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All about me by mike


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All about me by mike

  1. 1. :
  2. 2. My hobbies are-Playing on my ipod and xbox. playing football, drawing and most of all boxing. I started boxing two years ago. The gym I train at is called forsyth amature boxing club. This year I was given my boxing license. This means that I can fight other people from different groups. My coach steven wanted me to attend the novices this year but I wasn’t able to as I missed six weeks training due to my grandpas health.My family-mum-carol dad – billy sister-MaryMe- I was born In 1998 12 Augugst# My favourite colour is green
  3. 3. I want to be a touring carracer because I love racinggames and go-karting. Theadrenalin rush is amazing andI love cars. My favouritetouring car racer is TomChilton.
  4. 4. My strengths are:-P.E- My favourite thing to do is football. Art-My favourite thing to draw is cars. My least favourite thing to draw is landscapes.
  5. 5. I think I need to improve on my Maths and English skills.In maths I would like to get good test results at least 90% or more.In English I would like to improve on my personal reading skills.
  6. 6. In ten years I would like to be the Scottishchampion.I would also like to be a successful lawyer
  7. 7. My role model is muhamad ali.Muhamad ali is a famous boxer.