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  1. 5. Have you seen the ghost of John Long white bones with the flesh all gone Ooooh Wouldn't it be chilly with no skin on? Have You Seen the Ghost of John? David Saphra offers this one also. This is a round, with entrances on every other measure: q q q q q q q (rest) A G A C' A G A Have you seen the ghost of John? q q q e e q q e - e - e - e C' B C' E' D' C' B A -B -C' - D' Long white bones with the rest all go-o-o-one h q q q q q E' A G A E' D' E Oooo ooo ooo ooo ooo e e e e e e q q q q E' E' D' D' C' C' B A G A Would n't it be chil ly with no skin on?
  2. 6. FOOD The mash of gourd Ingredients : -1/2 of Gourd - 1 onion - 3 teeth of garlics - Olive oil - salt - 1/2 l of water Preparation : 1º Put a gourd to obtain the food of the same one oil 2 º Put in a frying pan to slow fire 3 º Add an onion in julianas, three teeth of garlics, salt and later the gourd, removing all the ingredients until they become tender. 4 º Once tender everything, to beat in the container until a cream remains and later add the water until he(she) should boil.