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20101218 ofono


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Published in: Technology
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20101218 ofono

  1. 1. oFono - A Telephony Midware @leafjohn
  2. 2. Outline Preface Brief Introduction The D-BUS API A Simple Python Demo oFono Core - The Atoms Plugin And Driver Conclusion
  3. 3. The D-BUS API of oFono oFono Arch: Based on glib Simple API over D-Bus Modem Neutrual Easy to Adapt new Modem
  4. 4. ModemManager ModemA ModemB ...VoiceCallManager VoiceCall ...SMSManagerDataLink
  5. 5. Demo on oFono This demo is based on ofno test scripts, just with a Tkinter cloth
  6. 6. oFono Atoms Utils in Core Stack is multiple ofono atoms, in charge of different interfaces. Take the ModemManager’s Example. Call Interface -¿ List Mode New plugged -¿ Modem Plugin Probe -¿ Inferface Notice
  7. 7. Modem Adaption Plugin - Modem uniform Interface for oFono core. Drivers - Operating the Modem.
  8. 8. Plugin Ofono has a plugin struct that will do this operation. To implement a plugin, is to fill this struct, and make init/probe function
  9. 9. Drivers Ofono provide many default drivers, that control the modems via GATChannel
  10. 10. Reuse Existing Drivers Look at Huawei’s plugin It reuse the fuctions define in driver ’atmodem’
  11. 11. Thank You! .oFono Introduction by Leaf Johnson (, @leafjohn)