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The Metrics That Matter


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Interactivity Digital presentation by Jon Henshaw

Published in: Technology
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The Metrics That Matter

  1. 1. @RavenJonThe Metrics that MatterJon HenshawRaven
  2. 2. @RavenJonGuess what doesn’t matter?
  3. 3. @RavenJonHow many Twitter followers youhave
  4. 4. @RavenJonHow many people liked your page
  5. 5. @RavenJonYour PageRank
  6. 6. @RavenJonHow many links you’ve built
  7. 7. @RavenJonThe only thing that mattersis what makes you money
  8. 8. @RavenJonThe best way to know that is touse goals, events and variables
  9. 9. @RavenJon
  10. 10. @RavenJonGet everyone on the same page
  11. 11. @RavenJonAnalyze content with goals
  12. 12. @RavenJonPopular doesn’t equal conversions
  13. 13. @RavenJonDon’t discount unrelated,because it may be a money maker
  14. 14. @RavenJonTurn successes into tactics
  15. 15. @RavenJonLook for the outliers:less traffic but high conversions
  16. 16. @RavenJonUse GWT Search Queries data
  17. 17. @RavenJonAnalyze impressions, clicks, CTRand average position
  18. 18. @RavenJonIdentify keywords and contentthat convert and thenbuild off those successes
  19. 19. @RavenJonSocial sharing doesn’t matter.Social sharing that converts does.
  20. 20. @RavenJonLanding Pages + Goals +Adv Segment (social source)tells you what you should bewriting and tweeting to make money
  21. 21. @RavenJon
  22. 22. @RavenJonEvents + Advanced Segment(social source)can tell you how many peoplefilled out your lead forms andwhich landing pages worked best
  23. 23. @RavenJonReferrals + Goals = OpportunityBuild relationships with theSites that bring exposure and convert
  24. 24. @RavenJonSmart Link BuildingOld approach: Influence SERPsNew approach: Drive Exposure,traffic and conversions
  25. 25. @RavenJonTraffic + Goals + Built LinksBuild on those wins and makeyourself look brilliant to your clients
  26. 26. @RavenJonBam!