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Final workshop septimo


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Final workshop septimo

  1. 1. FINAL WORKSHOP CLEI 3-2 (TIME EXPRESSIONSInsert prepositions at/on/in. And translate the sentences.1. I have breakfast ____ 7 o’clock every day.__________________________________________2. My gran father passed away____ 21 May._________________________________________3. Daniel likes to go to the pool____ summer.________________________________________4. Robert reads the newspaper____ the morning._____________________________________5. We are going to the disco ____ the weekend.______________________________________6. My father is____ work now, but I’m ____ the school.________________________________7. My little sister was born____ 1975.______________________________________________8. I will be back ____ the night.___________________________________________________9. Her cousin is going to get married _____ November 13th.____________________________10. They have English lessons_____ Monday and Wednesday.____________________________11. They are busy ____ the afternoon._______________________________________________12. Juan and Nick arrived_____ 3 o´clock._____________________________________________13. The movie finishes _______ 10 oclock.____________________________________________14. They are sure that they will finish the project ________ Sunday.________________________15. Bob marley was born ________ 1964._____________________________________________16. I think that the best time to go be with the family is ____ thanksgiving.__________________17.My aunt will flight to London ________ Friday afternoon._______________________________18. I want to organize a big party ________ my birthday.__________________________________19. New York it is very cold ________ winter. ___________________________________________20.Napoleon lived ________ the 19th century.__________________________________________21.The children can go to the farm ________ the weekend._______________________________
  2. 2. 22.I usually have dinner ________ six oclock._________________________________________23. I feel very tired ________ night._________________________________________________24.The final chapter will take place ________ 15 November._____________________________25. prefer to play soccer ________ the evenings.______________________________________26.I started to work in this company ________ February.________________________________27.We can go to the theatre ________ work I have two hours free ________ lunch time__________________________________29.My boyfriend and I went to dinner together _____ San valentines day.___________________30.The Olympic Games took place in Barcelona ________ 1992.___________________________31.________ spring, the students have a break._________________________________________32.________ the 20th century there were two world wars.________________________________33.The American astronaut Amstrong went to the Moon ________ 1930._____________________34.The first time I went to London I arrived ________ two oclock in the morning.______________35.I will finish my studies ________ December.__________________________________________36.My family usually goes to mass ________ Sunday morning.______________________________DAILY ROUTINEMatch the picture with the action
  3. 3. Unsramble the following sentences about Juans routine. write the sentence in the space given.Then use the sentences to write your own routine, don’t forget to put the hour and useprepositions (at, on , in) and the connector (THEN)1. wakes/ He / early / up.________________________________________2. takes / shower./ a / He _______________________________________3. combs / He / hair / his. _______________________________________4. puts/on./clothes/his/He _______________________________________5. He/breakfast./has _______________________________________6. brushes/teeth./He/his_______________________________________ 7. goes/to/bathroom./the/He _______________________________________9. washes/his/He/hands. _______________________________________10. goes/He/school./to _______________________________________11. studies/He/English. _______________________________________12. leaves/He/school. _______________________________________13. does/homework./He _______________________________________14. He/with/play/friends./his _______________________________________15. has/He/dinner./ _______________________________________16. goes/bed./He/to _______________________________________Write your own routine________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. 4. PARTS OF THE CITY AND OCCUPATIONSFind at least 20 occupations on the puzzle and make a draw of every one you find.____________, ____________, ____________, ____________, ____________, ____________,____________, ____________, ____________, ____________, ____________, ____________,____________, ____________, ____________, ____________, ____________, ____________,____________, ____________,
  6. 6. ASKING AND GIVING DIRECTIONSI am at the train station ………………………… Could you please tell me how do I get to:1 THE CITYHALL____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2) THE GAS STATION (passing through the bakery)__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. 7. FREQUENCY ADVERBSUse the adverbs of frequency and write sentences about yourselfBuild sentences according to the beginningsEx: Something you rarely do: …………..I rarely eat shrimps……………
  8. 8. DESCRIBING PEOPLEDescribe every one of this famous characters , talk about their appearance and personality.LISA ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ MARCH__________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________BART ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ MAGGIE__________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________HOMER ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________
  9. 9. PATTY AND SELMA__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________GRAMPA ABRAHAM__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________READING COMPREHENSIONMY FIRST AIRPLANE TRIPSchool was finally out. Now I will get to go to California to visit my favorite aunt, Aunt Helen. AuntHelen came to our house two years ago, and now that I am a big girl, I am going to fly to her houseall by myself! I’m so excited. Mom was going to take me to the airport and stay until the plane leftthe ground. I didn’t know what to expect. Mom and Dad told me how the fly attendants wouldmake sure I was in the correct seat and even ask me what I wanted to drink.The next day, we wereoff to the airport. Mom showed me the way to the security checkpoint. Then a lady at the gatechecked my ticket and into the big plane I went. Another lady helped me find my seat and put mybag in the overhead compartment. Next, I buckled up and was ready for takeoff. The pilot came onthe loud speaker and told everyone to prepare for takeoff. That’s when I became so scared! Noone told me that the plane would be so high in the air so fast! All the houses and cars looked liketiny ants. For a moment, I lost my breath because I was so scared. The flight attendant could seethat I was afraid. She came over and sat next to me in the empty seat. “Are you OK?” she asked.“Yes, just a bit scared because this is my first airplane trip.” “I see,” answered the flight attendant.“There is nothing to be afraid of.” “Just sit back and relax.” “Try to enjoy the view.” “What is your
  10. 10. name?” “I’m Linda.” She then brought me a soda to drink. After drinking my soda, I fell asleep for awhile, until I heard the pilot say, “Prepare for landing.” “The temperature in Los Angeles is 75degrees and sunny.”With that announcement, I knew I was almost to Los Angeles and that AuntHelen would be waiting for me at the gate when I got off the plane. As I went down the plane andinto the airport, I saw Aunt Helen waiting for me by the ticket counter. I ran to her, and she gaveme a big hug. “Did you enjoy your first airplane trip?” asked Aunt Helen. “I did, but it was a littlescary at first.” “The nice flight attendant took good care of me,” said Linda. “I’m looking forward tothe flight home.” “Hold it just a minute,” said Aunt Helen. “You just got here, and we have a weekof fun things to do.” “You can’t run home too soon. Linda smiled a big smile.Use the information in the story to answer the questions below. 1. Where is linda going? _________________________________ 2. Who is linda going with? _______________________________ 3. How do the houses and the cars looks like from the airplane?________________________ 4. Who helped linda during the flight?_____________________________ 5. Who was waiting for her at the airport?___________________________