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Followup cambodia ppt1.2


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Published in: Education, Travel
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Followup cambodia ppt1.2

  1. 1. arun sour sdei Good morning
  2. 2. Hello.
  3. 3. Hello.chumree-uhp soo-uh Formal Sues’ dei Informal
  4. 4. Meet: Prach Ly• Age 23, a Cambodian-American rapper from Long Beach, California• Sound bites from old Khmer Rouge propaganda speeches to create what he calls an "autobiography," reciting stories hed heard from his refugee family to deliver a blistering history lesson about Cambodias genocide. (From Battambang)• A copy to CM1 Cambodian radio .• Asiaweek reporter tracked Prach Ly down to let him know his album was No. 1 in Cambodia:
  5. 5. Cambodian Language: Khmer • Hello. . (Chum riep sueh) • Hello. (informal) . (sues dei)• How are you? . (Daa neh sok sabbai te?) • Fine, thank you. . (laor, arkhun)
  6. 6. Khmer: Practice• What is your name? . (chmuah eiy?)• My name is ______ . (Knyom chmuah _____ .)
  7. 7. Khmer:• Please. . (Soum)• Thank you. . (Aw khun)• Youre welcome. . (Muhn ay te )• Yes. . (ja female) (baaht men)• No. . (ot te)• Excuse me. (getting attention) . (soum doh)
  8. 8. “Moto” of Moto-Duhp
  9. 9. Khmer:• stop here chop tee-nih• turn left bot ch’wayng• turn right bot s’dum
  10. 10. Khmer: Numbers• soun) •6 pbram• 1 mouy) muoy)• 2 pii) •7 pbram pii)• 3 bey) •8 pbram bey)• 4 bourn) •9 pbram• 5 pbram) bourn) • 10 dop) • 20 = mpai
  11. 11. Khmer: Food and Funnies Every picture has a story to tell…
  12. 12. Cambodia: In 100 images…
  13. 13. Back to the Lesson:• Big question of the day: Do these conventions work? – Who is the enforcement wing of the UN? – What is the Security Council? – With as many as 10 million dead since WWII from genocide, what is the next step? What do we do to prevent these kinds of atrocities?
  14. 14. Big Questions:• Mentality: If it’s not on our shores, why should we stop it? – Is there an American genocide brewing? – Any states that border us have problems with ethnic, political or religious killings? – Dissident groups? Internal struggles? Offshore prisons? Detainees?
  15. 15. Close:• Reminder H/w