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10 steps to building confidence

Outline of the steps you can take to build your confidence and increase your self-esteem.

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10 steps to building confidence

  1. 1. 10 STEPS TO BUILDING CONFIDENCE Created by I M Confident Niagara Canada
  2. 2. STEP ONE SELF-AWARENESS  Do an HONEST evaluation of your life, both past and present  Determine the source of your problems  Consider what changes need to be made
  3. 3.  Make a list of your positive qualities  Start focusing on them  Read them daily until it becomes habit STEP TWO POSITIVE QUALITIES
  4. 4. STEP THREE POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS  Write down a few positive statements or affirmations  Start each day with an affirmation  Repeat several times during the day
  5. 5.  Read inspirational books  Listed to motivational tapes, CD’s, DVD’s  Do this daily  Listen carefully to what the materials are telling you STEP FOUR POSITIVE MATERIALS
  6. 6.  Surround yourself with positive, supportive people  Go to places where you are accepted and uplifted  Eliminate time spent with negative people STEP FIVE POSITIVE PEOPLE
  7. 7.  Stop comparing yourself to others  Focus on own unique strengths and abilities  Give yourself praise for the terrific person that you are STEP SIX SELF-ACCEPTANCE
  8. 8.  Be consciously aware of any negative thoughts  Stop your thoughts from becoming negative words and actions  Write down negative thoughts in journal and re-word to positive negativ e positive STEP SEVEN POSITIVE SELF-TALK
  9. 9. STEP EIGHT SET REALISTIC GOALS  Determine what your goals are  Write goals down  Work hard to achieve them  Learn from your mistakes and keep going  Never give up
  10. 10. STEP NINE VOLUNTEER  Volunteering improves our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health  Benefits both receive and giver  Can also benefit anyone else who notices
  11. 11. STEP TEN TAKE ACTION  Once you have learned the steps, it is time to take action  Listening and learning alone won’t change your life  Need to start on your own personal journey to happiness and success
  12. 12. REVIE W STEP 1 – self-awareness STEP 2 – positive qualities FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT STEP 3 – positive affirmations STEP 4 – positive materials STEP 5 – positive people STEP 6 – self-acceptance STEP 7 – positive self-talk STEP 8 – set realistic goals STEP 9 – volunteer STEP 10 – take action