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Responsive Web Design Retrospective


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On the first anniversary of the Be Responsive meetup let’s take a look back at the year of responsive web design and how it's fast become just best practice. The accomplishments, the hurdles, the battles still being fought and sharing some of the lessons the team at Isobar have learned along the way.

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Responsive Web Design Retrospective

  1. 1. Be Responsive Meet Up 13May2014 ResponsiveWebDesignRetrospective
  2. 2. Front End Lead @ Isobar Australia DaveSharpe
  3. 3. It’s been a massive year
  4. 4. Responsive Web Design
  5. 5. Responsive Web Design
  6. 6. The way we collaborate Delivering quality Tackling performance Thinking differently Run through
  7. 7. Thewaywecollaborate
  8. 8. Discipline Crossover
  9. 9. Brief together Sitting together* Involved earlier and for longer Communication Tools Co-location Broaden your knowledge Clients share the journey
  10. 10. Deliveryquality
  11. 11. Lots of tools
  12. 12. Gotchas
  13. 13. No easy answer Test early and frequently – milestone showcases Test on real devices, even if only a few Hopefully online tools will mature
  14. 14. Performance
  15. 15. Performance As Design “It’s time for us to treat performance as an essential design feature, not just as a technical best practice.” Performance As Design Brad Frost
  16. 16. What tools are you using? Frameworks, libraries, plugins etc? What do you really need? Consider your legacy Sidenote
  17. 17. ThinkDifferently
  18. 18. Responsive Web Design Ethan Marcotte
  19. 19. Talk more, in person Take interest in other disciplines Test early and often on real devices Focus on performance Continue to think differently
  20. 20. Front End Lead @ Isobar Australia DaveSharpe Thanks,