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Adroit Media Productions Intro

Adroit Media Productions Company Profile

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Adroit Media Productions Intro

  1. 1. Adroit Media Adroit Media Production Re-Defining Creativity…… www.adro‐
  2. 2. Adroit Media Anticipate Logo Analyze Apply www.adro‐
  3. 3. Adroit Media About us • What we do? • Content Approach plan  • Plan of action • Clients / Verticals • www.adro‐
  4. 4. Adroit Media We are Media consultants, Design and About us Production House offering comprehensive services to take care of all your corporate media & communication needs. www.adro‐
  5. 5. Adroit Media Our wide ranging in‐house services include:  What we do? Corporate Films  Brand Building Interactive Presentations Still Photography Posters Catalogs Logo Design Brochures Audio Solutions Animations Web Solutions Editing (Avid / FCP) www.adro‐
  6. 6. Adroit Media Order  Script &  Approach plan Requirement  Concept Confirmation Dialogue,  Study presentation Advance  Post payment production Final Video Video Editing /  Dubbing + Shoot Animation recording Delivery. www.adro‐
  7. 7. Adroit Media Client Adroit Point of  Point of  Plan of Action Contact Contact Regular  updates Project Execution www.adro‐
  8. 8. Adroit Media Education Institution Restaurant Clients / Verticals 1. RL Jalappa Education Society 1. The Maharaja Multi cuisine Restaurant.  2. Amber Valley Residential School 3. Sri Devaraju urs Management School 4. Nalanda School, Bengaluru Others Jewellery Business 1. Documentaries for Karnataka Govt. 2. Couple of Ads to launch products 1. RR Gold Palace, Bengaluru 3. Tele Shop Network Product demo 2. Jaipur Gems, Bengaluru 3. Davasam Jewellers 4. Lakshmi Gold Kahazana www.adro‐
  9. 9. Adroit Media PROPOSED FLOW OF VIDEO •Introduction of clients business Project Flow •Client's achievements / Milestones •CEO / Head Message •Client’s infrastructure showcase •Products info and related details •Client’s feedback •Client’s plan of action and dreams www.adro‐
  10. 10. Adroit Media Deliverables Conclusion 15 Mins video shoot 5 mins Ad video Still Photographs www.adro‐
  11. 11. Adroit Media The end  info@adro‐ www.adro‐ www.adro‐