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Content marketing world_mobile and tablet content distribution_8_17_2012


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Mobile and Tablet Content Distribution
September 6th – 10:30am

There is no doubt that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are changing the way that people consume information. The speed at which people are purchasing those items and making them part of their daily routines is happening faster than most marketers are prepared for! In this presentation, John Foley, CEO of interlinkONE and Grow Socially, will provide an overview of what needs to be done to prepare, deliver, and measure content that is tailored for the mobile audience.

John will cover items such as:

How to develop a strategy to reach your mobile audience
Options for building mobile websites, landing pages, blogs, and more
Best practices for integrating mobile with other distribution channels, such as print and email
Considerations regarding building a mobile App vs. a mobile website
And more!
We hope that you will join us as you look for ways to reach the growing mobile audience!

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Content marketing world_mobile and tablet content distribution_8_17_2012

  1. Mobile and Tablet Content Distribution@johnfoleyjr John Foley, Jr. interlinkONE / Grow Socially @JohnFoleyJr • #cmworld #cmworld
  2. First… THANK YOU!• For Being Here!• For Being Willing to Learn and Engage!• For Liking My Boston Accent! #cmworld
  3. Today’s Overview• Brief Introduction• Why Mobile Is Critical• Developing a Mobile Strategy• Getting Mobile: Optimizing Your Online Content• Integrating Mobile with Other Channels• Final Thoughts and Questions #cmworld
  4. Brief Introduction I’ll Be Brief, I Promise! #cmworld
  5. Intro: John Foley, Jr.• Grow Socially, Inc. – Online Marketing/Social Media I love Mar(H)keting! – Plan, Manage, Execute and Measure• interlinkONE – Enterprise Marketing Management Software – Plan, build, manage, execute and measure all marketing activities #cmworld
  6. The Books Printers - Business Transformation Mailers, Fulfillment Providers - Business Transformation All Businesses - Untethered Communications Oct 2012 #cmworld
  7. Keep Your Phone On!• Feel free to Tweet, Post, Update, Email, take notes, photos, and more! @JohnFoleyJr #CMWorld #cmworld
  8. Get Involved!• Grab your handout card! I want feedback! I hope you’ll participate!! #cmworld
  9. Ready to Get Involved?• POLL Question #1: What is your biggest mobile marketing challenge today? #cmworld
  10. Why Mobile is Critical Smartphones, Tablets, and You #cmworld
  11. Mobile is Shaking up Marketing!• Devices: Smartphones, Tablets• QR Codes• Near Field Communication (NFC)• Augmented Reality• SMS/Texting #cmworld
  12. Smartphone Adoption 50% Smartphone Adoption in the U.S. #cmworld
  13. Smartphones and Web Browsing Source: Morgan Stanley #cmworld
  14. Big Brands Are Moving Forward June 6th, 2012, “We have to embrace these changes. What we have to do is provide anytime, anywhere access. The customer is demanding that.” #cmworld
  15. Mobile is Changing Our Behavior #cmworld
  16. Mobile Devices and Email• Are you making money through your email efforts right now?• If so, you must stay ahead of the mobile curve!• Test designs/layouts of Email• Test links/pages #cmworld
  17. Mobile and Search Via Infographic Produced by Trinity Marketing URL: #cmworld
  18. Think About Your* Website Why? * Or your customer’s website! #cmworld
  19. But on a smartphone… = Source: #cmworld
  20. Developing a Mobile Strategy Success starts with a Plan… #cmworld
  21. Strategy Question• What are your mobile audience’s needs and goals? Photo Credit: #cmworld
  22. Strategy Question• How much content does your mobile content truly need? Photo Credit: #cmworld
  23. Strategy Question• How Will You Acquire Data from the Mobile Audience? #cmworld
  24. Getting Mobile: Optimizing YourOnline Content Options, Solutions, and Advice #cmworld
  25. Mobile Website Goals• Optimized To Fit• Quick to Load• Easy to Read• Easy to Interact With #cmworld
  26. 3 Options for BuildingMobile Websites• Plugins• Responsive Design• Separate Mobile Site Photo Credit: #cmworld
  27. Option: Plug-Ins• WPTouch: Popular WordPress Plugin: -- Automatically transformsyour WordPress websiteinto a mobile-ready version #cmworld
  28. Option: Responsive DesignResponsive design• Flexible Grids• Media Queries• Flexible Images By Ethan Marcotte Photo Credit: #cmworld
  29. Option: Separate Mobile Website• Dedicated Mobile Site• Treat the needs of the “on- the-go” user differently than those of a desktop/laptop browser. #cmworld
  30. Mobile Website Building Tools• iFlyMobi• MoFuse• Wapple• And more! #cmworld
  31. Deciding Which Option is Best• Keep Your Audience in Mind: What are their Needs from a Mobile Device?• How much design control do you need?• How often does your content change? #cmworld
  32. Guidelines for Web Copy• Say LESS Pyramid Writing Important Stuff• Use the Inverted Pyramid• Put more important content first• Use clear headlines and headings Fluff• Consider the users’ goals• Establish trust• Use active voice #cmworld
  33. Tips for Mobile Content• Short and Sweet (Say even less)• Forget the Fancy Fonts• Front Load Your Content• Organize the Frontload• What’s the offer?• Call to Action #cmworld
  34. Integrating Mobilewith Other Channels Driving Traffic to Your Mobile Content #cmworld
  35. Ready to Get Involved?• POLL Question #2:Which technologies have you used to reach the mobile audience? #cmworld
  36. QR Codes & Print: Point to MobileWebsites! #cmworld
  37. NFC: Lots of Potential Uses!• “Near field communication, or NFC, allows for simplified transactions, data exchange, and connections with a touch”. #cmworld
  38. Tap To Connect! #cmworld
  39. Final Thoughts and Questions Key Takeaways and More #cmworld
  40. Should You Have a Mobile App?• Pros • Cons – It’ll Create Buzz – Requires development – Could Provide a across multiple Great Experience platforms for Customers & – Comes with an Prospects additional barrier of entry (find app, DL) – Lots of Apps Stink #cmworld
  41. Mobile Website: The Destination ofMany Entry-Points• Email• SEO• Web Browsing• Social Media• Interactive Print #cmworld
  42. Final Takeaways• Mobile is not just a trend, or buzz-worthy: it’s a major disruptive influence on the world of communications & marketing.• The Time is Now: Mobile-Optimize Your Content and Start Reaching the Mobile Audience. #cmworld
  43. Resources for You• Free White Paper on Mobile Marketing and Content Distribution! Get it at #cmworld
  44. More Resources for You••••• #cmworld
  45. Q & A / Contact Me!: QR Code #cmworld