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Invisible aligners for your orthodontics pratice


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I –Aligners are made with FDA approved transparent thermoplastic materials using 3D scanning, 3D Printing and finally Trays with Pressure vacuum formers.

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Invisible aligners for your orthodontics pratice

  1. 1. Invisible aligners from Indian Dental academy Cost 1000$ - 1500$ E-mail I-Aligners
  2. 2. I-Aligners ( INVISIBLE ALIGNERS) I –Aligners are made with FDA approved transparent thermoplastic materials using 3D scanning, 3D Printing and finally Trays with Pressure vacuum formers. WHY IT IS PREFFERED 1.Esthetics- invisible almost 2.Ease of use –removable 3.Professional limitations / demands 4.Age factors 5.Convenient to patient compare to other appliance- removable / fixed. INDICATIONS 1.Spacing of less than 5 mm. 2.Crowding of less than 5 mm. 3.Rotations of less than 20 degrees. 4.Deep bite. 5.Slight posterior constricted arch. 6.Orthodontic relapse cases 7.Above 14 yrs of age. CONTRA INDICATIONS 1.Crowding and spacing over 5 mm 2.Skeletal anterior-posterior discrepancies of more than 2 mm 3.Centric-relation and centric-occlusion discrepancies 4.Severely rotated teeth (more than 20 degrees) 5.Open bites (anterior and posterior) that need to be closed 6.Extrusion of teeth 7.Severely tipped teeth (more than 45 degrees) 8.Teeth with short clinical crowns 9.Arches with multiple missing teeth.
  3. 3. SIMPLE CASES(NON EXTRACTION) 1.Where you can give the aligners directly without any attachments/alterations 2.IPR may or may not be . 3.IPR instructions given by Manufacturer.follow and do it whenever is indicated. COMPLICATED CASES(EXTRACTION CASES) 1.Combination of aligners with fixed attachments. 2.Should have knowledge in fixed appliances technique. 3.Can treat but it needs lot of trays / lot of refinements. 4.May be sometime you have to send more than 1 impressions to the lab. CASE SUBMISSION-Initially For online assessment : 1. Extra Oral Photos A.Straight View. B.Right View. C. Le View 2. Intra Oral Photos A.Straight View B.Right View. C. Le View D.Upper Occlusal View E.Lower Occlusal View. 3. X-Rays Opg / Lateral Ceph / IOPA 4.Case sheet. CASE SUBMISSION –PHYSICAL 1.Use silicon rubber base impressions with bite registration with silicon rubber base materials.-use double pour technique. 2.First take impression with heavybody putty material this impression acts as a tray and next scrape in the teeth area in heavybody impression tray and use light body material in the scraped area and again take impression then you will get exact detailed impression of tooth structures. 3.Use rubber base and take good bite registration and disinfect it and send with the rubber base impression.
  4. 4. CASE SUBMISSION –PHYSICAL 1.No tray exposures. 2.Use inexpenive trays for impressions. 3.Trays wont be sent back. 4.We require upper and lower impressions for all the cases. 5.Good impressions gives best fit of aligners. 6.Impressions should record till the last molar. 7.Block undercuts. CHECK LIST 1. Extra Oral Photos A.Straight View B.Right View. C.Le View 2.Intra Oral Photos A.Straight View B.Right View. C.Le View D.Upper Occlusal View E.Lower Occlusal View. 3.X-Rays A.OPG B. Lateral Ceph C. IOPA 4.Casts or rubber base impressions 5.Bite registration. 6.Case records /Case sheet. IPR What is inter proximal reduction(IPR)? A.Interproximal reduction is the removal of some of the outer tooth surface layers, between the adjacent teeth called enamel,. We can reduce the width of certain teeth by up to 0.5 mm in the back teeth and up to 0.25mm in the front teeth without causing any sensitivity or damage to the tooth.. The space created by this can be used to correct or straighten the teeth.
  5. 5. How IPR is done? The enamel is removed by using either: 1. A fine dental bur 2.A disc in a dental handpiece 3.By hand with a Diamond abrasive strip. What are the risks of Interproximal reduction (IPR)? 1.No risks but Plaque can collect more on teeth undergone for IPR, if the tooth surface is not smoothed and polished properly at the time of this Procedure. 2.Sometimes may get sensitivity, its better to use alcohol free fluoridated tooth paste /Mouthwash a er IPR for some time this will help to repair Enamel. PVS RUBBER BASE IMPRESSIONS A. PVS rubber base - Choice of materials 1.Heavy body. 2.Light body B.Metal trays are better. C.Use tray adhesive D.Separating plastic sheet . 1.Select proper tray 2.Apply tray adhesive on impression trays. 3.Mix heavy body PVS in consistency and place in the tray and place plastic sheet on material and take first impression. 4.Next place light body on the tray and take second impression again. 5.Disinfect it and pack PVS IMPRESSION CHECK LIST Marginal Ridges A.Follow margins around entire arch both buccal and lingual B.All margins appear crisp and clean (no voids or light imprint) C.Material is not thin in posterior lingual / buccal region
  6. 6. Occlusal Surface A.All cusps and incisal edges show clearly B.No tray appears to show through on cusps or incisal edges of teeth. C.Molar Region Full capture of all molars present till the most distal tooth. Overall Material Adhesion A. No presence of folds B. No presence of “pull away” of heavy body from tray C. Wash is tightly adhering to heavy body Overall Material Appearance No significant amount of body showing through Tooth – by – Tooth Inspection 1. No tray or thin wall of material present 2. No void areas present Review Timing, Moisture Control, Proper Tray Selection and Technique BITE REGISTRATION WITH PUTTY SHOULD BE SENT COST 1000 $ for Non extraction cases + courier charges from India to your place-60-100$. 1500 $ for extraction cases including taxes + courier charges from India to your place-60-100$. Extra aligners set /Retainers(Upper and Lower) – 100$ +shipment charges. Full payment to be made upon confirmation of treatment plan. Delivery-Shipped within 10 days a er confirmation of treatment plan /a er payment. The number of aligners per case will be decided on the so ware by our orthodontist . A copy of details of number of aligners required and video/animation showing the changes will be sent by email or post. IPR(Interproximal reduction) chart will be sent with aligners or by email. Courier charges applicable for shipment of lost/refinement aligners.