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Imatia: corporate presentation


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An introduction to the services offered by Imatia, a company that focuses on technology innovation and software development as a way to increase the productivity of businesses and public administrations, as well as improve the quality of life of its employees.

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Imatia: corporate presentation

  1. 1. Let’s do more
  2. 2. Who we are
  3. 3. Experts in rapid software development For Enterprises and Public Administrations
  4. 4. 85 employees +10 years of experience
  5. 5. Offices Direct customers Indirect customers International experience
  6. 6. References
  7. 7. Offices Vigo Edificio Citexvi Fonte das Abelleiras, s/n – Local 27 36310 Vigo, Spain Tel: +34 986 342 774 Santiago Centro de Emprendemento Creativo Cidade da Cultura 15707 Santiago de Compostela, Spain Tel: +34 699 463 200 São Paulo Condominio Berrini 550 Av. Luis Carlos Berrini, 550, Conj 41 – Cx 287 04571-000 São Paulo (SP), Brazil Tel: +55 11 95300 0660 A Coruña Parque Empresarial de Agrela Galileo Galilei, 64 15008 A Coruña , España Tel: +34 881 242 970
  8. 8. How we stand out
  9. 9. Our way of developing: Applications of high quality and in little time
  10. 10. Highly trained software engineers Understand the business needs of our customers Available when and where they need them
  11. 11. Experts in different sectors
  12. 12. For SME´s: solutions ready to use For large companies: custom development
  13. 13. Success stories
  14. 14. Fashion Retail – Spain Product Lifecycle Management Garment launch process Need  Stores Challenges Many chains (brands) Huge data volumes Automate coordination: suppliers, designers… International users
  15. 15. Fashion Retail – Spain Other projects e-Commerce transport e-Commerce backend e-Commerce multichannel attendance Export logistics Unified labeling Energy efficiency Operations and maintenance International accountancy
  16. 16. Government – Spain & Brazil e-Government Online Citizens Portal / e-Site Case management Process Oriented Document management Integration (internal/external) Process repository Challenges Configurable solution Easy to implement and use Resistance to change
  17. 17. Government – Spain & Brazil Documental Approval & SigningCity Issues & Field Services
  18. 18. Industrial Manufacturing – Spain Refrigerated food cabinets Complex and variable bill of materials Manufacturing Sales Logistics Factories (Spain, Mexico, China) Offices (France, Chile, Colombia…) Challenges +250 models +200 (6 levels) components/model Complex proposal configurator Support for Chinese
  19. 19. Fish Farming – Spain Fish & seafood Stock, movements, feeding, traceability, pathologies… Decision support Planning and optimization Challenges Multiple remote sites Integration with other systems Live animals
  20. 20. Telecommunications – Spain Telco operator IT Department (back-office) Operations & maintenance Challenges Rapid development Evolutive maintenance Systems integration Projects (21) Virtual warehouse logistics Issue tracking Field services Vendor/store support
  21. 21. Insurance – Holland Claims management Process Oriented (BPM) Automated scanning Integrated with Filenet Transition from Legacy Challenges Increase throughput x5 With the same personnel Schedule (2 months) Language (Dutch)
  22. 22. Defense – USA Distributed Database Search Configuration tools Index clusters visualization Results visualization Index management Communications Challenges +10.000 databases Speed & security DoD accreditation (NIPR/SIPR) Indexed without accessing data
  23. 23. Oil & Gas – Holland Health, Safety & Environment HSE lifecycle Legal Compliance Process oriented Project portfolio Document management Indicators (KPI) Challenges SaaS 24x7 Multi-tenant
  24. 24. Health – USA e-Health Remote monitoring Glucometer interface Data synchronization Integrated with patient portal Challenges Cross browser Low level port access Security Sensible data Many glucometer models
  25. 25. Railroad – Spain & UK Asset Management Geographic inventory Data capture 800 element types Custom forms Complex relations Validation rules Challenges Ergonomic & fast GUI Existing metamodel Field services Schedule (4 months)
  26. 26. Road Transport – Spain & Portugal Digital Tachograph Card Application form scanning Automatic photo analysis Case management Systems integration Smartcards Data analysis Mobility (police) Challenges 52 provincial offices Reliability & security Schedule: 5 months
  27. 27. Electrical Energy – Spain Smart Grids Geographic inventory Inspection Quality measures Cost calculations Challenges Data capture Field services GIS+GPS in tablet Online/offline sync
  28. 28. Automated Warehouse Management
  29. 29. R&D
  30. 30. Technologies and Applications
  31. 31. Smart TV based home care services Design and development of a multi-channel platform, especially focused on the use of Smart TV technologies. Interface oriented towards the elderly, with the intention of facilitating their use. Preliminary informal services, such as diary, weather applications or intended for tele-assistance to activities, among others. Our first European R&D project Software development
  32. 32. Connected Car ▪ Framework Analysis and Development ▪ IDE and tools ▪ Development productivity ▪ Testing, Deployment, etc. Results ▪ Framework Core Components: ▪ Application programming interface (API) for connecting with the car and the cloud ▪ Developers support (Challenge) 32 Software development
  33. 33. Framework for mobile multimedia applications Declarative approach (so application definitions are reusable) TVs, Tablets, Mobiles, Desktop HTML5/JS/CSS3 based multiplatform and multidevice applications Citizen Development Applications are created by non- programmers directly in the cloud through user-friendly tools Users can create, test, build and share their applications online using the platform Software development
  34. 34. Offshore wind farms ▪ Artificial Intelligence (Genetic Algorithms) ▪ Emplacement, Operations & Maintenance ▪ Project Management Challenges ▪ Multi-criteria optimization: costs, productivity, environmental impact ▪ Distributed simulation ▪ 3D GIS ▪ Automatic scheduling of O&M tasks and resources throughout the wind farm life Artificial Intelligence
  35. 35. Laser cut & welding Automates the LASER configurations for cut & welding of metal and foam Fuzzy Logic Expert System to define and configure experiments Optimization of the parameters to use when configuring the LASER: optimal performance, quality Challenges Different physical systems and LASER environments (metal vs foam) Few experimental data Innovative Fuzzy application apart from traditional control systems Fine tuning of parameters and rules of the expert system 35 AUTOLAS Artificial Intelligence
  36. 36. Autonomous robotized system for road signaling and beaconing Human risks reduction Road maintenance costs reduction Selective road cuts using a swarm of robotized traffic cones Challenges Simultaneous cone location and environment (road) mapping using low cost sensors (Odometry, GPS, Cameras, etc.) Automated lane detection using low cost cameras Automatic cone deployment and retrieval First prize on euRobotics Forum Entrepreneurship 2014 Robotics & Artificial Vision
  37. 37. Autonomous stowing technologies Fully autonomous vehicle for stowage of Ro-Ro ships. Calculation of optimal stowage plans using artificial intelligence algorithms. Autonomous vehicle path-planning, obstacle detection and navigation. Real-time monitoring of hold and vehicle state, including video streaming provided by on-board cameras. Dead man’s switch for protecting in- hold crew. Robotics & Artificial Vision
  38. 38. Train pantograph inspection system Autonomous 24/7 high resolution image collection of each single collector strip passing under the system installation point Computer vision techniques are used for obtaining strip and horns integrity, remaining carbon/copper thickness, roll and yaw. Real-time alarm generation on detecting faulty pantographs Challenges Day and night conditions, even on rainy environments High speed trains High precision needed Robotics & Artificial Vision
  39. 39. Thanks for your attention