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Be in Your Element book - Constitutional Analysis - Your true Natur

We can live authentically, we can create special environments that improve health and happiness but we can't do it generically. Different people react to different environments and this book explains why....

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Be in Your Element book - Constitutional Analysis - Your true Natur

  1. 1. ether air fire water earth Christopher Walker. M.B.a Dr. raMa prasaD. B.a.M.s. Your mind-body constitution reveals the real potential within you. 1 Thrive in your career & empower your soul. Innerwealth Homebridge Youth Program 2008 you discvoer the real potential within
  2. 2. Be In Your Element 2
  3. 3. let’s live aswe’reintentedto, let’s do aswe’reintentedto, let’s enjoy aswe’reintentedto. 3 discvoer the real potential within you
  4. 4. Be In Your Element Copyright © Christopher Walker & Rama Prasad, 2005 - 2008 The right of Christopher Walker to be identifi ed as the author of this book has been asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 First Published 2005 Re Pblished 2008 All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning or otherwise, except under the terms of the Copyright, Designs and Pat- ents Act 1988 or under the terms of a licence issued by the Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd, 90 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4LP, UK, without the permission in writing of the Publisher. Requests to the Publisher should be addressed to ISBN Typeset in 11/16 pt Palatino, Myriad Printed and bound by Walker Publication Pty Ltd For details contact Christopher Walker: also Rama Prasad 4
  5. 5. dedication We dedicate this work to all our parants, siblings, partners, friends, teachers, students and well- wishers, who directly and indirectly helped us learn and grow. We dedicate it gratefully to the world. 5 discvoer the real potential within you
  6. 6. Be In Your Element 6
  7. 7. Note This book is not intended to replace your doctor, therapist, lawyer, counsellor, coach, healer, guide, consultant or any other person who delivers specialized services to you in per- son. This book does not aim to replace your faith or ask you to subscribe to any other belief system other than the one you currently hold. This book aims to provide insights into your unique charac- ter and an awareness of what nature intended when giving you the specific and unique body constitution you were born with. 7 discvoer the real potential within you
  8. 8. Be In Your Element Contents Background 6 Being unique 8 Your elemental lifestyle 9 Being real – Getting beyond the Ego 9 Who are you? Your True Nature 10 It’s only Natural 11 Managing your Life 12 Finding Your Element 14 Your Body Type on a Universal Stage 14 Elements in Brief 14 Your Constitutional Charts 14 The Five Elements of your Constitution 17 Determine your Natural Constitution 19 Your Constitution explained Ether Constitution 23 Summary 24 Air Constitution 29 Summary 30 Fire Constitution 34 Summary 35 Water Constitution 40 Summary 41 Earth Constitution 46 Summary 48 Summary of all Constitutions 52 Your Element At Work 58 Productivity through Constitutional Analysis 58 8
  9. 9. Real stories 59 Honouring diversity 60 Sustainability is the key 62 Ether at Work 64 Summary 68 Air At Work 73 Summary 76 Fire At Work 81 Summary 83 Water at Work 88 Summary 90 Earth at Work 95 Summary 97 Summary - elements at work 102 Relationships Element to element at Work 110 Element to Element at Home 121 Your current imbalances and balancing techniques 131 Constitutional Analysis Questionnaires 134 Health 134 Vacation and hobbies 135 Diet 137 Relationship 138 Social life 139 Business and work 142 Office environment 144 Lifestyle Master Analysis 147 The evolution of Human History 151 9 discvoer the real potential within you
  10. 10. Be In Your Element 10
  11. 11. 11 discvoer the real potential within you
  12. 12. Be In Your Element Background Our lives are a series of choices. Making those choices as wisely as possible is important. Understanding ourselves is a great key to this wisdom. There are five elements, which together make up all life. They are: the solid particle – Earth the moisture – Water the transforming force – Fire the movement and rhythms – Air and the thought that created everything – Ether These five components are present to varying degrees in ev- erything that exists in the universe, including you. They are also present in environments, business and behaviour. They describe life and its amazing diversity in the simplest way. This is not a new science. 6,000 years ago Ayurvedic scientists found that people who lived in tune with their own subtle elements -that is their constitution, found health and happiness easily. And those who defied – or lived away from their own nature, struggled and suffered various disease. Over the years science has become complex and somewhat illogical. People have spoken of a combination of 3 elements rather than 5, and rarely have two doctors agreed on this diagnosis. Constitutional Analysis is a throwback to the simplicity and purity of the 6,000 years old discoveries. Your constitution 12 has become simple to find, easy to understand and priceless as a guide to the choices you make. What is extraordinary, is the application of this amazing study to relationships and business. Choosing staff, creating
  13. 13. productive environments, aligning healthy job descriptions with natural talents has the potential to increase the effec- tiveness of the business world, while reducing stress. In relationships people laugh more and instead of thinking about changing a partner or the way they function, they seem to be able to celebrate their differences and find humour in some of those old antagonisms. Constitutional Analysis is based on your mind-body type. Your body can tell us more about your mind, than your mind can tell about your body. The beauty of it is that, you can read these simple signs spon- taneously. So, not only do you understand yourself better, but you understand others equally well. Instead of dividing the world into demographics (locations), or psychographics (thoughts), constitutions will be a far more honest and accurate grouping of behavioural traits. Earth people act that way universally while Air people are the same the world over. Their buying patterns are identical and their product hopes the same with highly predicable needs and values. With this, the opportunity to serve clients and their re- quirements becomes more honest, accurate and spontaneous. Your constitutional analysis will reveal information right from the food you eat, the cause of your moods, identify the colours that calm you and the music that can inspire you. It makes being you, so much easier. It’s a simple way to be conscious and unique. Constitutional analysis is a great gift for youth as well. For decades, a normal child has been forced to live the way soci- ety, family, race or country wants them to live. Nobody wants 13 to know what is in them. The child goes through moulding or reshaping of various kinds. By time he or she is an adult there is a big, thick, concrete wall between their True Nature and body. This wall comprising of patterns, beliefs, person- alities, habits and so on, does not have anything to do with discvoer the real potential within you
  14. 14. Be In Your Element them. His or her Pre Nature is dying inside so a life built on or based on these ‘non-constitutional’ patterns will never give fulfilment. Your Body is a monitor, representing what is going on in your mind. A healthy body indicates a pleasant mind and fulfilled life while a weak body speaks of an unhappy mind and unsatisfied life. Your Natural Constitution reflects are those proportions of the elements that comprise your unique make up. This Natu- ral Constitution is your permanent template and affects ev- erything you do in your life. Set in place at birth, it cannot be changed. 14
  15. 15. Being unique Beyond Ego and personality When we think of that feeling that makes us affirm the word “I”, we realize that it is difficult to ascertain the exact defini- tion of “I”. It is something beyond human comprehension. Hence, a person begins to know his or her body first and identifies with it. An individual says, “my body is in pain, and therefore I am in pain”. The inner self and the body are not separable. The individual says, “I ate a great meal, there- fore I am happy”. The body and its pleasures and pains are the individual’s only concerns. As we develop a bigger viewpoint, this concept of “I” wid- ens. When we start seeing ourselves not just as “bodies”, but also “thoughts, feelings and imagination”, we will be able to understand the human being more as a whole. Therefore we are not only comprised of bodies, but also minds. Thus, we begin to view life in a bigger context. We also start recogniz- ing the causes of our sufferings. When we recognize that our thoughts impact our happiness, we grow. “I am not only a physical body, I am also a great expansiveness of mind” this realization in its fullness makes one aware of a larger pos- sibility. Then, this brings about the inclusion of the body, the mind and some sense of the human spirit in the equation, “who am I?” It is this combination that we use to identify ourselves and it’s called the ego. When a person explores further, he or she begins to experi- ence the “I”-ness, which exists in a greater context than sim- ply “the self”. When this idea emerges, we must acknowl- 15 edge the rights of the individual and his or her role in the greater world. As time passes we realize that we cannot totally identify with our physical body (FEELINGS) since it is not permanent and discvoer the real potential within you
  16. 16. Be In Your Element only a vehicle. Then, we know that our thoughts are just an accumulation of experiences and perceptions (EGO), condi- tioned ideas that constantly change. We cannot credit our thoughts with any REAL merit since they are simply too con- ditioned and mostly subconscious. With this awakening we can begin to understand a powerful, new, perspective on life. Then we might ask, “if this body, and these thoughts and these beliefs are not the true “I”, if I am no longer identified by my possessions, my beliefs and my actions, who am I? What is individuality? What is the ef- fect of my environment on my actions? Who am I really?” Constitutional Analysis offers this perspective, which cuts through behaviour, ego and conditioning of our minds and bodies. Constitutional Analysis is a new perspective that in- terprets our True Nature from what we had, before we began to think. Constitutional analysis mirrors your TRUE NATURE. It is not based on psychology or behaviour, and has no interest in analysing your culture, your religion or for that matter your conditioning. It is based on your DNA, and this cannot change. In order to find our True Nature we must become open and empty again. Often a person comes to us and says “Here I am. Can you help me find my real constitution?” But they experience a huge conflict because they argue that their be- haviour rather than the body type is the reality of their life. We propose that their body types are defined at birth and their behaviours are moulded by their surroundings. Constitutional analysis does not limit or judge people based on what they are doing. It simply helps people understand 16 the BEST PATH – for their unique constitutions. It is hard to be empty – to acknowledge the differences between the constitution and beliefs and to de-identify oneself with one’s behaviour.
  17. 17. Your True Nature – is that part of you that is above condi- tioning, reaction and confusion. It is pure. It is your real po- tential. To the degree that we can be honest with ourselves, cut the rhetoric and separate our emotions from our truth, is the degree to which we can live authentically and in peace with life. Who are you? Your True Nature “I want to be authentic, REAL in my life. What does it mean?” People mistakenly say – “I am an Earth predominant person because I am good at managing people,” or “I am an Ether pre- dominant person because I am good at visioning”. It is an old psychological conditioning, subject to the environment, which measures a person by behaviour and is based on the EGO. Your Real constitution is determined at birth and stays with you till death. Your Natural Constitution arrives before you think, act or react to anything in life. It exists in the womb, so it is revealed by your body type not your psychology. You can thus determine behaviours that will support you and patterns that are predictable. You may say “Oh! Now I see why I loved that music class but hated that math class.” It wasn’t the topic but the environment. “One teacher made me feel at home, the other not.” We thrive in our Element and when our Natural Constitution is fed, the sky is the lim- it. Productivity goes hand in hand with happiness, which is optimised when we are in our element. It is the same for relationships. A dynamic relationship will 17 exist between your Natural Constitution and that of your partner. Rather than change your partner, try to understand his/her Natural Constitution and support him/her in that journey. On doing this, you learn to appreciate them for who they are, and what you appreciate grows. discvoer the real potential within you
  18. 18. Be In Your Element The giant leap is to break away from psychology-based lifestyle and business measures and to embrace the human constitution. Beyond the tricks of the mind, the ego and the personality, which have fooled the greatest scientists for cen- turies, Natural Constitution finds the core on which you can base your choices. The beauty of finding and acknowledging your Natural Con- stitution lies in the fact that you have something fixed, which you can understand yourself. That’s not limiting in any way since it reveals your unique style. It’s only Natural The cost of separating ourselves from nature is being rec- ognized. The human cost of separating people from what is true and natural within them is becoming unquestionable. Our respect for humanity as a global family means we are re- turning to respect nature. This is inseparable from the qual- ity of the environment we live in, both internal to ourselves and external in the world at large. Knowing yourself, your True Nature, is a great contribution to this quest for a better life and a better world. This work invites you to look beyond the conditioning of your culture, your corporation and your family to find what is REAL with- in you. It invites you to explore your True Nature. Throughout history those people who have come to under- stand what is natural within them have flourished in the long term. Your True Nature – is that part of you that is above con- ditioning, reaction and confusion. We call it inspiration. It is pure. It is your real potential. The degree to which we can be 18 honest with ourselves, and find this reality, is the degree to which we can be in tune with nature and therefore be at our best. Your ‘elemental constitution’ – reveals the weather you thrive in, the foods to balance you, the exercise that suits you and
  19. 19. the career you can live in harmony with. It reveals your pos- sible imbalances and potential vulnerabilities and cautions you on what your potential lifestyle hazards are. It is like sculpting. There before you sits a rock, rough and covered in mud. You begin to chip away at its surface and slowly, through hard work, you find a beautiful sculpture within it. Our constitution is exactly like the potential that sits within this rock. Through training we need to remove the unwanted bits and discover the gem that lies within it. The first thing is to understand what is your Natural Constitution, which is the exact shape of that gem. To do this we examine the body you were born into. Then we reveal how it responds to the world around it. How it is meant to care for itself and what its natural process in life is. In other words we learn what it takes to honour who we really are in our most natural state. 19 discvoer the real potential within you
  20. 20. Be In Your Element Elements Of Your Daily Life You wake up in the morning, eat and get to work on time. Then, you rush to meet appointments and responsibilities and attend a health program. This is your Earth element at play. When you wake up and do your exercises a part of which is meditation on a higher power, that’s your Ether at play. Then you have a schedule to follow, kids to drop off at school, bills to pay, people to contact and some issues to worry about – that’s your Air element kicking in. Subsequently, it’s time for action – analysing issues, finding solutions and working out strategies. That’s your Fire element. Finally, life is a people- thing. You have partners to say goodbye to, kids maybe, col- leagues at work, people to lead and news about the world and its human inequalities to read about, that’s your Water element. In an office, you are the CEO and it’s time to renovate. You hand the responsibility to a consultant. A short, strong wom- an who sets about proving that with lots of strong features, plenty of warm wooden features your office will create a re- ally grounded feeling for those in it. She guarantees produc- tivity will fly through the roof. Now it’s finished and your staff comes into the office. Tall people, short people, round people, strong people, fast peo- ple and slow people. Did you know that every one of those people needs a specific office environment to thrive in? Cer- 20 tain spaces suit certain body types and in fact, the new de- sign brings joy to some and grief to others. Then it’s time to renovate the home. Let’s say you are the tall, thin, Ether Predominant type and you love space. So,
  21. 21. you get a Dutch designer to come an make wide open spaces and white walls. You walk in the door – there are glass walls and white lounges. It looks straight out of Vogue But how does this affect the kids, your partner and the whole family dynamics? How does this space affect your peace of mind? Does it stimulate or pacify you? You renovated during a time at work when things were going smooth, you were not too stretched. Now your career happens to undergo a crisis and you work 24/7 to get through. So how is your home design impacting your life? Is it burning you out or building you up? Is the de- sign created when you were on top of the world going to be right while you work up from the bottom? Top of the world homes are open and spacey, bottom up are earthy and wood- en. Two homes, same family but different circumstances. Our Unique Constitution means we must honour our unique process of dealing with life’s ups and downs. If you were born a Water Predominant person then be Water, don’t fight against it in order to achieve some preconceived ideal of what a human should or shouldn’t look like. If you are Water you will be unique and different, can you love that? If you are Fire – you are unique and different. Square pegs don’t go into round holes, unless they shrink. We are not about shrinking to some ideal of personality or way of living. Self-knowledge is a more reliable guide to behaviour than adherence to arbitrarily imposed standards, though both are susceptible to error. 21 discvoer the real potential within you
  22. 22. Be In Your Element 22
  23. 23. Weight Gravity Solidity Integriy EARTH Attraction Fluidity Flexibility Softness WATER Heat Transformation Precision Sharpness FIRE Movement Rhythm Lightness Adaptability AIR Space Wisdom Creativity Stillness ETHER 23 discvoer the real potential within you
  24. 24. Be In Your Element Finding Your Element Your Constitution on a Universal Stage Everyone and everything is composed of these five Elements in varying quantities and proportions. Each has a unique proportion and pattern. One Element will be predominant. Sometimes more than one are predominant. The individual is grouped based on that predominant element. Thus we get Ether types, Air types, Fire types, Water types and Earth types. The whole universe can be broken down into these five groups. Merits of Elements Ether Tranquillity, peace, freedom, stillness, calmness, openness, wisdom and creativity. Air Rhythm, response, movement, cycles, adaptability, detachment and changeability. Fire Courage, analysis, solution, speed, transformation, drive, passion, intensity, heat and force. Water Love, care, compassion, connection, gentleness, flex- ibility and attachment. Earth Stability, support, reliability, grounding, establish- ment, firmness and solidity A rock may look solid but it contains all the five universal elements. If you break – even the driest rock into its com- ponents, it will contain Air, Water, Fire, and of course Earth. But what surprises many people is, that a rock also contains 24 Ether. And therefore, so do you. Ether is the thought that created the rock in the first place. An intangible force but an essential one since nothing could exist without some original design for its future.
  25. 25. Your Constitutional Charts When you evaluate your constitution you will end up with a chart like the first one in the series below. It will reveal dif- ferent proportions of the five elements. This, if measured at birth and death, will never show any change. But the other charts change constantly. Our lifestyles, our minds, the food we consume, the work we do and more. Each has their own constitution. Digging a hole for example is an earthy task, thinking is an etheric task, mixing with people is Air and nursing them can be Water and anything to do with change, is Fire. So our lives rock and roll through a series of charts like the second, third, fourth and fifth ones below. There are hundreds of such lifestyle charts and they add to the Constitution of your environment. Mismatch your natural constitution with your environmen- tal constitution and you will develop disease, unhappiness and a serious conflict with nature — and nature never loses a fight. Let us look at the charts in more detail. We have taken an example of a Fire Predominant person be- low, with Earth as his secondary element in the first chart. Ether, Air and Water are present but in less quantities. So we state that the individual is Fire Predominant. We can also say that they are Fire –Earth Predominant. This is a wonderful gift -because Paul, the individual in the example can see his strengths and weaknesses, know what fits him best at work and home and can find his ideal life- 25 style. They can design their office to include lots of Fire and Earth based ingredients. This is called happiness and fulfil- ment. Use your elements to live as nature intended. discvoer the real potential within you
  26. 26. Be In Your Element Purple = Ether, Blue = Air, Red = Fire, Green = Water, Black = Earth 26
  27. 27. Now there are four environmental charts here on display. They represent Paul’s lifestyle, state of mind, food and over- all dynamics. In other words the last chart depicts Paul’s life, and how much of each element he is using. You can see a huge difference between his Natural Constitution and his overall lifestyle. In the last chart you can see his Fire is way into excess, his Ether is in excess, and his water is slightly out of balance. His Earth is depleted. Even when we know what is good for us we sometimes don’t live well. This has been made very complex by the myriads of advice given and the overwhelming number of self-help books in the global market. Add to this the easy access we have to an ever-increasing variety of choices, and living in your element is becoming a minefield. I think Paul can be excused for losing the plot. But the cost to Paul will be deadly if he doesn’t fix the ex- cesses and depletions in his elements. This 52 year old gentleman started experiencing heartburn and irritability (excess Fire), sluggishness (excess Water), anxiety, insomnia (excess Ether) and insecurity (depleted Earth) over 3 months. A Fire - Earth person, Paul runs his own successful finance firm in a country town. He has a fairly suitable lifestyle for his constitution. Good family and children, comfortable house, some long-term investments, hobbies -like hunting, buying and selling properties. It all gradually manifested as he seriously started thinking of expanding his business, dealing with some old legal issues, talking to his lawyer and thinking about sending his son to the city for higher studies. Instead of an open discussion with his family, he is bottling up all his thoughts and anxiety and is over burdening his Ether. Slowly, he started eating a 27 lot of spicy, oily food (excess Fire & Water) and drinking a lot of coffee (excess Fire). Now if this goes on for several months, the effects can be devastating. At work, his mood has become short and snap- discvoer the real potential within you
  28. 28. Be In Your Element py (excess Fire). He is less playful with the kids and his busi- ness partners are getting warning signs. His anxiety (excess Ether) is making his decisions poor, his confidence uncertain and his intuitions absent. He is tired a lot, finding himself sitting down on the lounge at night and nodding off. He is drinking a good bit of Scotch and his health is definitely go- ing downhill. By reading the rest of this study you will find ways to diag- nose and change your lifestyle and work to suit your consti- tution. That’s the key. You don’t change yourself. But, you change what you do. When Paul put a lifestyle matrix into place, he made the fol- lowing adjustments: Inspired by an ‘elemental’ consultation Paul adapted the fol- lowing aspects of his lifestyle: 1. Discussed his issues with all the relevant people (using Ether and Fire intelligently). Giving them sufficient time to express their views and concerns. 2. Starting an alkaline and light diet. 3. Starting eating homemade meals or eating from home to avoid acidic items. 4. Increasing his water intake (cooling down the aggravated Fire & Water). 5. Started making a ‘to do’ list on paper instead of his head. 6. Prioritising his ‘to do’ list (using Fire & Earth wisely). 6. Starting cardio and weight training (for long-term health and wellbeing). 28 Here is a great opportunity for you to tailor your lifestyle and work style to your True Nature, and like Paul, get back to the life you love living, long term.
  29. 29. Elements of your Constitution Ether Air Fire Water Earth tall Medium shorter thin boned small boned Medium boned thick boned heavy boned long frame thin frame Medium frame round frame square frame long wrists small wrists Medium wrists Fleshy wrists thick wrists long fingers thin Medium fingers short fingers strong fingers fingers long jaw line Fine pointy jaw sharp jaw round soft jaw square strong jaw Narrow hips small hip bones Medium hip Broad hips square strong bones hip long feet small petite feet Medium feet small feet Broad flat feet swan robin peacock pelican eagle Deep eyes Glancing eyes piercing eyes round eyes hard eyes square narrow small high Medium rounded square strong shoulders shoulders shoulders shoulders shoulders long Muscles thin Muscles Good medium round soft Big firm muscles muscles muscles Delicate agile sharp soft Firm 29 discvoer the real potential within you
  30. 30. Be In Your Element Everything is Relative What’s short? What’s tall? What’s soft and fleshy? What’s heavy and what’s light? Everything is relative. In finding our constitution, we talk a lot about body charac- ters and therefore relativity. If you live in Indonesia you are tall maybe less than 5’10” and in California it might be 6’4” and as a Masai warrior it might be 6’10” – each of these indi- viduals are tall, relative to their family and race . If you take an American to Japan, they tower over the Japa- nese. But truly, back in America they are average. So we are talking about being relative to your original culture. Also, height is only one of many variables, what we are looking for in determining your constitution is the whole story. Your jaw, your head shape, your shoulders, your ankles, your wrists, your nose and your eyes are all a part of the story. This will become clearer as we progress. Determine Your Constitution Your score should be based on how you feel when you are healthy and normal. Don’t choose ‘what you want to be’. There is no better or inferior body type. If you notice that you ‘want to be’, acknowledge an imbalance -you will know why. If you behave and live like another body type, it brings serious imbalances. Life becomes fulfilled when you behave like your inner self. This questionnaire is to find your inner nature. Be yourself. If you have doubts regarding your attri- 30 butes, ask your friends or someone reliable, you trust. The score: 0 = the statement does not apply to you, to 10 = applies to you 100%. Add up the scores and total them in the right hand column for each element.
  31. 31. Ether 0 -10 total 1 i am tall compared to the other members of my society 2 i am tall compared to the other member of my race 3 i have long limbs, fingers, and finger nails 4 My skin is thin and translucent 5 Air 1 i am small in size 2 i can be classify as petite 3 i have a light-weight body type 4 i have a slim body with small bones 5 Fire 1 i have a firm jaw 2 i am medium height and weight 3 My body is warm and i like colder weather 4 i have well defined muscles, even without working out 5 Water 1 i am heavy boned 2 My body is soft and smooth 3 My body is strong, my shoulders are rounded 4 My body has lots of curves and circles (large circular eyes) 5 Earth 1 i have strong and heavy bones 31 2 My body is stocky, firm and solid 3 My shoulders are wide and square 4 i have wide hips and a broad forehead 5 discvoer the real potential within you
  32. 32. Be In Your Element An Ether type should spend more time on Ether lifestyle, Ether food, Ether relationships, Ether hobbies and so on. That is how they honour their predominant 32 element.
  33. 33. We’re all going on a summer holiday Hi Guys, what are you doing for the Christmas holidays? Dianne (Ether): Well, we wanted to go to a romantic, isolated Is- land in the Pacific for a few weeks just to get away from it all for a while. But I don’t think there are any seats and well, we haven’t made up our minds yet. Roland (Air): We are going to India – and when we get there, I am going to a conference, then will travel down to the South to meet my friend’s parents, then back to the Ashram, and then over to the other side. We are also going to do some training and visit an Ayurvedic clinic. Jason (Fire): The Murray Marathon is on and what I want to do is win the fastest Kayak section over the race. Its 45 degrees cen- tigrade and my support crew will not enjoy the flies or the heat but it’s for a good cause, so I am training everyday. Joan (Water): We are going to my mother’s house. She’s not well and we thought it was about time we paid her a visit. I have put my trip to the Monastery off until June and will do some volun- teer work at the local school while I am over with Mum. I think my husband will stay home. Tim (Earth): We’re travelling to London. We’ve booked the tick- ets last Christmas, got an amazing deal flying on the wing, the kids should enjoy that. In London we’ve rented a car, well a horse drawn cart and will be staying in a friends house (actually the 33 barn) – I also got the company to put us up in a hotel for a night because I can fit a day’s work in between Christmas and New Year’s Day. discvoer the real potential within you
  34. 34. Be In Your Element Ether ther people are tall and thin boned. Perspective is Ether’s gift. Ether people see the world from a long way off and therefore have an amazing sense of fantasy and possibility. Ether people love space. Both physically in homes that are open and airy, and personally, thriving on lots of time alone. Ether people are rarely hampered by reality and we should be careful to support them in their fantasies and dreaming. It is this great asset that they bring to the world of business and family, providing often surreal, but always imaginative visions of the future. If it is time to expand your sense of possibility in life, find yourself an Ether person and ask their opinion. It is usually astronomical. As a result of this almost other-worldly skill, Ether people are often hard to understand. Their sense of time is rarely ac- curate and their own attention to detail is poor (such details tend to stifle the Ether imagination) Philosophical by nature, Ether people need the space to dream, write, paint and think. They are creative and are known to overwhelm those whose duty it is to make practi- cal sense of their ideas, because they never stop imagining. Inspiration is the realm dominated by the Ether people. When each of us, no matter what our elemental strengths, need to reach into the worlds of vision, inspiration and pur- 34 pose, we must tap our own resource of Ether. To do this we simply eat, find the space, and embrace the lifestyle elements of the Ether person. Ether people tend to overuse the Ether element in life. Ex-
  35. 35. cessive reading, excessive thinking and excessive planning agitate Ether. When this happens, Ether people can make no sense at all. They can become ungrounded, highly emotional and self-deprecating, during which time, they are always ready for a quarrel. The solution in these unbalanced times, is to put water, or earth lifestyle elements around them. Another potential problem for most Ether people is that they get trapped in their head and forget about all practicalities. They can become unreliable and often spaced out with too many options on their mind. They are often anxious, eas- ily worried, and many thoughts pass through their heads in a short space of time. Ethers often worry themselves to an early death. Being anxious, they also might also be prone to strokes and heart attacks. The Ether person, who chooses to stay in balance with his or her Element, will surround themselves with the following support. 1. Earthy advisors and coaches (ether people often gravitate to ether advice, which is like petrol on a fire) 2. Space – physical and emotional (in order to think) 3. Stillness – meditation, swimming and walking 4. Regularity in food, food quality, snacks that are healthy and abstinence from stimulants (smoking, nicotine sub- stitutes, coffee, tea, alcohol, drugs) 5. Respect for the real world issues of being on time (early for appointments) and predictability Environmentally, Ether people cope badly with extremes 35 such as heat, cold and wind. From a medical perspective, these Ethers have an ‘sensitive metabolism.’ The digestive organs are their most vulnerable region. The large intestine, brain and nervous system are most at risk. They can often get circulatory problems if not careful. discvoer the real potential within you
  36. 36. Be In Your Element Ether thrives on tranquillity. It needs peace, space and free- dom in order to manifest. Ether predominant people are of- ten their own greatest enemies, attracted to interesting things like a moth to a flame but they are often disturbed by their own inquisitive nature. Ether evolves from stillness so in or- der for your etheric character to come forward you’ll need to create meditative space and personal mind control to bring it to the world. Ether can be silent in meetings and at home because they are conversing in their heads. They are dreaming the reality. Ether is one solution to personal trauma. Ether also thrives on silence – the music of the universe. But soothing, gentle, meaningful classical instrumentals are also etheric by nature. The sounds of nature are Ether’s heart. This together with the color white and other very natural pastel colours make Ether environments a very sacred place to be. Famous Ether predominant people are Goliath, God, Ed- mund Hillary, Elle McPherson, Mohamed Ali, Nicole Kidma- nn, Kerry Packer (has all 5 elements strong), Rumi, Socrates, Cleopatra, Hermes, Pythagorus, Columbus, Patanjali, and most NBL Basketball players. Summary - The Elements of Ether Constitution Elements in life Tranquillity, peace, freedom, stillness, calmness, 36 openness, wisdom and creativity. Elements in nature and body Hearing, expression, wisdom, subtle, space, empty, cold, light
  37. 37. Strong elements Ability to think deep, to accept new ideas, and see the whole picture Profession Philosophy, charity, adviser, planning, creative ideas. Body nature Tall, long limbs, slim, slender. Mental disposition Open, accepting, thinker. Favourite phrases I have an idea. Let’s think about it. What is your philosophy? There is no right or wrong. Elemental spending Books, music, philosophy Favourite games and sport High jump, chess, magic Emotional predominance Openness, neutral, non-judgmental Type of elemental love Universal, selfless, impartial, unconditional Climatic preference Loves warm, bright climate. Doesn’t like too dark, damp hot or cold. 37 Need of sleep Around 5-6 hours of rejuvenating sleep Need of food and drinks discvoer the real potential within you
  38. 38. Be In Your Element Small, light meals, occasional drinks Negative environment Loneliness, isolation, extreme emotions, pressure Weaknesses Others think I am impractical Things we hate Confinement, boredom, strict routines, heavy exercises Mantras Ham or Hum Chakras Vishuddha Systems Brain, hormones Symbols Dot, spark, long line. We would like your suggestions on the new office design…… Jenny (Ether): Space, we need space, there’s nothing worse than cramped up dingy offices. I think large windows, lots of light, white furniture, Swedish design and a few side boards. The board table should be glass. I have some ideas about the art on the walls. But first we should get the Astrologer to define the best date to open it, the Feng Shui man to layout the energy and the Shaman to bless the corners. I have an energetic healer 38 who would come in twice a week to purify the air.
  39. 39. James (Air): I agree with Jenny, space is good but we don’t need offices. An open plan is better since we need to be able to see each other. We need communal areas over there and we could have the dark lounge suite design and ergonomic chairs, with wooden tables, or we could have black tables with ergonomic walls with bright green contrast to the office. Even if we put one office over there it is important that anything we install should be movable. Fran (Fire): Who give a rat’s arse? Get the thing in, build your offices. We’re wasting valuable time. Make sure there’s a bar area for entertaining, the boardroom has Nintendo and the paintings on the wall have some life to them. Goodness all this fussing and fluffing around…… We need television remote, high tech computers and automatics speech recognition, I want robotics at reception. July (Water): I think the walls should be a softer color and the chairs all in a lounge style with cushions. The entry foyer could be a garden with soft fountains. Piped music and a nice ar- rangement of pure health water over there. I think the offices should be arranged in a Turkish Harem design with cushions and coffee tables. Computers should be hidden from view and the massage rooms need to be clean and warm. Bob (Earth): The filing cabinets down that wall, the wooden board table all the biggest and the best. I want leather back chairs, and mine should be larger than everyone else’s. I want wooden floors. We can fit more than 10 people in Jenny’s office and those cushions and stuff can be put in the store room. This place is going to work like a top. You watch. 39 discvoer the real potential within you
  40. 40. Be In Your Element 40
  41. 41. Air A Air People are small and thin boned. The gift of the Air person, is connection. Air is the bridge between the etheric world of stillness and the real world of action. Air people thrive on complexity, their ability to link and conceptualise events and ideas is an amazing asset. Air people are extremely creative. Their gift is in huge de- mand in environments where people need diverse possibili- ties and potential brought under some control. In the world of concepts, Air people weave the web that links opportu- nity with possibility. The complexity of life is in essence its beauty. The multiplic- ity of shapes and forms, and colours and objects all inter- act to create one amazing whole. It’s like creating the whole from unrelated parts, the merging of movement, like a dance where diverse talents are harnessed to become one under- standable performance. If it’s time to improve, expand and develop through the art of communication, Air people have the gift. They thrive in multi-media, complexity and music and dance-related pro- fessions. Air people love to teach their skills. They are the happiest teachers. You would love to walk with this person, do things with this person and even live with this person –as they would be so easy going, never stiff with their plans, ideas or likes and dislikes. 41 Air people tend to over-use the Air element in life. Excessive talking, excessive travels and excessive changes can aggra- vate Air and deprive Air people of the other elements in life. When this imbalance happens the undercurrents are tremen- dous: minds are busy, anxieties and worries dominate achy discvoer the real potential within you
  42. 42. Be In Your Element bodies, tense muscles, dry skin and blocked thinking result. It gives rise to the expression “air head”. When each of us has an Air imbalance, we can easily fall into frequent quarrels and we can suffer from poor memory and irregular body rhythms while becoming quite unpredictable. This can lead to anxiety and hypersensitivity. Another potential problem for most Air people is that they can become unreliable and often spaced out with too many options on their mind. From a medical perspective, Air Predominant people have a ‘sensitive circulation.’ Their skin, circulatory system and large intestine are most at risk. They often suffer from vascu- lar and stress-related illnesses. Overall the Air type has cold, unstable and very changeable properties. They are cured and brought back into balance by everything that grounds them and makes them heavier, warmer and more stable. It all happen only when they are out of balance. In balance, Airs are like butterflies -adaptable, easy going, light and agile and always moving. Healthy Air people love a carefree life. They love to switch between work and play at will. They need a lot of light, moist and warm food items to maintain health. They need to eat when they are hungry. This is because external factors influ- ence their appetite easily. The Air person, who chooses to stay in balance in his or her element, will surround themselves with the following sup- port. 42 1. Grounding environments where there is routine (Earth), love (Water), motivation (Fire) and freedom (Ether). 2. Rhythm – a regular daily schedule that is difficult to change.
  43. 43. 3. An active environment where their creativity can flourish – dance, art etc 4. Pleasant music, yellow colours, harmonious conversation with friends. Regular warm oil massages by a supportive, calm and sensitive individual. 5. Warmth of every kind is important including well-heated rooms, warm clothing, warm weather Air people live in a world of their own, prioritising things which seem secondary to everyone else. They are active people who move from one task to another with grace and speed. Air is the element of touch- the tangibility of things and people. Air people need a lifestyle where many opportunities are available even if none are taken. They need to know that there are choices. Air types love to talk and are creatively stifled where conversation is restricted. Chaos overwhelms the Air element, spinning it out of control. This includes in- formation which conflicts with either their existing belief set or contradicts previous data. People love the Air energy. It’s a sort of letting go, sharing and a can-do energy. Air people are full of ideas and usually very easygoing for they can change on a dime. Air music is any music that swings, grooves and flows. From Opera to Modern and Latino, anything that is not repetitive and monotonous. Just like the music – Air energy loves different color, stripes spots and patterns. Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa were Air Predominant people staying ‘easy’ in the most complex of circumstances. 43 discvoer the real potential within you
  44. 44. Be In Your Element Summary The Elements of Air Constitution Elements in life Rhythm, response, movement, cycles, flow, detachment (positive) and changeable. Elements in nature and body Touching, locomotion, gas, movement, rhythm, cycle, cold, light Strong elements Ability to switch between jobs, quick to learn and to do new things Profession Teaching, music, communication, multimedia, performance art. Body nature Small, petite, short, slim. Mental disposition Adapting, changing, easy going. Favourite phrases Take it easy. Tell me about it. Which one? They change all the time. Elemental spending Beautiful things, changeable 44 Favourite games and sport Long distance, marathon, cycling Emotional predominance Enthusiasm, ability to try new things.
  45. 45. Type of elemental love Object and reason can change the object of love frequently Climatic preference Loves warm, sunny climate. Hates windy, cold. Need of sleep Around 6 hours of rejuvenating sleep Need of food and drinks Light, warm and moist food items. Influenced easily by external factors. Negative environment Hyperactive, changeable, fluctuating Weaknesses according to others Others think I am too vague and fluctuating Things we hate Not having few different (variety in) jobs at the same time Mantras Yam Chakra Anahata Systems Vascular and nervous system Symbols Crescent, hexagon, wave or a small line. 45 discvoer the real potential within you
  46. 46. Be In Your Element Lunch orders please Mark (Ether): I’d like a green leaf salad with no mayonnaise, slightly crisp carrots with a bit of broccoli, mineral water at 13 degrees and a golden delicious apple, crisp but not hard. Thank you. Lucy (Air) – Chicken salad please, with warm, steamed veggies. A can of sparkling mineral water and a small cake, thank you. Oh! or maybe I’ll have some Nori rolls with vegetables and a bowl of miso soup… but if it’s too heavy don’t bother, I’ll go without. Sam (Fire): Chicken salad sandwich with salsa sauce, chilli dip and a cup of coffee…and a can of cola. Make it snappy. Please. Donna (Water): I’d like a vegetable quiche with lamb cutlets crumbed with a bun and a bowl of soup please, if that’s ok – not too much trouble, can I help you carry it? I would also like to get something for Mary because she might be back from her meet- ing by then and she’ll be hungry. Steve (Earth): I’d like a steak sandwich (8 oz medium rare) with tomato ketchup and a side salad. I’d like two apples, one for now and one for after. Don’t let them over charge you for the apples. I’d also like a can of mineral water. 46
  47. 47. 47 discvoer the real potential within you
  48. 48. Be In Your Element Fire Strong build, good muscle tone, average height. Fire people are gifted with the drive, the passion, the power to change, transform and evolve. Fire people pave the way for new life. Fire is the warrior, the king, the analyst and the strategist. Competition is the keynote of the Fire people. They thrive when there is a challenge and are easily bored when the status quo is unchangeable. If it is time to grow, change, innovate and improve your world, find a fire person, they will motivate and direct you wisely. When the change is undertaken, remember to let go or you may find yourself and your world under the continu- al microscope of change, change and more change. You won’t find a more direct – straight to the point element than Fire. Fire people love to face difficulties or challenges in life. Known for their courage and passion, Fire people pos- sess the drive. They are able to analyse situations and find solutions so the world of consulting, transformation and preaching has typically brought Fire types to the fore. Fire people tend to overuse Fire. Excessive analysis, competi- tion, judgment, speed, hot food, excess alcohol and stimula- tion agitate Fire. When this happens you’ll quickly see frus- tration, rudeness and anger. The warm hearted leadership of Fire gives way to power and force. In these times, to settle their imbalance, they need cooling – fast. This means a Water or Earth lifestyle needs to be injected into the Fire world to slow it, calm it and relax it. 48 If you want to see the latest technology, visit a Fire office. They love those new gadgets. This is one of their sources of ultimate pleasure. Strong colours bring out Fire and constant feedback and rewards keep the Fire alive.
  49. 49. When each of us loses balance in our Fire element, we be- come acidic, irritable and frustrated. We start to lick our old wounds, ask for apologies and send guilt in all directions. Our anger can take a steep curve toward vengeance and vio- lence if it is left unchecked. The Fire person, who chooses to stay in balance, will sur- round themselves with the following support. 1. The freedom to move, let go, and find spaces where Fire is needed (change) 2. Self Awareness – the ability to understand where Fire is simply not welcome – (healing, people management and human development) 3. Competitive environments – where laziness, lack of drive, confusion and uncertainty don’t thrive 4. Good food, and avoid excess of stimulants of any kind, including sugar, chocolate, wine, coffee and cigarettes. 5. Cool friends and environments that nurture and support recovery Fires love a fast, progressing, bright world. They want change, now, here. They love to have a challenging relation- ship, work and hobbies. Challenge fuels them. Environmentally, Fire people thrive on a moist, winter cli- mate, green trees, blue water and shades to cool them down. The ideal location for their life would be a waterfall sur- rounded by tall leafy trees, a cozy cottage with the fastest in- ternet connection and the latest laptop to deal with the inter- national stock market at the flick of a finger. Their choice of 49 holidays will be similar. Beaches, surfs, water sports, snowy mountains and rainforests are their usual destinations. Ev- erywhere awaits the challenges for them. Or else they create them. discvoer the real potential within you
  50. 50. Be In Your Element Medically speaking, Fire people are sensitive around their liver, blood, gall bladder, small intestine and heart. This is because most of them overuse heat and hotspots of the body get affected easily. Usually they respond well to the cooling alkaline diets and early to bed routines. They contract rashes and inflammatory conditions easily. Most of these Fires suf- fer from heartburn, psoriasis or an itchy scalp. When in balance, they are warm, courageous, passionate and intense in everything. The Fire lifestyle is an active one. Many advertisements pro- moting healthy lifestyles use Fire lives as examples to the rest of the world. They run on the beach, look fantastic and can save the drowning dog. Fire is fast, so there’s a continual drive for improvement. Never let it rest -says Fire, and even at home though it might be considered critical, it is Fire’s af- fection. They invented the phrase “if you rest, you rust”. In their relaxed moments Fire-Predominant people are often exhausted. They will play till they break then need urgent repair, but once repaired they’ll say thanks and run out the door for more. Once they can control this tendency they en- joy a long, healthy life. They want the fastest best and big- gest and then want the slowest, easiest and most comfort- ing to recuperate. Warm, light atmospheres suit them in this situation. Fire imparts greater sensitivity to sight, which means when- ever you are looking around – the Fire element is awake. This also corresponds to the digestive Fire, so most prob- lems associated with digestion are Fire problems. The sacred symbol for Fire is the triangle with the point facing upward, sharp and direct. 50 Famous Fire-predominant people include Napoleon, King Arthur, Hercules, Zena -the warrior princess, Zorro, Super- man, Batman, Batwoman.
  51. 51. Summary The Elements of Constitution Elements in life Courage, analysis, solution, speed, transformation, drive, passion, intensity, heat and force. Elements in nature and body Seeing, modification, electric transformation, warmth, hot, light Strong elements Strong commitment, driven and passionate approach Profession Marketing, negotiating, analysis, solving, competitions Body nature Medium frame, good muscle definition. Mental disposition Analytic, fast, driven, passionate, competitive. Favourite phrases The world is too slow! Can I market it? I am passionate about it. That can’t be right? Elemental spending Luxury, latest equipment and tools 51 Favourite games and sport Sprints, gymnastics, rowing Emotional predominance Courage. Ability to understand and resolve. discvoer the real potential within you
  52. 52. Be In Your Element Type of elemental love Once decided, it is intense and passionate Climatic preference Loves cool climates and waterfronts. Hates hot, damp conditions. Need of sleep Around 7 hours of rejuvenating sleep Need of food and drinks Strong appetite, need to eat/drink in time Negative environment Aggression, judgmental, violence, anger Weaknesses according to others Others think I am too compulsive and demanding. Things we hate Anything that is slow or gentle Mantras Ram Chakras Manipura Systems Digestion, metabolism, Symbols Upward directed triangle. 52
  53. 53. The Clothes I love Hi I’m Jane. I’m an Ether type. And I love, love, love clothes. I love clothes that make me feel like I am flying, or whole and full. I love clothes that fly in the wind and make me feel free. I love anything soft and gentle on my skin. I’m not big on jewellery, but I love diamonds and precious stones be- cause they speak to me. I’m Jenny. I’m Air. I love clothes that flow with me. I’m not a real fancy dresser, but great boots, tight jeans, tights and beautiful colours are important. I think and breathe through my clothes, they show off my personality so they are im- portant. My favourite stuff is Versace and Dolce Gabbana. Prada does it for me too, but usually I can find great clothes anywhere. I love Bali, the soft fabrics and the colourful t- shirts. Jewellery? Well, if it’s been designed by a designer I like, I will wear it. Also I wear sacred things, like crosses and charms. My name’s Robin. I’m Fire. For me, clothes represent a huge part of my presentation to the world. I think you dress for success, and because of that I have a large wardrobe of busi- ness suits and wild outfits. If I am at work I wear great suits and shoes but when it’s time to party, I let it all out. People are surprised at the “two me’s”. They think I am this pow- er dresser, but when I meet them out they see the fashion queen. I confess to being a fashion victim. Jewellery, if I can’t lift the carrots, I’ll wear it. Amellia here. I’m a water type. Clothes for me need to be comfortable. I don’t like anything tight and I am certainly not interested in fashion for the sake of fashion. I have some amazing outfits and love to dress well but it’s what is inside 53 a person that’s important, not the outside. I love wool and avoid synthetics at all cost. Jewellery? I have a charm that my Grandmother left me. I have a beautiful necklace that my mother gave me on my 21st birthday. They mean a lot to me. discvoer the real potential within you
  54. 54. Be In Your Element Eileen, that’s me. I am Earth. Practicality is the key. I love good design that works for me. I love things that make me look who I am and I have clothes that I can wear anywhere. I am a bit conservative when it comes to lashing out money for fashion though. I love good things and buy them but I don’t go overboard. I love those things that last. It’s worth paying a few extra dollars for things of quality and style. I think fashion – for fashion’s sake – is a waste. Jewellery? I have some semi-precious stones mounted on a gold thread, and I have some family jewels that I love. I still wear the same ring that I got from my first boyfriend and I really think it makes me happy. 54
  55. 55. Water Soft flesh, heavy bones, curvaceous. Water people are the most caring. They symbolize kindness and compassion. Water people are born to love and nurse. They are amazingly sympathetic. It is Water that the Greeks referred to as the element that gives rise to life. Water occupies 70% of the surface of the planet. It has eroded the Grand Canyon, wearing things down rather than dominate them. Water always gets its way and it’s more an evolution than a revolution, collusion rather than a force. Water people are rarely driven to put the material aspects be- fore human considerations. Even a person whose element is not primarily water, will put on weight if he or she develops a deeply humanitarian philosophy. If it is time to deepen your human touch, to bring deeper lov- ing values to your family, or to learn how to nurture and care for yourself, find a water person to guide you. By nature, Water people are patient, tolerant, peaceful, friendly and al- truistic; also loyal, considerate and compassionate. Globally the element water protects the innocent, defends the rights of children, protects and stops the forest from annihi- lation. Water creates corporate care and ethics programs and builds child care facilities. It brings an ambulance when we need it and a doctor or nurse to help us when we are down. Water is universal bonding, a peace-loving element that will go to great lengths to protect the human aspect throughout. 55 You will find them in any business related to nurturing, car- ing, helping and compassion. Many nurses, chefs, careers are Water types. They love swimming and most water ex- ercises. discvoer the real potential within you
  56. 56. Be In Your Element Water types tend to overuse their water element in life and indulge greatly in Water food (sweets, carbohydrates, oils), too many Water emotions (hoarding, attachment), too many Water excuses (I am slow), and Water relationships (depen- dant). During unbalanced periods, Water people start put- ting on weight and accumulating fluids and fat in wrong areas of their body. When any of us overdo our Water element, we gain weight, become sluggish, start feeling depressed, hopeless and inse- cure. It is easy for us at this stage to become dependent and clingy. Often when our water element goes into imbalance, we get addicted to food, especially the sweet variety. Sometimes in the struggle to keep the promise “I will be al- ways there for you” they forget about their own basic needs, and get dissatisfied with themselves. Slowly they build an extra fat layer to cover it up. Another water challenge is boredom. This is usually covered up with extended sleep. Unfulfilled Water people resort to compensating their missing pleasure through eating. They often end up with water retention, swellings in the face, hands and feet. A further problem is their tendency to cor- pulence, which can lead to metabolic diseases such as dia- betes. Medically speaking, Water people have a weak circulatory and lymphatic systems. Their adipose tissues need constant toning, their muscles can loose shape easily, pancreas may be over worked and respiratory system can be watery (mu- cousy). Water people go through the worst emotional shock when there’s violence or cruelty around them. If prolonged, this 56 pain can give them gout and high cholesterol. Even the stron- gest wrestlers – Water Predominant people – are not prone to immediate acts of violence. The Water person, who chooses to stay in balance in his or her element, will surround themselves with the following support.
  57. 57. 1. Plenty of opportunity to care for others. 2. Constant connection with friends and family, who are the essence of Water people’s life. 3. Rigorous and regular low impact exercises and sports. 4. Love – lots of tenderness and feelings. 5. Respect for the real world issues of being on time (early for appointments) and predictability. On a football field – one water player might rush in violent- ly to defend his or her team mate or another might block a tackle or spin a ball rather than chuck it. Water people are comrades -very friendly and supportive. We associate love with this Water element. Whenever we feel it, Water is present. Add a bit of Fire to Water, you get the chemistry of romance. Water Predominant people bring a great deal of compassion to the world. Water Predominant people feel that the world is harsh and are always defend- ing people, and their right to be passive. Those who stand for non-violence are using Water (need an abundance of this element) and once, priests and care-givers were strongly of the water element. Often those involved in right-to-life issues are Water Pre- dominant people. While their counterparts – Air people ar- gue for more choices, Water types meditate a lot. They love the passive connection and are drawn to such practices as Eastern Healing and well being. Water Predominant people don’t always make good busi- ness managers but do make great people careers like hu- man resources and nursing. They are ideal in environments where people need to care about themselves and others. Wa- ter types bring fluidity to life circumstance, and love envi- 57 ronments where people care. Taste is a water function. No wonder we go in for tasty food when we need some comfort. The symbol that most repre- sents the Water element is the circle, curves and oval shapes, smooth rounded and gentle. discvoer the real potential within you
  58. 58. Be In Your Element Romantic, nostalgic people that they are, the waters gravi- tate to lakes and forests where there are smooth soft slopes and easy paths. When it comes to music, Water people love the violin, vocal harmony and lullabies. Summary - The Elements of Constitution Elements in life Love, compassion, connection, flexibility, attachment (positive) caring and sharing. Elements in nature and body Tasting, creation, liquid, moist, gentle, soft, heavy, cold, heavy Strong elements Ability to be “always there for you” Profession Caring, nursing, mothering, safety measures Body nature Curvaceous and circular body, soft, gentle, plump. Mental disposition Sentimental, caring, gentle, loving, slow, others come first. Favourite phrases Are you OK? Is it safe? It helps. It is OK to make mistakes. 58 Elemental spending Clothing, food, safety, comfort items Favourite games and sport
  59. 59. Swimming, gymnastics. Emotional predominance Love. Ability to sympathize. Type of elemental love Sentimental, attached, nostalgic Climatic preference Loves warm, dry climate. Cold climate can be depressing. Need of sleep Around 8 hours of rejuvenating sleep Need of food and drinks High flexibility in time and quantity In negative environment Attached, greed, obsessive Weaknesses Others think I am attached and worry easily. . Things we hate Not having anyone around to share your thoughts or food Mantras Vam or Vum Chakras Swadhishtana Systems Lymphatic, Plasma 59 Symbols Circle, curve or oval discvoer the real potential within you
  60. 60. Be In Your Element On Family Peter (Ether): I truly want children, but they must come from love at the right time. I may not have children of my own, I might adopt, because there are so many starving children needing homes. I am not sure that I need to sire my own, I could just adopt some. I will see when the right moment comes. For now, I just hope that the world can understand the needs of the hungry. And I do have my career and lifestyle to consider, so we’d need home help, that’s essential. Bob (Air): Kids? I love kids, I would love to have a big family, 3 or 4 and they’d be so happy. I want to have them before I’m 30, so I can spend lots of time with them, go on holidays with them and teach them about art and music and dance. I’d love to have kids, to tell you the truth, I’d probably have more in common with them than most adults. Kids need attention, that’s what I think and you can’t trust that to others all the time. Dave (Fire): Absolutely, I want kids as many as possible. As long as I have a partner to take care of them, wash them, bring them up, take them to school, do the nappies. Only joking, ha gotcha. Na I love kids and it’d be really great. I can see us down the park playing ball, swim- ming riding bikes and great holidays – I’d be a great Dad, just got to find me the right woman. Paul (Water): It’s a big responsibility to bring children into this earth. Of course I want children but you need to be ready.You need to give them time and love – it’s no use just shuffling them off to school but a parent needs to devote a lot of their life to their children, create a safe and loving home. I think too many people jump too soon. I look after my sister’s kids sometimes – you know kids just need warmth and love. They are a little ratty sometimes but that’s kids. Gary (Earth):– A marriage needs children. And I plan to have at least 60 2. Two is good because they can keep each other entertained. The important thing is education. Kids need a good home and a sound education. I’ve booked our children into the best school I can find already. They aren’t born yet, but they have places reserved. It costs a mint but I think it’s worth it, don’t you, Honey?
  61. 61. 61 discvoer the real potential within you
  62. 62. Be In Your Element Earth Heavy frame, strong bones, solid body. Security is a gift Earth people enjoy and this is felt through the roof over our heads, the money in our banks, the food on our tables, the clothes on our backs. Meeting obligations, making and keeping promises, being there when we need to be relied upon are the qualities of Earth elements. Earth people are solid, realistic and highly structured. They are not easily moved by the wind or storms so they are the clear thinkers when there is trouble afoot. The Earth repre- sents the capacity to make good what has been given to us all, our potential. Earth elements hold the world in place. It is responsible for the laws, the rules. It is Earth that determines the forces that create matter, hold us in patterns and make life predictable and safe. Earth Predominant people manage everything and organize others. If you are around an Earth person you may find your- self being organized. They tell you what is the most practical and time-tested method. By nature, Earth Predominant people are strong, determined, friendly and caring also loyal, considerate, and dependable. They always love to talk about the history –‘when I was a young lad…’. They remember the milestones and civil wars and when the highway was built. Earth people tend to overuse their Earth element. When this 62 goes off balance, they become ‘bossy’ and tell others what to do all the time. Once committed, an Earth person may fulfil his or her obligations at the cost of their life. Earth people are the most reliable among the five elements for punctuality and reliability in a material sense. This becomes their spiri- tual practice.
  63. 63. When any of us have an Earth imbalance, we become domi- neering, stoic and stubborn. We can become obsessed with others and this may look bossy. Love and affection of an Earth predominant person may feel like control. They want to know where people are and what they are doing. If you are with an Earth Predominant person you may find it a little annoying but it is actually their way of giving love. They believe everything has a place and things should always be in those exact places. Anything sitting in a wrong place, like a book or pen, will drive them crazy. No wonder others call them control freaks! If careless, overused Earth element in life can mean that Earth people slowly develop fibroid growths, enlarged or- gans, deposits in their blood vessels and ruptured arteries and organs. They can tolerate that kind of pain or suffering before they take any step. Their “Get on with it” attitude sometimes kills them. Environmentally, Earth people are designed to live in any climate. They need food at regular intervals, while an rou- tine keeps them happy. Earth people thrive on real world physical work like building, gymnasiums or managerial work –they thrive in it. Earth people are very trustworthy, and they expect the same from the rest of the world. They are true to their word and love others to be in integrity around them. They are deeply hurt by the breaking of trust or commitment. This to them is sacred. Solid environments suit the Earth Predominant persons. They are meticulous in their ideas and work out the fine 63 details before proceeding with everything. Take a holiday with an Earth Predominant person and you will find that they have everything planned out. The strength of this is that little is left to chance. discvoer the real potential within you
  64. 64. Be In Your Element Earth Predominant people love property investments. They feel a kinship with construction and building. They will hire a good team of people around them to get the job done but really when it all boils down, Earth is in control. Because Earth Predominant people love order, they are at- tracted to shapes like squares and rectangles. The ancient Greeks built their buildings based on symmetry, proportion and order, a perfect motto for the Earth Predominant person. Everything fits into a mould for earth and so their ability to carry through any plan or idea is second to none. Once an Earth person gets their teeth into something, they’ll rarely let it go until it’s done (or dead). The Earth person, who chooses to stay in balance in their ele- ment, will surround themselves with the following support group. 1. Etheric visionaries and creative people to stimulate prog- ress 2. Space – strong furniture, oak and wooden floors 3. Gymnasiums where strength and stamina can be sus- tained 4. Protein rich food 5. Respect for creativity, philosophy and the enjoyment of free thinking and exploration Formality comes easy for the Earth people. They dig the idea that one and one make two and therefore always want to know the order of things, what goes where and who’s in charge of whom. Punctuality is their key, on time every time – consistency and predictability. What antagonizes the Earth Predominant person most are unruly situations – such as those that Ether or Air Predomi- 64 nant people thrive in. When there is a lack of punctuality the Earth Predominant person takes this very personally and finds it disturbing to his or her peace of mind. Also resis- tance is a real bug bear for the Earth Predominant person. Described often as a very stubborn character element, Earth gets extremely agitated when there is resistance or stubborn- ness..
  65. 65. The environment and lifestyle that most upsets and antago- nizes the Earth Predominant person is uncertainty, doubt- fulness and complexity, summarized as chaotic. This pushes every Earth button and earth people go to hell and back to try and remedy this chaos. The most common positive feedback Earth Predominant people get is that they are kind-hearted, supportive and ex- tremely practical. If you have an Earth person behind you, you can do almost anything. To a fine edge, Earth Predomi- nant people can be relied on for all details. Kind-heartedness is an earth quality. They will care for those they love and have taken responsibility for. It is often trans- lated as controlling but at the end of the day this control is about saving time, money and energy. Whereas some ele- ments learn by experience and waste a lot of precious earth time doing so, Earth tries everything to avoid such waste. To this end, Earth types don’t know when to let go. They hold and hold unable to sense the difference between support and interference. They always mean well. Earth people are tena- cious and wonderful business and personal partners because you can trust them. This raises the challenge for Earth Pre- dominant people because of their loyalty – sometimes they go outside the boundaries of contracts and relationships be- cause they can’t bring themselves to leave. Survival for them can become a double life. Earth Predominant people are traditionalists. They treasure family and history and hold onto air looms for years and years. Their favourite color is brown and their lifestyle can be best described as earthy, hands-on outdoor real world living. Don’t cramp an Earth Predominant person indoors – that’s a killer. 65 Finally, you’ll know the Earth Predominant person from one distinctive action, their handshake, a firm, big grasping friendly full hand grab. discvoer the real potential within you
  66. 66. Be In Your Element Summary The Elements of Earth Constitution Elements in life Stability, support, reliability, grounding, establishment, firmness and solidity. Elements in nature and body Firmness, stability, density, hardness, weight, coldness. Strong elements Ability to stick to a plan and complete a project successfully Profession Management, organizing, administration, training Body nature Solid, firm tissues, rectangular shoulders, jaw & forehead. Mental disposition Routine & rules, systematic, factual, methodical, repetitive. Favourite phrases Let me do it. I am a firm believer. Be right always. Elemental spending Essential things, security, deposits, investments Favourite games and sport Weight lifting, body building, throwing. Emotional predominance Boldness. Ability to deal with responsibility. 66 Type of elemental love Solid, firm, possessive. Climatic preference Enjoy warm or hot very well.
  67. 67. Need of sleep Around 8-9 hours of rejuvenating sleep Need of food and drinks Quantity and time are fixed Negative environment Controlled, compulsion, rigid, stiff Weaknesses according to others Others think I am too dominating and stubborn. Things we hate Lousy routine, change of routine, mismanagement, unruly Mantras Lam Chakras Muladhara Systems Musculo-skeletal Symbols Rectangle or square 67 discvoer the real potential within you
  68. 68. Be In Your Element On Cars Ether: A clean, easy to operate car with less pollution Air: A car with GPS, dvd, music system and a phone Fire: A fast sports car (if possible really expensive and flashy) Water: A car that can carry everyone. Earth: An antique car or a car that can last a lifetime. 68