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Day 2, session 10, benjamin spiegel


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Day 2, session 10, benjamin spiegel

  1. 1. #ID2013DRIVING SEARCHWITH BIG DATABenjamin SpiegelDirector, Search Operations
  2. 2. #ID2013Who am I?Benjamin SpiegelDirector, Search OperationsCatalyst OnlineTwitter: @nxfxcomEmail: www.catalystsearchmarketing.comLikes• Search• Analytics• Data• CaffeineDislikes• PowerPoints• Presentations• Public speaking• Plus…
  3. 3. #ID2013ORGANIC PAID SOCIALData Silos
  4. 4. #ID2013Data Sourcesand many more…
  5. 5. #ID2013So What Can You Do?
  6. 6. #ID2013API Process1. Determine the data sources– Translate Business needs into KPIs and determine who has the metrics2. Build connecters & adapters– Develop automated collection methods to collect the raw data3. Store and aggregate the data– Choose a flexible storage and aggregation method to manipulate and prepare the data.4. Visualize & explore with BI Tools– Connect your data to a visualization / BI Tool do filter, segment and analyze.
  7. 7. #ID2013So What Does That Mean ForMe?
  8. 8. #ID2013Key Phrase Strategy
  9. 9. #ID2013How Can We Make ThatBetter?
  10. 10. #ID2013OrganicRankCurrent CPC
  11. 11. #ID2013Lets Dig A Little Deeper AndLet’s Size Them By Interest
  12. 12. #ID2013Current CPCOrganicRank
  13. 13. #ID2013Okay, How About ColoringThem By Bounce Rate?
  14. 14. #ID2013Current CPCOrganicRank
  15. 15. #ID2013How About Incorporating GoogleTrend Forecast With Icons
  16. 16. #ID2013Current CPCOrganicRank
  17. 17. #ID2013Current CPCOrganicRankOrganicPaid
  18. 18. #ID2013BrandX Wanted to createconsumer connections with 50% ofall searchers.They Are Currently connecting withonly 15% of all searchersCase Study
  19. 19.
  20. 20. #ID2013So What Do They All Have InCommon?
  21. 21. #ID2013Search Boxes
  22. 22. #ID2013Opportunities
  23. 23. #ID2013So how do we decide where toplay?
  24. 24. #ID2013Gave Us 67,000 Unique URLsGave Us 67,000 Unique URLsGave Us 67,000 Unique URLsGave Us 67,000 Unique URLs1. We Took ~4000 Key Phrases AndCollected The Top 20 Rankings ForEach Term
  25. 25. #ID20132. We Then Collected Audience DataFor All Keyphrases From Compete,Comscore, And DoubleClick
  26. 26. #ID20133. We Analyzed The Sentiment OfAll The Discovered URLs
  27. 27. #ID20134. Analyzed And OrganizedInbound Links By Traffic, Quality,And Authority
  28. 28. #ID20135. This Leaves Us With Over 63 PointsOf Data Per Domain
  29. 29. #ID20136. We Then Filtered The URLs ToRemove Sites That• Did not align with the target audience• Had low engagement• Could not be influenced• Have low social or link authority
  30. 30. #ID2013Referral pages per VisitVisibility(AvgRank|#Results)7. This Left Us With Around 170 HighlyEngaged & Highly Targeted Sites.
  31. 31. #ID2013Referral pages per VisitVisibility(AvgRank|#Results)BrandX Is Now Visible On
  32. 32. #ID2013Based On All Primary Keyphrases,~60% Of All Results ContainedBrand Mentions For Our Brand.Result
  33. 33. #ID2013Thank you!Benjamin SpiegelDirector, Search Operations