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Workplace Stress -- the $300 Billion Profit Killer


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The hard costs of stress have a major impact on business productivity and performance. Teaching executives and employees how to leverage their workplace stress results in better health, quality of life and long-term success for organizations.

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Workplace Stress -- the $300 Billion Profit Killer

  1. 1. Workplace Stress The $300 Billion Profit Killer “A Worldwide Epidemic” 1996 World Health Organization Survey “The 20th Century Epidemic” 1992 United Nations Report
  2. 2. “The workplace of today has become decidedly more stressful, a reality that necessitates a proactive response from employers and their disability insurers.”Stress Test 2004Barbara MorrisHuman Resource Executive magazine
  3. 3. Is Your Stress Alarm Ringing? Low morale? Poor communications? Increase in absenteeism? Higher turnover? Declining productivity, performance? Increase in workers comp claims? More lawsuits, legal issues? Increase in customer complaints? Rudeness, arguments among coworkers? Phone, desk rage?
  4. 4. Impact of Stress Stress Cost Estimates Range from $2,700 to $7,500 Per Employee Per Year
  5. 5. Stress Hard CostsTotal Costs of Workers Comp & 19% of Absenteeism Lawsuits Because of Stress 40% of Turnover60% of Total Workplace Accidents 55% of EAP 10% of Drug Plan Costs 30% of Short & Long Term Disability Source: Research studies; Ravi Tangri, Stress Costs, Stress Cures Source: Research studies; Ravi Tangri, Stress Costs, Stress Cures
  6. 6. Stress Factors Uncontrollable •Economic trends •Political events Employer Controlled •Culture •Physical environment •Organizational structure •Communications •Management style •Policies, procedures •Workloads, schedulesEmployee Controlled•Individual perceptions•Internal thinking, processing Fastest•Home, family change•Learn new stress mgmt skills(training)
  7. 7. Why Take Action?Stress overloadcosts yourcompany money Employees want ways to manageToo much stress stresscreatesproblems Human Employee stress resources training is cost concerns effective Employees solution expect moderate amount of Potential future stress legal actions
  8. 8. Problem with Most TrainingCore dump, Not simple too much enough to learn info and retainIntrusive, No follow- takes too thru or much time follow-up
  9. 9. Inroads ProgramPowerful proven Quick,cutting- easy to edge learnmethods Did people learn? Follow-Up Do they use it? materials reinforce What are the How do we measurable learning know? results?
  10. 10. Inroads Total Program 24/7 online 60 days Real stress 3-hour learning follow up reliefseminar tutorial, postal mail behavior quizzes and e-mail change
  11. 11. Return on Investment Wellness ProgramsTypically Generate Up to 4:1 ROI
  12. 12. “Companies clearly have a massive problemon their hands which they cannot afford to ignore. Unless they implement practices,policies and procedures to reduce stress, it will impact on their performance and ultimately their long-term success.“ Carole Spiers Former Chairperson International Stress Management Association
  13. 13. Cutting-Edge Tools for Workplace Stress 930-7434 or info@inroads.ccCopyright © 20012 by Inroads, LLC. All rights reserved.