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modern architecture


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Modern architecture in the 21st century. Descriptions and examples. Credits to Group 5 ACA second sem friends :)

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modern architecture

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Modern Architecture is also known as Modernist Architecture • Early 19th century to 20th century (Age of Iron and Steam) • The rise of Modern Architecture was greatly attributed to the Industrial Revolution where changes in technology had a prof ound effect on the socio economic and cultural conditions.
  3. 3. 1HIGHLIGHTS• Industrial Age can be divided into: the iron and steam phase and the steel and electricity ph ase. • The “iron and steam phase” is also the age of iron-frame architecture or also known as early modern architecture.
  4. 4. 1HIGHLIGHTS• Modern Architecture is divided into: Early Modern Architecture and Late Modern Architecture • In the early twentieth century, the modern aesthetic (simple , unadorned geometric forms) finally matured, becoming the mainstream aesthetic of archit ecture and design across the world.
  5. 5. HIGHLIGHTSHIGHLIGHTS Age of Iron-frame Architecture ca. 1750-1900 Age of Steel-frame Architecture ca. 1900-present • Iron-frame masonry buildings • Iron and glass buildings • Iron bridges • Steel framing and reinforced concrete serve as the primary structural materials.
  6. 6. 1HIGHLIGHTS• Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886–1969) adopted the motto "Less is more" to describe his aesthetic tactic of arranging the neces sary components of a building. • Minimalism • Form follows function • Simplicity
  8. 8. ARCHITECT: JOSEP BUILT: 1851 • Cast iron and plate-glass structure. • It costs £2 million • Foreshadowed Modern Arch itecture trends • Destroyed by fire on 1936CRYSTAL PALACE LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
  9. 9. EIFFEL TOWER ARCHITECT:STEPHE PARIS, FRANCE BUILT:1889 • Wrought iron lattice tower • It costs $480 million • Named after its engineer: Gustave Eiffel • Most-visited paid monument of the world
  11. 11. ARCHITECT: FRAN K WRIGHTBUILT: 1905 • Made with solely with rein -forced concrete • Considered by many archi -tects to be the first mode rn building. UNITY TEMPLE ILLINOIS, USA
  12. 12. ARCHITECT: WILLIAM BUILT: 1930 • Financed by Walter Chrysler • Tallest in the world from 1930-1931 • 77 stories • Appeared in several movies NEW YORK, USA CHRYSLER BUILDING
  13. 13. ARCHITECT: SHREV HARMON CO. BUILT: 1931 • Tallest building for nearly 40 years • Was attacked on July 28, 1945 and 1946 but both failed • Has been named one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern WorldNEW YORK, USA EMPIRE STATE BUILDING
  15. 15. ARCHITECT: LEAND BUILT: 1969 • Headquarters of the Cultur- al Center of the Philippines • Qualified as a cultural land mark stipulated by RA. No. 10066 • Has a gallery that showcas es Filipino painter TANGHALANG PAMBANSA MANILA, PHILIPPINES
  16. 16. ARCHITECT: LEAND BUILT: 1976 • Brutalist design • Served as the office of VP until 2005 • Previously housed PCSO • From inception to present, hosts FAMAS • Hosted APEC 2015 PHIL. INT. CONVENTION CENTER MANILA, PHILIPPINES
  17. 17. TH E Sources: Modern Architecture by - Dr. Sangeeta Bagga, Assistant Professor, Chandigarh College of Architecture ttps:// Google images