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Product Hunt Slides

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Product Hunt Slides

  1. 1. Introducing the Haha app!
  2. 2. Missing your other half? Send a Haha!
  3. 3. Passed your exam? Send a Haha!
  4. 4. Heard a friend had an embarrassing moment? Send a Haha!
  5. 5. Want to embarass someone in a meeting? Send a Haha!
  6. 6. Product inspiration: We wanted to build a fun app to work on during our team hackathon last year.
  7. 7. Key design decisions: ● Keeping it focused and simple ● Able to play laughs without login ● Play sounds upon receiving a notification ● Sounds - Audiojungle, creative commons, self recording ● Bright colours and distinctive faces Fun fact: some faces are based off our actual team!
  8. 8. Customer learnings: ● People liked sending simple sound bytes ● Wanted to send their own laughs ● People didn't care what went on in the background with the recording. ● Available on iOS & android. 1/3 downloads from Android.
  9. 9. ● Corona SDK for mobile app ● Ruby on Rails for backend & website ● Heroku for hosting ● Push Woosh for push notifications ● Facebook for friend lists & login Tech used:
  10. 10. Long term vision and overarching goal: ● We want to see how people are using it ● Adding more laughs and in-app-purchase ● Designed to be a fun, cool product ● Demos the innovative products we make.
  11. 11. ● Tapmint: Create innovative solutions for businesses using software technology ● Personal twitter: @inspiredworlds ● Company twitter: @tapmint ● Website: Matthew Ho
  12. 12. WWW.HAHAMOBILEAPP.COM Send infectious laughter to your friends