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Aplusclick Best Puzzles 2020


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Best Aplusclick Puzzles 2020: Logical and Funny Puzzles : recreational math and logic: Think outside the box.

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Aplusclick Best Puzzles 2020

  1. 1. Best AplusClick Puzzles 2020
  2. 2. The Ninth Symphony of Beethoven is twice as long as the First Symphony. ## If 12 musicians play the First Symphony in 30 minutes, how much time does it take for 6 musicians to play the Ninth Symphony of Beethoven? © Aplusclick 2020 answer: The Ninth Symphony of Beethoven
  3. 3. Seven secret agents are on payroll of a government. Secret agent 001 spies on a secret agent who spies on secret agent 002, who spies on a secret agent who spies on secret agent 003, who spies on . . . spies on secret agent 007 who spies on a secret agent who spies on secret agent 001. Who spies on secret agent 007? © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Secret Agent 007
  4. 4. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Wizard School
  5. 5. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Screws The screwdriver is as long as _____ screws. What 3-letter word fills the blank?
  6. 6. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Shadows How many women are there in the picture?
  7. 7. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: All of Them
  8. 8. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Shadows Al said “Bill, I will bet you $1 that if you give me $2, I will give you $3 in return. If neither of us wins money I will give Cal $4”. Bill agreed. Who won?
  9. 9. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Modest workers “20% of people do 80% of the work. 80% of the people think that they are these 20%” - Gerry Geek How much higher is the productivity of these 20% compared to the productivity of the others?
  10. 10. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Shadows A man said about his age: “You obtain my age if you subtract five times my age five years ago from five times my age in five years.” How old is he?
  11. 11. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Screwdriver The screwdriver is as long as _ _ _ screws. What three-letter word fills the blank?
  12. 12. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Big One What is the largest one? X M L XL
  13. 13. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Ambulance The medical emergency ambulance transports a patient, his wife and paramedics (emergency medical technicians) to a hospital. What is the least possible number of people in the ambulance?
  14. 14. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Globe trotter If you continue going south-east where will you end up? Imagine that you can walk on the water.
  15. 15. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Security Lasers A security system relies on laser beams to detect intruders. When an object crosses a beam, an alarm rings. What is the minimum number of the laser beams that must be installed to protect the access to a precious object and any of the laser sources? The problem is planar (two-dimensional).
  16. 16. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Grandfather A man was Henry’s VI grandfather. How many letters are there in his name?
  17. 17. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Correct Answer How many letters are there in the correct answer to the question? Three Four Five Six
  18. 18. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Two or Three
  19. 19. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Online Shopper Decision
  20. 20. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Robots
  21. 21. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Easy and Hard Problems
  22. 22. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Would-br bride destiny
  23. 23. © Aplusclick 2020 answer: Vacination
  24. 24. Find more logic and math puzzles at