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What buying situations do organizational buyers face


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What buying situations do organizational buyers face

  1. 1. What buying situations do organisational buyers face ?
  2. 2. Business buyers face many decisions in making a purchase whose no. Depends on the complexity of problem, newness of buying requirement, no. Of people involved and time required
  3. 3. The three types of buying situations are Straight rebuy New task Modified rebuy
  4. 4. 1 Straight rebuy The purchasing department reorders supplies on a routine basis and choose from suppliers on an approved list
  5. 5. 2 Modified rebuy Buyers want to change product specification, prices, delivery requirement or other terms
  6. 6. 3 New task Purchaser buys a product or service for the first time
  7. 7. New task passes through several stages Awareness Interest Evaluation Trial Adoption
  8. 8. Mass media is important during awareness stage Technical sources are most important during evaluation stage Online selling efforts are useful in all stages Sales person have greatest impact during interest stage
  9. 9. Sellers try to convert new task into a rebuy
  10. 10. Straight rebuy New task Modified rebuy Decision making Less involvement More involvement
  11. 11. Business buyers face many decision in making a purchase.There are 3 buying situations each required for different needs and amount of involvement Summary