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Abdul Chohan "The future is not what it used to be"

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Abdul Chohan "The future is not what it used to be"

  1. 1. One person with belief, is better than a force of 99 who have only interest Anon
  2. 2. Foundation
  3. 3. ...the past about us falling numbers cultural tensions high levels of deprivation budget deficit old buildings poor results Failing School low staff morale lack of parental engagement
  4. 4. 46% 80% Levels of Deprivation Local government data Levels of deprivation Free School Meals FSM MEET THE COMMUNITY DI
  5. 5. Build Community Develop the people Manage Process Secure accountability Leading Change
  6. 6. Manage Process Leading Change
  7. 7. Secure the Vision Build Community Develop the people Manage Process Secure accountability Leading Change
  8. 8. All The Moral Imperative We do this because it is the right thing to do. Everyone deserves the right to learn in an equal environment. IBelief To instill faith so that a belief can be created that all can succeed. B Access Giving true access to all students and staff regardless of backgrounds A Community That supports high- impact opportunities C Personalised Tailored to your charitable and 
 financial interests P Mediation Cognition is not fixed. It can be changed. Feurestein Instrumental Enrichment. M Will Succeed
  9. 9. Access Ensuring everyone has equal access and increasing the cognitive surplus. A a
  10. 10. Technology is used to perform the same task as was done before the use of computers. Technology allows you to set a different kind of task. Technology some extra functions Technology allows for new tasks that were previously inconceivable.  Type out the work using a word processor rather than handwriting Collaboratively create a story line using multimedia. Use some of the built in tools such as thesaurus, word count, spell check. Share the document to a real audience using twitter. Redefinition Modification Augmentation Substitution
  11. 11. Simple & Reliable
  12. 12. Personalisation One size does not fit all. ! A personalised curriculum pathway that gives choice to students. P
  13. 13. JAN FEB MAR APR MAY 828 16,399 6,014 5,851 6,049 M A C I . Downloads iTunes U
  14. 14. The Moral Imperative Learning is a moral imperative... I [
  15. 15. Mind the Gap!
  16. 16. Creativity The ability to transcend traditional ideas and to create meaningful new ones… C
  17. 17. How many responses… ! How many types of responses… ! ! The unusualness of the responses… ! Detail of responses… ! ! Fluency Flexibility Originality Elaboration
  18. 18. Take two minutes to use circles as a starting point for drawings…
  19. 19. Impact...
  20. 20. 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 98%97%100% 93% 66% 44% MPA I B Results Seeing improvements...
  21. 21. Photocopying
  22. 22. What the inspectors said…
  23. 23. ! Teachers use hand-held technology well to support their teaching and students’ learning…. - Ofsted !
  24. 24. ! ! Students who speak English as an additional language achieve well. Not only do they benefit from the experience and expertise of staff across the academy, but ready access to tablet computers enables those at an early stage of learning English to translate words they do not understand or to submit work in their native language. - Ofsted !
  25. 25. ! ! Teachers use well students’ access to hand-held technology to promote investigative skills and to ensure that students reflect on their learning. -Ofsted ! ! !
  26. 26. ! ! The academy’s work to keep students safe and secure is good. Students feel safe in the academy. They understand about different kinds of bullying, including cyber-bullying, and know how to deal with it. - Ofsted ! !
  27. 27. ‘All will Succeed’…
  28. 28. BEGIN Old Buildings Change Will do... Impact/ Efficiencies iPod Rollout Lets start... Changing the changeable Success iPad Rollout The Moral Imperative I Belief in what we do... B Access for all
 A Cognition is not fixed...
 M Personalised P Community... C PRESENTATION summary
  29. 29. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?