world, it is imperative to be able to react proactively to changes in the macro and micro environments with a strategy for all of your business’s investments, including their most important and largest asset, their employees. In their workforce planning efforts, C-suite leaders have to plan for critical roles and competencies that address the demand for candidates and ensure it aligns with the company’s business strategy.

Join us for the webinar, Strategic Workforce Planning: Where HR and Finance Meet, to learn how Oracle’s Strategic Workforce Planning Cloud Service (SWPCS) can help today’s HR leaders align future human capital needs with future strategic decisions of the C-suite. SWPCS provides the ability to visualize scenarios with an infinite amount of options to help determine the best approach to both tactical and strategic decisions. Learn how your organization can benefit from resource efficiency, global strategy alignment and cross-departmental collaboration through SWPCS.

What Attendees Will Learn:

The steps and best practices on how to execute Strategic Workforce Planning in your organization.
How human resources can collaborate with finance departments to align future human capital needs with future strategic decisions of the business.
How to use the tool to identify current skill gaps and forecast future workforce needs.
Examples of what-if scenarios with data and input from the HR and Finance management systems that can help prepare for the unexpected and establish action plans.
This event is co-hosted by Baker Tilly and Oracle. By clicking the ‘Register’ button, Baker Tilly and Oracle will have access to your personal information, and all may communicate with you regarding this event and their other products and services. Each party will be responsible for managing their own use of your personal information. We recommend you review the privacy policies of Baker Tilly and Oracle to address any questions you have regarding their handling of your personal information.

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  1. 1. #WFwebinar The presentation will begin at the top of the hour. A dial in number will not be provided. Listen to today’s webinar using your computer’s speakers or headphones. Welcome to the webinar!
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  5. 5. Strategic workforce planning: where HR and finance meet
  6. 6. Today’s Presenters Brad Fisher Senior Manager Strategic Cloud Services, Baker Tilly 321 277 8192 Juana Bordenave Director Global HR Product Strategy, Oracle 323 203 6047
  7. 7. STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING Agenda ― What is Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) ― Why is SWP Important to Your Organization ― What Makes SWP Strategic ― Where Does it Fit into the Oracle Cloud Suite ― Steps to Achieving SWP ― SWP Tools ― Conclusion and Questions
  8. 8. Where is your organization in development of a strategy for Strategic Workforce Planning? a.  Not started; don’t know where to start b.  Thinking about it c.  Developing a strategy d.  Been there, done that Polling question #1 STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING
  9. 9. STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING SWP – What is it? Definition – The practice of mapping an organization’s people strategy with its business strategy so they work in sync MEASURE & ALIGN TALENT RESULTS BUSINESS RESULTS BUSINESS STRATEGY HUMAN CAPITAL STRATEGY
  10. 10. STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING SWP – What is it? ― The right skill, at the right time, at the right place and at the right cost ― Collaboration between HR, Operations & Finance ― Identify Workforce Risks & Gaps ― Model gap-closing strategies Align Strategy & Execution
  11. 11. STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING SWP – Collaboration catalyst between finance and HR Finance Department Human Resources Department Strategic Workforce Planning
  17. 17. STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING Industry examples HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS ― Understanding where demand will be in order to move the limited supply to the right locations at the right time in order to maximize efficiency and help patients quickly. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ― High demand of low supply skills to execute contracts in different places across the globe. RETAIL ― High demand needs in different locations at different times and need to understand where the demand will occur will increase efficiency of the staffing for their peak seasons.
  18. 18. STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING Valuable executive quotes “It is all about having the right people at the right time. The companies that can mirror the customer needs with the right amount of human capital have a competitive advantage that most companies cannot duplicate.” “Driving to the lowest CPU is imperative for survival. Strategic workforce management provides us the ability to mirror labor with demand. This minimizes our costs, improves productivity and allows the right product to be available to the customer sooner….again more sales, more profitability.”
  19. 19. My organization consistently collaborates across key stakeholders in HR and Finance. a.  Strongly agree b.  Moderately agree c.  Neither agree or disagree d.  Moderately disagree e.  Strongly disagree Polling question #2 STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING
  20. 20. STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING What makes it strategic ― What are your current demographics of workforce? ― What is current turnover rate? ― What is current vacancy rate? Workforce Planning Questions ― What are your goals for the demographics of your workforce 1,3 & 5 years out? ― What is your goal for turnover rate in 2020 and beyond? ― What is your 2021 target vacancy rate? Strategic Workforce Planning Questions
  21. 21. STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING Getting the right people with the right skills, is hard 68% CEOs worried about availability of key skills 70% Employees willing to retrain on new skills 40% Companies ready to retrain their employees
  22. 22. STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING Getting the right people, with the right skills, at the right cost, is even harder ― Requires collaboration between Finance, HR, and key operational stakeholders ― Must identify skills and talent gaps ― Need to model changes quickly, but also use familiar tools (i.e. Excel) to implement change
  23. 23. STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING Collaboration is imperative to align people with your strategy Finance ― Headcount assessment ― Salary and benefits calculations ― Tax forecasting ― Budget analysis Executives ― Set organizational goals ― Talent management ― Globalization/mobility Line Managers ― Right people ― Right skills ― Right projects ― Right time HR ― Right people ― Right positions ― Right skills
  24. 24. STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING Outpace change Plan Predict future headcount and skills required Assess Identify key skills needed from the department to individual level Model Model organizational changes quickly Achieve Combine finance and HR data to create workforce plans
  25. 25. My organization is proactive at solving for skill gap problems within our workforce? a.  Strongly agree b.  Moderately agree c.  Neither agree or disagree d.  Moderately disagree e.  Strongly disagree Polling question #3 STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING
  26. 26. STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING Crawl, walk, run approach ― Crawl: HCM Workforce Planning within Core HR and EPM Workforce Planning are being utilized ― Current HCM and EPM solutions need to be leveraged properly before implementing SWP ― Walk: Build a strategy for implementing SWP from a roadmap perspective ― Timeline is unique to every customer ― Run: Ready to use SWP
  27. 27. STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING SWP – Where does it fit in the Oracle Cloud suite? Oracle HCM Cloud Strategic Workforce Planning Oracle EPM Cloud
  28. 28. STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING Steps to achieving SWP 1.  Review current business strategy and goals 2.  Determine internal talent/skill pool 3.  Assess current supply & demand of talent / skills 4.  Identify future supply & demand needs 5.  Determine gap assessment 6.  Model workforce to fill gap & predict impact 7.  Determine cost/budget requirements 8.  Develop plan 9.  Communicate & approve 10.  Implement plan and measure to initial forecasted results
  29. 29. Confidential – Oracle Internal 29
  30. 30. Confidential – Oracle Internal 30
  31. 31. Confidential – Oracle Internal 31
  32. 32. STRATEGIC WORKFORCE PLANNING Strategic role – Skill gap by category
  33. 33. BAKER TILLY At a glance ― Established in 1931 ― 3,900+ Global Workforce ― Ranked one of the 10th largest accounting and advisory firms in the U.S.
  34. 34. BAKER TILLY About Baker Tilly We help clients strengthen their software investment and improve their business practices by modernizing and optimizing their strategies, processes and technology. Starting with an approach designed to drive adoption and sustainability, we help our clients successfully achieve their business initiatives. AT A GLANCE −  End-to-End Enterprise Oracle Cloud Implementation Partner −  Agile, small team model −  Delivery expertise – HCM, ERP, EPM, SCM, CX −  Global mindset, capability and reach −  Structured change management approach −  Focus on user adoption and acceptance −  Strategy and business case execution −  Program and process design −  Proactive risk identification and mitigation −  Value Beyond the Software Cloud implementations across the practice; one of Oracle’s top strategic implementers. dedicated Oracle professionals 350+ 150+ clients agreed that Baker Tilly is proactive in meeting their needs9.5out of10
  35. 35. z
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