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Spotlight on Filipino Abroad Who Make Us Proud


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There are over 11 million Filipino expats or OFWs scattered in all parts of the globe that have for the most part assimilated beautifully into their adopted countries. They have successfully improved not only their quality of life but also that of their family back home. They have created a sensation in their chosen professions abroad and made the world sit up and notice. They make the Philippines proud.

It is these Filipino expats and their triumphs abroad that are featured in Illuustrado Magazine on a regular basis. Contributors to the magazine focus on uplifting the image of Filipinos abroad and presenting world-class expatriates who are making a difference in their adopted countries. “Taas Noo, Pilipino” is the overall theme as the OFW success stories bid to raise the morale and image of the Filipino in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the world. All to provide discerning readers a renewed sense of pride in their race.

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