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Satellite Maps Land/Structure Area Calculator Tools Useful/Accurate?

Now there are many free online area calculation tools available for free area calculation which uses satellite maps to locate and mark land/structure boundaries and using lat long coordinates of boundary points to calculate area. Are they accurate or how much are they accurate?
( Some readers queried about the tool used for this study. Satellite Map Land Area Calculator used in this study can be found at )

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Satellite Maps Land/Structure Area Calculator Tools Useful/Accurate?

  1. 1. Here we will verify the accuracy of the Geographical/land/plot/region Area calcultor tool, usage ofwhich is explained in this post. We will startwith a small area and then go to the more spacious structures for area measurement Let us start with Washington monument in Washington,ithas a 17*17 sq meter base,so the area is 289 square meter,when measured with our tool, the area obtained is 291 square meters,we can say that its a reasonable result considering the time spentfor measurement(less than a minute).Continue reading,you can see that the pyramid of Giza area is correctly calculated by this tool. At the end of reading,please spare some time and commenton your views about this tool Washington Monument Washington monumentmarked in the satellite maps geographical tool for area measurement The calculated area for marked region is 291 square meter,(actual 289 m),fair resultconsidering the inaccuracycan
  2. 2. occurr in marking Eiffel tower paris marked for measurement Eiffel tower paris has a basementarea of 125x125 meters
  3. 3. eiffel tower measured basementarea 15151 m2 while actual is 15625 m2 pyramid of giza cheops
  4. 4. pyramid of khufu Egypt marked for measurementmillozarea calculator tool pyramid of khufu Egypt area measure as 13 acre using millozgeographical area tool
  5. 5. St Peter's basilica St Peter's basilica marked in google maps for area measurement
  6. 6. St Peter's basilica marked in google maps for area measured using area calculator Taj mahal india monument
  7. 7. Tajmahal marked for area measurement Taj mahal measured area LargestTemple,Angor wat cambodia image
  8. 8. Angor wat outer wall area of 203 acres Angor wat outer wall area of 203 acres calculated
  9. 9. LargestFloor Area Builing,Aalsmeer Flower Auction building marked for area find Aalsmeer Flower Auction building area calculated
  10. 10. Translated Hint