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OpenStack and the Enterprise


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Mark Interrante's presentation from OpenStack Days East on August 23, 2016

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OpenStack and the Enterprise

  1. 1. OpenStack® and the Enterprise Mark Interrante Senior Vice President, Cloud Engineering HPE Helion
  2. 2. The next-generation cloud is based on open source
  3. 3. OpenStack has become mainstream All workloads are in play, cloud native, high performance computing, NFV Ready for traditional enterprise workloads/pets Integration with existing infrastructure Telco Financial and Healthcare Government and Defense Migrating current workloads Entire datacenter OpenStack deployments in production grew from 16% to 67% OpenStack has become mainstream
  4. 4. Helion OpenStack – across all verticals
  5. 5. What customers tell us Need help to move 10K poorly utilized apps to a modern hybrid infrastructure 30%Retired or Replaced with SaaS 10,000+ apps Private Clouds Managed Clouds Global Public Clouds Traditional IT 10% Of apps won’t change: “Don’t change the app, Just make it cheaper.” 45% Of apps should have: “Agility of cloud, with the control of private.” 15% Of apps should: “Move to public cloud, where it makes sense.” “…and give me Common Services across existing & new apps:” • Integrated chargeback and billing • Security and compliance auditing • Application patching and management
  6. 6. HPE Multi-Cloud Strategy Open approach to meet customers where they are AWS Google Hybrid Management HPE Helion OpenStack® Azure Stack HPE /Other Hardware Azure Public Cloud Microsoft Public Cloud4: Private or managed clouds in customer or HPE datacenters HPE Helion/Partner Professional Services Container Platforms (Mesosphere , Docker) Service Providers Cloud 28+ (EMEA) HPE Partners Traditional Workload Orchestration Cloud Native Orchestration vSphere
  7. 7. BUSINESS CONTINUITY HA for Control Plane Services Live Migration Rolling upgrades without downtime for both the control plane and the compute nodes SECURITY AND COMPLIANCE Certifications such as PCI, STIG and HIPAA Reduce the risk of breaches and attacks TCO/ SCALE Delivering Monasca, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibanna (ELK), and Ceilometer Richer operations platform based on intelligent monitoring WORKLOAD DIVERSITY Support vast majority of workloads driven use cases for customers From scale out workloads, VM or container based to traditional, large workloads running on Baremetal HYBRID IT SDN integration out of the box Multi region/hypervisor INTEGRATION Interop with datacenter hardware and software- networking, compute, storage, IP management How did we get here? Together we made our customers successful
  8. 8. Enterprises need us to step up Identity federation based on Keystone Consistent policy framework and distributed routing capabilities in Neutron Monasca needs to continue to scale without impact on control plane, across regions and converge with ELK PUSH FOR MORE SCALE OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Lifecycle management for containerized control plane On par with legacy virtualization TCO Multi-cloud monitoring BUSINESS CONTINUITY Backup recovery for ALL control plane services with Freezer Back up/recovery for VM volumes Multi-site disaster recovery NFV workloads VM High Availability with Masakari CONNECT Augmenting third party vendors add-ons SDN controllers and firewalls BURA LIVE MIGRATION HA SECURITY Multi tenant Ironic Containers on bare metal HYBRID IT Multi hypervisor live migration
  9. 9. OpenStack journey around security First- we had to meet the standard to be production ready Then we had to land security requirements by vertical and implement them into our stack - Regulatory compliance standards exist today for several verticals and across the globe - Financial, Healthcare, Federal, Service Provider etc. - Examples - PCI for financial, HIPAA for healthcare, NIST STIG for defense, FedRAMP for federal - SOX , ISO 27001 for service provider, UK Data Protection Act, EU General Data Protection Regulation etc. - These standards have - Existed for many years to address traditional IT security needs - Recently updated (in the last few years) to address cloud security - Cloud security includes requirements to address virtualized IT (security around VMs, monitoring, patching) - A few are addressing API security There is more to do - But none are addressing open source-based multi-cloud (IaaS/PaaS) security - OpenStack services, REST APIs, Container security, cloud native workloads, operational cloud security - Secure Development Lifecycle best practices 9
  10. 10. HPE-IT second generation private cloud quick facts 2 Sites 6 AZs Propel CLOUD SELECTOR FULL OPENSTACK API SUPPORT 2 Stacks Helion OpenStack CSA PHYSICAL COMPARTMEN T ISOLATION Helion IaaS / PaaS / Services Commercial Private Cloud 24X7X365 SUPPORT CLOUD PLATFORM LBaaS FWaaS DNSaaS BaaS SNAPSHOTS STREAMING Containers Isolated Infrastructure Management Platform 17K+ VMs HIGHLY AVAILABLE IT & USER VM IMAGES 8000+ CORES 5 PB STORAGE 156 TB RAM Global Support & Monitoring across multiple countries – follow the sun CHARGEBACK / SHOWBACK PRIVATE NETWORK ISOLATION & POLICIES
  11. 11. HPE Portfolio is based on open technologies Helion OpenStack: Enterprise-grade OpenStack cloud to configure a fully open cloud platform Helion Stackato: Open, cloud application platform, built on Cloud Foundry® supporting a variety of runtimes, frameworks and services. Works on top of any IaaS or with a multi-IaaS environment. Helion Carrier Grade: Enables telecommunications operators to use Commercial-off- the-shelf (COTS) hardware to manage Virtualized Network Functions (VNF) within a carrier grade NFV architecture. Helion CloudSystem: Comprehensive hardware and software solution for private and hybrid cloud, delivering hosting, automation, and orchestration of traditional and cloud native workloads Helion Cloud Suite: A new software suite enabling customers to deliver and manage their full spectrum of applications - - from traditional, virtualized, cloud native and containers -- across a broad range of infrastructure environments
  12. 12. Thank you @interrante